Vitamins skin

Vitamins for the skin – nutrients that support health, youth and beauty the derma. Nutrients are actively metabolism, collagen production and energy the body's vital functions.

vitamins skin

The lack of vitamins, macro - and microelements way to feel unwell, develop a disease (pellagra, rickets, scurvy, beri-beri, paraesthesia, chicken blindness), peeling of the skin appearance of acne, acne, bruises under the eyes, age spots on the face, delamination of the nail, hair loss.

The reasons for the deterioration of the derma

The skin – tube to cover the human body, which consists of 350 million constantly updated cells. The condition of the skin, nails and hair depends directly on the organism status, which is an internal diseases. Interestingly, in the gut, lung -, heart -, gastrointestinal and liver immediately laying its mark on the appearance of a man.

In addition, the status of the skin, hair, nails decompose the following factors:

  • smoking;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • bad ecological situation;
  • an unbalanced diet, a myriad of simple carbs, fatty food menu;
  • more than intense exercising;
  • rough diet;
  • stress and fatigue;
  • abuse of sunbeds;
  • the treatment with antibiotics.

25 years every year the skin loses 1.5% of key components, which helps in the bad state. This age is the importance of regular maintenance, the heating of the dermis to slow down the process of natural aging of the body.

"Anti-aging" parts of the skin

The idea to complement the exterior maintenance of the dermis at the expense of the bioadditives and vitamins first appeared in Japan and in the united states. So arose the line of the "beauty" of medication, which is directed to the makeup of the skin from the inside out.

What parts of the BAD pose the greatest value to the derma? It is the polyphenols, collagen, coenzyme Q10, phytoestrogen, hyaluronic acid.

We consider in detail about each component.

  1. Polyphenols. Constitute the vegetable pigments, the speakers are powerful antioxidants. They exhibit anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity, reduce their permeability, capillary fragility, improve blood circulation. The largest representative of the polyphenol is flavonoids, which include apples, garnet, cranberries, grapes, black chocolate, green tea.
  2. Collagen. It is a structural protein, which is the basis for connective tissue in the human body. Responsible for skin tone, elasticity to the skin. The lack of collagen starts the aging process, provokes the emergence of in addition to your face.

Building the molecules of the community is important to supply the body with essential amino acids, which stimulate the education of proteins. Due to this, the skin, hair, nails remain strong and healthy.

  1. Coenzyme Q10. Protects the dryness of the epidermis, protects the collagen of your skin to the harmful ultraviolet effect, stimulates the division and regeneration of cells.
  2. Phytoestrogens. It is the hormones of beauty, complement the lack of their own women estrogen body production with age has rapidly decreased. It is they who give the skin a smooth, healthy and radiant complexion, fighting with alopecia, acne, oily seborrhea, which is caused by the excess production of testosterone.
  3. The hyaluronic acid. It is part of the extracellular matrix, which participates in the irrigation and tissue regeneration of the skin. Age the synthesis of the acid of the body ends, its speed of departure increases, which leads to the appearance of aging signs.

Therefore, mature skin, the synthesis of its own components "youth" is reduced and if there is no proper care, leather quickly loses its initial elasticity, begins to SAG and cover with a frown. To stop age-related changes can help vitamins derma.

The main vitamins for skin, nails, hair

healthy skin

Usually, the appearance can easily decide which nutrients are not enough the body. Think like a deficiency of vitamins, macro - and trace elements the effects of the possible nail, hair, skin, cover. Also, what is the daily norm on their consumption and when they are submitted.

Table no. 1 "of Useful nutrients for the skin, hair, nail"
SubstanceThe value of theHow to publish a lack ofThe daily norm, mgNatural sources
Vitamin CGives the skin a skin, promotes the glycogen of new collagen fibersThe Dermis becomes boring, loose, arise pigmendiplekid and seems vascular figure face70 – 100Black currant, lodjapuu, orange, pepper, lemon, spinach
Vitamin AProtects your mucous membranes are the makers and the skin of unfavorable factors of the environmentThe skin becomes inflamed, peeling and dries, it will appear red spots1,5 – 2Sour cream, merikapsas, cottage cheese, eel, garlic, oysters, cheese, pork
Vitamin B2Participates in cell respiration and metabolic processesWill appear in the "zaedy", cracked lips, worried about is frequent dermatitis1,3 – 1,6Mackerel, almonds, liver, boletus, mushrooms, chanterelles, goose, egg
Vitamin B7Activates cell regeneration of the nail, hair, skinLong does not improve wounds, thins the hair, dermis acquisition of a pale complexion, peeling0,15 – 0,3Oatmeal, wheat, chicken, pistachio nuts, cheese, corn, peas, cod
Vitamin EShow powerful antioxidant activity – stabilizes intracellular processes, slows down agingThe skin coarsens, dry, hair will lose its natural shine8 – 10Hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, walnut, squid, dried apricots, eel, salmon, perch, plums
Vitamin PPInvolved produce enzymes, which ensure that the cell breathing of the skinThe lips acquire become the bluish colour, the dermis becomes pale and dry14 – 28Wheat, horse mackerel, tuna, rabbit, beef, chicken, turkey, nuts, peas, pike
Vitamin B9Protects the ships destruction, accelerates skin cell renewalYour hair will become lifeless, dull, brittle, very fall1,0Broccoli, barley-groats, almonds, mushrooms, horseradish, beans, liver, lettuce, beef
SeleniumIt is a powerful antioxidant, which prevents damage to cell membranes from free radicalsDevelops alopecia areata, appear pimples on the back and aging skin0,05 – 0,07Eggs, corn, rice, peanuts, pistachios, lentils, turkey, cabbage, octopus, pork, chicken
ZincInvolved in all exchanges it is necessary to develop, cell divisionThe hair is starting out fall, there are cross furrows on the nails10 – 15Duck, oatmeal, turkey, pine nuts, liver, lamb, buckwheat, chicken
CalciumResponsible for building of bone tissue, supports normal cell membrane permeabilityHair thinning, whipped cream, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry, nails exfoliate, break800 – 1000Cream, mustard, cheese, walnut, barley-groats, pistachios, hazelnuts, garlic, sour cream, beans, cheese
ManganeseSupports the stability of the structure of cell membranes, detoxifies free radicals, which offers the normal formation of connective tissue and bone tissue, normalizes the muscleAppears pigmentation is the skin and a small rash, slowed growth of nails and hair5 – 10Beets, pasta, lettuce leaves, apricot, peanuts, walnuts, spinach, chanterelles, beef, liver
SulfurComes with melanin, protect the skin from uv raysThe nails become brittle skin loose, hair thinning and lose their luster, there are a rash in the dermis, itching1,0Pike and sea perch, rabbit, beef, pork, turkey, flounder, sardine, egg, chicken
MagnesiumSupplies the skin cells with energy, participates in collagen synthesis, which provides full exchange of proteins, fats, carbohydratesSlowed down the growth of hair, nails exfoliate, appear wrinkles, swelling, will acquire a person weird400 – 500Merikapsas, oatmeal, peas, beans, millet, buckwheat, cashews, peanuts, almonds, barley krupa
CopperProtects against the destruction of collagen, which serves as the element of substanceAppeared in the early gray, increased predisposition to developing vitiligo, allergic dermatoses1,5 – 3Octopus, shrimp, beef, pork, liver, pasta, lentils, wheat, rice, walnut

Slide analysis of your health, identify what vitamins are not enough organisms on and in a hurry to fill this space. Keep in mind that youth is not eternal and maintain the skin, hair, nails in good condition need for an integrated approach.

mask skin

Enriched mask is made from natural products, conversations, massage, proper diet, mesotherapy, consumption of sufficient amount of water and nutrients help to slow down age-related changes, to prevent the occurrence of acne, acne, early wrinkles, gray hair.

A + E = Healthy skin

Retinol and tocopherol – the strongest antioxidants, which are necessary for the cells of the epidermis and the dermis. They stimulate the production of collagen fibers and elastin, slows down the tissue aging, protect the skin from harmful factors on the environment. In addition, vitamin A helps to maintain moisture in the cells, prevents toxins from accumulating.

Secondary role take ascorbic acid, niacin acid, riboflavin, biotin.

Remember that the skin is a flourishing appearance only, if the body come with all the useful elements in adequate amounts: food, medicines, enriched cosmetics. But the excessive enthusiasm of the nutrients are not less dangerous than their deficit. Excess vitamin a causes dehydration of the tissues the appearance of age spots, B1 – herpes, B5 – burning, itching, redness of the skin, B12 acne rash, – the appearance of acne.

B3 + B5 = Shiny hair

Complexes, which contain niacin and pantothenic acid acid not only improves the body's functional condition, strengthen nails and restore the skin, but gives the natural luster of the yarn. Vitamins B3 and B5, recover damaged loki: moisturizes and promotes pigment formation for the hair. Will not be redundant and beta-karotiin (A), tocopherol (Vitamin a), ascorbic acid (C), which accelerate the growth of the shag and against the aggression of uv rays.

If the tree mask, cosmetics do not improve the hair loss condition, rich in nutrition products, which are rich in its B3, B5 or to be more precise take nutrients dietary supplements. The power of the scalp and loki to achieve it is recommended to add liquid niacin and pantothenic acid acid is ampoules are balsams, shampoos. The vitamin mixture is prepared immediately before the application for the denied cases. They moisturize and nourish split ends give the number of the volume, creating the sebaceous glands to work, back to brilliance.

B1 + C = Strong nails

Without adequate amounts of ascorbic acid and thiamine daily diet, can not grow long beautiful nails. Not in vain is not the wizard of manicure will give an unusual tip for women: regularly drink keefiri in the evening and have oats porridge for breakfast. These products contain nutrients, stimulates the growth of nails.

Vitamin B1 is related to the formation of the main component of the horny cover – keratin protein, – support the plate, protecting her from drying out, thinning narrowing, the damaging effects of sunlight, dust, high temperature. Secondary role is played by the B5 (normalizes the water balance in the tissues), A + E (protects against free radicals), N (prevents scratches, cracks on the surface), D (supports the structure of the fungus).

After eating the vitamin-mineral complexes, which contain the missing nutrients, regularly spend two times a week bath together, apple cider vinegar, oil massage based on wheatgrass, kiivist, lemon compresses. Data in accordance with the procedure prostimulirujte growth, what the tiles and reinforce them.