Non-ablative lasernoorendus

For the liquidation of the old changes in the skin, induced by endogenous and exogenous factors. Non-ablative lasernoorendus also called "thermo lifting". This effect is similar to the effect of rf braces, but the procedure there are several fundamental differences.

The essence of laser resurfacing

non-ablative facial skin rejuvenation

Non-ablative lasernoorendus built to convert light energy into heat. The thermal effect is good for metabolism and biochemical reactions of the cell and the extracellular matrix of the skin. In particular, the launch of the process of education of new collagen fibers.

Non-ablative rejuvenation laser fabric heated to 45-85°C, which is not enough for full ablation (temperature of evaporation of the liquid), but the process is enough to start the process of denaturatsioon and coagulation are the most important proteins in our skin – collagen and other Radiation absorbed by the skin), and then, along the skin, partially penetrates into the dermis, the disclosure also antibacterial effect.

The main goal of laser resurfacing – diseases of the aggravation of ageing-related changes and increase the quality indicators of the leather cover. The procedure is recommended for patients 25-40 years to maintain youthful skin. In some cases, your intended for medical reasons (for example, if the treatment of chronic acne disease).

This kind of laser resurfacing applies different types of lasers: neodymium, diode, erbium (erbium-glass). The wavelength varies in the range of 532-1540 nm.

Indications laser rejuvenation

Testimony at laser rejuvenation serving the following problems:

  • Porosity and filling the skin;
  • "Tired" appearance of persons;
  • Weak manifestations of hyperpigmentation and hyperkeratosis;
  • The first mimic, eye or linear wrinkles;
  • The loss of turgor and skin tone of the face, neck, décolleté area;
  • The expanded skin blood vessels;
  • Dim complexion;
  • Dehydration of the skin;
  • Acne and acne.

Varieties of laser resurfacing

Non-ablative lasernoorendus can take place continuously and the partial method. In the first case is the effect through the entire skin surface, and the second laser affects a certain point (fraction). Specific types of procedures selected will be the beautician said, and the source data.

Non-ablative lasernoorendus is less traumatic, in any case. The top layer of the skin would not decay or destruction, so the rehabilitation period. Rejuvenating effect once published gradually, and different from, the trend is the accumulation. The goal of laser resurfacing – phased skin remodeling.

The relative lack of laser resurfacing is considered to be the need to go through the complete cycle times. Usually good results are necessary to achieve the 3 to 10 sessions, interval of 10-30 days. When treating acne/acne such course of treatment allows to achieve the best results.

Rehabilitation, if it is simple, so that the patient does not feel the characteristic is for him an inconvenient and requires a long recovery.

Taastusperiood the

before and after

Characteristic of laser peels and polishing the complications or consequences of the procedure, if laser rejuvenation is practically not felt. The first 1-2 days may be mild redness and temperature increase in the skin. Then there are those symptoms will disappear, leaving after themselves even flaking.

Rehabilitation after a laser peeling does not require patient restrictions and the treatment manipulation, but the beautician should provide you with recommendations, to which the obtained effects.

Non-ablative lasernoorendus, it can be confidently attributed to the times "the break" – immediately after its completion, the patient can return to normal teaching and interact with people, not ashamed of your appearance.

It should be understood that non-ablative lasernoorendus – in fact, remedial, too soft and "gentle" procedure, so it is expected his impact comparable effect to surgical braces - naive. Procedure suitable in order to keep your skin complexion healthy and young state, but shall not bear the global anti-age results. Patients who have a clear flabbiness and ptosis of the skin, dark and rich pigmentation, loose wrinkles and kurdish more suited to the classic laser resurfacing or "partial peeling" treatment with other effects.

The result of laser resurfacing

The result of laser resurfacing are a number of positive changes:

  • The narrowing and reduce the long;
  • Uniform in the microrelief of the skin;
  • Fresh, consistent, beautiful tone of the skin cover;
  • Increase the elasticity and contractile ability of skin;
  • Smoothing of skin's surface to relieve the room;
  • Soft, velvety, matte skin.

Non-ablative lasernoorendus is designed for those who want to protect themselves against early ageing and for those for whom it is contraindicated in a more aggressive laser treatment.

The main condition to achieve visible effects of laser resurfacing – compliance with the quantitative and interval schemes are the times of the selected beautician.