The characteristics of the men face peeling

We have long been accustomed to, that plastic surgery has become a common phenomenon in our lives. Men's plastic persons is not as common as women, but is the place to be equal with him. Watch fit, young and beautiful — the key to success as a professional in the field, both in their personal lives. We are not do not know this, that men attending the gym, engaged in various sports, some of them are even addicted to healthy diet. So here — plastic face peeling is the same!

skin rejuvenation person men

People evolve throughout life: study, work, family, improve your career. But in the world of terrible injustice lies in the fact that at the peak energy and the self-realization of people passing irreversible age-induced changes. That only did not use the fair for the fairer sex to stay young! Men changes take place not less painful. The desire to slow down the aging process exists in both sexes, a significant difference is that the women are in this sense more determined! But, however, time dictates the rules: the frame gradually fall, the availability of time to grow, men are becoming brave. Already 20% of them are turning to help plastic surgery! The big impetus for this was the appearance of the methodology of rejuvenation, not leaving scarring and does not distort the facial features.

Differences between men and women in plastic

Although approaches to rejuvenation men and women of significant differences is not, however, the plastic of the persons of men has its own characteristics. It depends on several factors. First, the maturation of the men started later. This is explained by the fact that their skin is denser and it contains more collagen. Secondly, at the age of 40 years old men look younger than women of the same age. A little of this, that from this point on is the strong side at first, did not wither the beauty and prosperity of the attractiveness!

The main types of activities for rejuvenation of men

Can distinguish between basic-complex is an effective anti-aging procedures for men. There were part of the operation, the plastic century (blepharoplasty), liposuction of the face (to remove excess fat in the neck, chin, cheeks), as well as the strand lifting. Feature of the procedures is their security, there is no explicit scarring and a short rehabilitation period, which is not occupied by men who do not want to advertise the fact operation.


The most commonly starts in aging men issue the sagging tissue of the upper eyelid and eyebrow. Therefore, it is a method of blepharoplasty demand, but partly in the cases can provide the unnaturalness person (if booming eyebrows). Men must be well to think before you decide on this operation. In this regard I recommend you to do blepharoplasty in our clinic, since it is there where the procedure will take place to the maximum natural result. After the operation it is not possible to determine the fact of the matter is its effect. Immediately we will help to solve the problem of "bags under eyes". I gently move them to "bow" down, which occurs when the age of aging cheeks. This surgery is done especially carefully to avoid the recession of the bottom area of the century.

Liposuction persons

Yet one of the unpleasant age of consequences is to change the shape and excess skin of the neck. My clinic with their problems, the trouble by applying the method of liposuction of the cheeks and chin. Indications for surgery depends on the features of the face in each of the individual men. Analyzing the done operation, it may be noted that, in principle, the age-specific changes are observed on the neck, chin and at the bottom of the face. The thing is the huddle of excess fat and prolapse of the tissues in these regions. Specialists of our clinic has developed specific proposals to increase the persons men. In carrying out the operation, the cuts do not exceed 1 mm, and the consequences, such as swelling and bruising reduced to a minimum.

Strand lifting Silhouette Lift

strand lifting

The methodology of the Silhouette Lift (Silhouette lift) allows you to see out of young, without risk of similar to those that arise in conducting serious operations, as well as without pain for hours and a long recovery. This is definitely the method the skin interested and the man, because the procedure takes less than an hour of your time, you will be in the local anesthesia under the and rehabilitation is a maximum of three days. Surgery is indicated in men when the development with the cheekbone and cheeks, zone around the eyes, at the bottom of the face and neck. The yarn is led through an almost inconspicuous incision is made in the scalp and a special needle through their skin under destinations intimidating in the past the surgeon. The fabric of the person shifted to a position characteristic of the young person, the threads between the subcutaneous layer of the temporal field. The results of the braces method of Silhouette Lift lasts up to 4 years depending on the individual characteristics and lifestyle, which leads to the patient. The efficiency of the result can last and a greater amount of time.

Daily stress, fatigue, battery mode, sleep and nutrition, increased responsibility and the welfare of your loved ones, pollution of the natural environment the impact of sunlight and other factors, which lead to the appearance of the first signs of aging in men. A special anti-aging tools, diet, physical exercise allows you to slow down the aging process the only time. Women more and more in such cases, turning to help plastic surgeons, but gradually men and half added to this process. And it is correct. Because beauty, youth and self — confidence- is the key to a successful life.