User manual Collamask

Application cream-mask collamat option

Although the application of the mask for facial rejuvenation Collamask is simple and straightforward, however, we recommend you to consult this guide at its roots, because only on the condition that 100% correct performance of all of the recommendations of the manufacturer it is possible to achieve the necessary effects.

How to use cream Collamask mask face

The use of the medicinal product must be to meet such simple steps:

  • to start it is necessary to clean the skin of any cosmetic products or all kind of dirt;
  • need cream and spread evenly over the entire surface of the face and neck with a light massaging movement;
  • after application it is necessary to wait about 20 minutes, until cream is absorbed;
  • should be washed residues from tools with warm water, carefully observing, that the content does not fall on the eye;
  • after the procedure it is advisable to transfer onto the skin cream that strengthens the obtained effect.

In order to achieve good results, must be applied to medicine Collamask 2 times a week throughout the month. Course length and regular application of the cream depends on the age of women and the degree of aging of the skin. Buy and use a tool can make even people with problem skin, because the components do not cause allergic reactions, punetuste and irritating the skin cover. The tool does not have contraindications, except individual intolerance to any of the ingredients of the composition. In doing so, the emergence of side effects entirely ruled out.