The experience of using Collamask

This story of his reincarnation share with us in Josefine the city of Aalborg (Denmark). Wife tells the story of how, after the rapid weight loss facial skin condition has deteriorated, and the mask Collamask he was able to return to their former beauty and youth.

I always have a good and especially not designed for that, so it is not always. Many my girlfriend asked how I manages to maintain youthful skin of the face, neck and décolleté treatment, but to me the head does not come to even occur, that all this is necessary to somehow maintain. Leather has always been elastic, напитанной and smooth. But this, what happened to him after my quick weight loss, made me shock.

So excess weight and rapid wasting disease has become a reason for the deterioration of my skin

In general, if I am pregnant, took 18 pounds. Weight I am not scared, because it seemed to me, that I am not ready for the fullness. I was sure that all the entered remains in the maternity ward. However, not all was as I thought. Live over weight I do not intend, therefore, decided to stop breast feeding and urgently make your forms. Gradually proper weight loss is not been for me, because I have a dire need at пляжному season it was necessary to shine a swimsuit. In general, I was sitting in the severe diet, and became a pace of the end of the workouts.

Such barbaric methods really given the result: the body was quickly suited and rendered fat in the front. But for facial skin I отвисла, the contours become is not clear, the nasolabial folds are very pronounced, appears miimikakortse. Looking at myself in the mirror, I have just started hysterical. Spouse support, such as could, friend also convinced that over time, all will recover, is recommended to drink plenty of water and have not been disappointed after. I of course tried to believe the best, but at the same time откладывала money in cosmetology.

Mask for the face Collamask – save the women wrinkly and loose skin

After another year, and I realized that wait no longer make sense. Went to the plastic surgeon, which is almost laughed me in the face and sent the consultation to the beautician. The specialist looked me over and suggested the use of cream Collamaskfilled with a special flexible and less let your emotions affect the face. I categorically do not agree with such recommendations, required to do injections, beautiful, chemical peeling and any kind of aggressive procedures, but the beautician advised me to not rush and provide a way to Collamaskand a month later, as a result of me not satisfied, then spend the course time rejuvenation.

Cosmetologist so convince me on this, that many of his customers are satisfied with this cream, that I agree with this. Came home not very довольная, but the cream immediately generated. If even after one application I noticed a change, then I have as if wings have grown behind the back. In general, the end of the month, I was happy, the face was younger, näoovaali became clear that the wrinkles have disappeared, the skin becomes firm, radiant and supple. I сожалела but the fact that the year is expected – when I stumbled across this specialist in the past, you would not have spent in vain so much time and nerve cells.

The experience of using face masks collamat option

The bride all перебой became clear that the same procedure I do. In the beginning they did not believe that such an incredible effect with a simple cream, but later decided to purchase and afford. Now, if everything is homemade Collamask. Is vesivooditega I still came, but not through any radical procedures and that thank specialist good recipe for rejuvenation and for to persuade not to do unnecessary operations. Now I'll be happy to look at myself in the mirror and I recommend all women wonder-cream Collamask.