Rejuvenation zone around the eyes. How to remove wrinkles around the eyes

rejuvenating the eye contour area Epidermal layer around the eye area is very thin, about 0.5 mm, which is smaller than any part of a person, nearly four times. In addition, the skin around the eyes is practically no subcutaneous fat, oil and higinäärmed. Collagen fibers in this area form a unique network structure, which quickly breaks down and recovers slowly. All this is conducive to early formation of wrinkles. It is believed that most of the people are the first low wrinkles is the eye area will appear in 25-30 years. But it is very generalized data. Sometimes the first signs of aging can also occur at a younger age. Apart from the wrinkles, the emergence is affected by several factors, among which are:
  • hereditary predisposition to early shrinkage of the skin;
  • the characteristics of the anatomy of the building face, especially in the deep-placed eyes, imminens upper eyelids, опущенные eyebrows;
  • dry skin;
  • the existence of an autoimmune and/or endocrine diseases, which affect the process of cellular exchange, which leads to slow down the production of collagen and elastin in tissues;
  • unhealthy lifestyle, frequent stress, poor sleep and rämpstoit rest, chronic fatigue;
  • an unbalanced diet lead to the development of beriberi and is not important, that the skin of trace elements;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • bad for the environment, in particular life in metropolitan areas or in industrial areas heavily polluted air, due to which the body does not get enough oxygen;
  • the availability of chronic diseases, especially liver pathologies;
  • inadequate or improper skin care in the area of the eye, using low quality or is not intended to take care of the paraorbital zone in cosmetic products;
  • a excessive fascination with the decorative cosmetics, the wrong implementation of the makeup or the use of low quality products;
  • the excess skin;
  • adverse effect on from the outside: the large changes in temperature, chapping, especially in cold or sea air, excessive sunlight or very dry air;
  • professional work, for example, work at the computer or in the small details, when the muscles of the eye are in constant tension;
  • myopia, for people who have poor eyesight must be constantly stupri in oculis;
  • sleep is very high or very low pillow, which leads to the uncomfortable posture of vacation time, which has disrupted the normal circulation of blood to the skin.
But even then, if you follow all the rules of skin care around the eyes, and a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later will bump into age-related changes, resulting in reduced gastric acid secretion of the proteins collagen and elastin, thins the layer nahaaluses adipose tissue, reduces the sebaceous glands of the secretion, the skin is loose, deflected, there are wrinkles and furrows.

Types of wrinkles around the eyes

Usually the first wrinkles such as the "goose feet" appear in the area of outside corners of the eye, 25 to 30 years. Deep wrinkles occur 30-40 years. This process has developed gradually and reaches a peak of 55-60 years. Degree выраженности are distinguished:
  •  superficial wrinkles, they seem very first and are formed in the zone of the epidermis. So морщинкам belong to the "crows feet".
  • deep wrinkles occur дермальном layer and nahaaluses adipose tissue клетчатке. In doing so, the skin loses its strength and elasticity, becomes dry, sagging, starts to press.
The reason of emergence of a distinction between three types of wrinkles:
  1. Mimic — evolve as a result of strong tension of the facial muscles and excess skin;
  2. Age — as a result there are age changes in the structures of the skin;
  3. Gravitational — evolving due to the sagging of the skin due to its elasticity and firmness.
Also, regardless of the reasons and extent выраженности, all the wrinkles are divided into:
  • dynamic — not visible when flaccid muscle persons;
  • static — visually noticeable even in sleep mode.

How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

The method of choice for treatment of wrinkles around the eye zone directly depends on their type, skin conditions and muscle substructure unit, which is related to the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism пациентки. After a thorough diagnostic problem zone specialist can provide one or several methods of treatment.

Contour plastic around the eyes

If the aid the contour of the plastic can make the correction слезных furrows and delete the "crows feet". For this purpose use special филлеры, which is created based on hyaluronic acid under the action. The choice of a particular filler specialist to carry out individually for each пациентки. The essence of the contour of the plastic is in the introduction under the wrinkle filler, which fills the defect, smooth the skin and thus allows to eliminate aesthetic flaws. Филлеры to enter, when to aid the injection of very delicate needle or cannula. Anesthesia is used in rare cases. The entire procedure takes about an hour. Special preparation to make the KP-s is not necessary, enough for three days, until his does not take alcohol, medication aspirin, and on this basis do not have to visit solarium and not sunbathe. Hyaluronic acid (HA), on the basis of which is created филлеры, is a natural part of the intercellular матрикса people, including the skin. GK plays an important role in the process of tissue regeneration and the synthesis of the correct chains of the proteins collagen and elastin. Also, is he pulls and keep a large number of molecules of water. The injection of fillers gives a rejuvenating effect due to intensive irrigation for oily or zone and the synthesis of the stimulation of collagen and elastin. The advantages of contour plastic paraorbital regions:
  • rejuvenating effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure;
  • quick, painless and safe method for the correction of various выраженности wrinkles;
  • the actual lack of complications;
  • a small number of contraindications;
  • in a very short rehabilitation period;
  • long long lasting results;
  • a simple preparatory period;
  • the method does not violate and does not change the facial expressions of the person;
  • филлеры it is natural that the structure of the skin foundation.
The only drawback to the contour of the plastic is that over time, half a year later-the year after the compensation, филлер in a natural way biodegradable and necessary to the conduct of the procedure again. The rehabilitation period After the contour of the plastic during the week may not go in the sauna, sauna and solarium. It should also be to follow the recommendations of specialists, the use of cosmetics throughout the recovery period. Complications Cheek filler is the minimum number of complications, which in most cases can be avoided if the correct preparation procedures and highly skilled physicians. The session may be sinyachki, swelling, redness. In the first few weeks may be swelling корректируемой zone due to the uneven economic downturn swollen. Usually 1-2 during the week all the side effects disappear itself. Contraindications
  • skin diseases in the form of;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • infectious diseases in the active phase;
  • herpes in the active phase;
  • pregnancy and lactation.


Ботулотоксин, or toxin ботулизма, botox — one of the most toxic organic toxins known to science. It is synthesized in the anaerobic бактерией Clostridium botulinum (Clostridia perfringens), which causes the deadly disease ботулизм. Despite the high toxicity of botox, still in 70-ies years of the last century by an ophthalmologist, Alan Scott started to use this poison микродозах the treatment of blepharospasm. Hereinafter referred to as ботулотоксин be applied, if the treatment of other спастических syndromes and diseases, which lead to спазмам skeletilihastes, muscle sphincters, as well as the treatment of hyperactivity of the exocrine glands. Therapeutic effect is achieved by the result of the lock нейротоксином nerve impulses, which leads to relax the muscle fibers. While the action of the underlying application of the toxin ботулизма cosmetics. To eliminate wrinkles around the eye area ботулотоксин inject a comprehensive range of the muscle of the eyes and/or nasal muscles. This causes weakness to paralysis of the muscles, resulting in wrinkles and wrinkles sileneb and align. The duration of botox — 6 months, after which the need to repeat the procedure. If the second ботулотоксина its validity is extended up to 8 months. Preparation for the procedure is the same as the contour of the plastic (the title of the article-link) Act ботулотоксин will gradually, within a few days after its introduction. Complete the treatment effects achieved in 1-2 weeks and lasts up to six months. Recommendations
  • more frown and wrinkle, that the medication распределился as uniformly as possible;
  • two weeks after the procedure must not visit a sauna, bath, swimming pool, solarium, as well as is not recommended to sunbathe;
  • should quit within two weeks from the classes of the training and the sessions massage;
  • 3-4 hours after the procedure must not be taken horizontally and the body;
  • should not touch the zone shot;
  • it is not recommended to use makeup within hours after the procedure;
  • reduce fluid addicting, salty and spicy food within one week after the procedure;
  • it should be remembered that some antibiotics and b-group vitamins to promote rapid elimination of the ботулотоксина from the body;
  • chemical peeling can be carried out not earlier than two weeks after the procedure.
  • having skin infections and other diseases of the skin in the active phase;
  • aggravation of chronic diseases;
  • infectious diseases, influenza, SARS, etc.;
  • taking antibiotics and medications, разжижающих blood;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • strong myopia;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • low blood clotting;
  • individual intolerance.
Side effects Botox injection is the periorbital region — this is a complex procedure, which also requires specialist high skills and knowledge. Violation of technical procedure performed, wrong choice of drug or its dosage may cause the development of dangerous complications. This is why it is important to very carefully approach the choice of clinic specialist. A small swelling, injection site erythema, tolerant of pain, mild itching and small hematoma injection site — this is a normal reaction to the introduction of botox. In rare cases can rise to fever, magis creb by palpitations, occur nausea and headache. All of these phenomena undergo a short period of time. Botox injections recommend that adult patients, who have enough deep wrinkles and folds. To be considered, that if to carry out the procedure, which more often than twice a year, then you are in the body start flowing to the antibodies at the botulinum toxin, and a therapeutic effect is reduced. It is also very rare cases have arisen of people, an organism which is not sensitive to the neurotoxin.


A way to solve the aesthetic problems, by introducing the medium skin layers (area мезодермы) a variety of medications have been developed and implemented in practice yet 1958 doctor Michel pistor. Namely, he and gave this method the name is mesotherapy, it is also defined by its basic direction: "little, rarely and in the right place". Unlike gels that biorevitalisation, which consists of pure hyaluronic acid, mezokokteyl injection, in addition to the GK, containing and other active substances. It gives an opportunity to choose the drug individually for each пациентки, depending on the needs of your skin. intradermal introduction to the periorbital area of special medications (mezokokteyl) it is possible to solve the following tasks:
  • debug miimikakortse;
  • reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles under the eyes;
  • moisturizes the skin and improves its color;
  • ago ramus cutaneus festival of Praesidio strength and elasticity.

The advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

Clear advantages to eliminate aesthetic problems of the periorbital zone via intradermal injection are the following factors:
  • existence is specially developed just for this purpose that the skin around the eyes is mezokokteyl;
  • able to simultaneously solve several tasks (for example, to reduce puffiness and improve elasticity of the skin);
  • additional rejuvenating effect at the expense of the technique of error — activate skin regeneration partly related to the violation of its integrity during the injection;
  • short, which does not require a special event during the restore.
The shortcomings of mesotherapy can be attributed to its duration, due to the need to perform multiple times.

How is mesotherapy skin around the eyes

At the beginning of the session of mesotherapy through a thorough cleaning and antiseptic the REMEDIA processing zone correction. The individual indications (a low threshold of pain in a patient) can be applied to local anesthesia. Then the specialist performs the necessary amount of intradermal injection mezokokteylya. After this, the skin around your eyes once more processed антисептиками.