How quickly rejuvenate the face at home?

Smooth, well-groomed skin – the dream of every the fair sex, but the reality often does not conform to the ideals. The young girls facial skin attractive and, without further operations, shall be only at the right time to clean and moisten.

But in the fourth decade in life, there are age changes – deformed näoovaali, appear wrinkles, the skin is loose. Here already without special measures is not, and many women are wondering: how to quickly rejuvenate the face at home?

How quickly rejuvenate the face?

The beauty industry every year offers more and more new methods to facial rejuvenation. But to deal with your appearance can also be homemade.

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During the day drink at least 1. 5 l., as well as bring particular attention to the mode switched to. Fruit and vegetables found to be most useful substances, which can dramatically improve the skin. Particularly useful for citrus fruits for their high vitamin C, grape-vitamin, oil of olive.

Facial rejuvenation at home to get a quick result – it is appropriate to the question, that all, without exception, the members of the fairer sex. It is no secret that every year is skin fades, loses moisture, which result in the appearance of wrinkles. This is the reason why it is necessary to begin to care for the skin in a timely manner.

How to instantly remove wrinkles, bags under the eyes?

We start from the beginning well-known, expensive and itself a dangerous method of facial resurfacing - botox. Yes, the botox one of the best methods to get rid of wrinkles. In addition to this, that it is not the cheapest procedure, one does not speak of the side effects of activities, which sooner or later will appear in all. Here are just a few of them:

  • diseases of the eye;
  • difficulty breathing, in violation of the voice and глотательной features;
  • abundant rash on the skin;
  • itching the application of botox;
  • fast heart rate;
  • the feeling of general weakness and fatigue;

Next we look at the support resources available to rejuvenation.

Clever marketers, all, that, as far as possible разрекламировать one or the other cream, their mission is to sell, not to help people.

We want to warn you, дорогущие tool against wrinkles, makers with guaranteed result - it is a normal cheap moisturizers.

Does not pay to fight their tricks, even if the packaging of one or the other, the steps of the "wise" words: "written in, how and through what components applies to their medication.


A big plus folk is that they all are based on natural components and at least does not harm the body. But, as practice shows, they were so little, that hardly a noticeable result.

So as all of the same instantly to remove wrinkles, bags under the eyes?

Curiously, the answer неразрешимый question is found in one article. This author is a normal woman, 55-year-old, he describes in detail how he managed to almost instantly get rid of deep wrinkles, bags under the eyes, without cosmetics, botox and other all known methods of rejuvenation.

Of course, to go to the spa-salons a lot престижней, than to take care of your face homemade, but homemade can be applied to recipes using a variety of natural resources. The regular use of such recipes lead to the immediate and the quality of the effects.

The advantages of home treatment

The main advantage of the facial rejuvenation home – democratic price, t. his own hand made mask allows to significantly save the budget. For anybody not a secret that салонные procedure cheap is not.

home time

In addition:

  1. Mask facial is easy to make yourself;
  2. Cosmetic tools are made of ingredients available in the arsenal of every housekeeper;
  3. Handmade natural resources 100%, do not cause allergies, does not contain stabilizers and preservatives, and is therefore completely safe.
So, pets chances of rejuvenation are undeniable advantages compared to the procedures in the cabin.

Contrary to general opinion there are tools that are able to immediately improve the situation.

Note methods:

1. retinoevaya ointment

It is cheap, but effective medicine is known to many of today's women. The main active ingredient of ointments are retinoevaya acid, which in fact is a synthetic analog of vitamin And promote regeneration of the skin.

retinoevaya acid – a mandatory part of the is renewal of the cosmetics.

The continuous implementation of the ретиноевой ointments improves blood microcirculation and collagen production. The ointment is recommended to lubricate the at night 2 – 3 weeks, in spring and autumn periods.

Medication is also another feature, which is a decrease, acne scars and acne.

Parts ретиноевой ointments can help speed up an baulk of wounds, neutralizing the formation of scars, which usually has impact on acne.

2. Moisturizing and anti-aging facial masks

Since age decreases the skin the skin loses moisture, occurs aging of the skin. This is the reason, why the systematic irrigation to ensure rejuvenating results.

Dry skin is usually peeling off. To get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon by using the mask of the protein. It is necessary to create, if the aid cosmetic disk näopiirkonda protein and wait until it dries. Repeat the procedure until it is completely do not use protein.

Tip: if you want to live in complete peace, until the mask is completely off dries. It can be successfully used in meditation. Creating a mask each day before bedtime is already 7 – 10 days, then возвратите skin health and attractiveness.


Such method of facial peeling home conditions will lead to fast results.

Usually a quick face exfoliation home conditions to achieve, by using different masks. When compared with the ready resources, which include many inclusions and preservatives, masks from natural components, look much better, in every sense of the word.

  • Herbal mask.A mixture of chopped tea leaf, strawberry leaf, raudrohi, blackcurrant leaves and linden, cover them with boiling water. Apply the mask to your face, soak 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Dairy mask. Warm the milk a mixture of 50 g of flour, one egg yolk, blend. Should get a thick paste. Нанесенную mask after half an hour rinse with water attached to the recipient of the lemon juice. This mask is favorable for rapid facial rejuvenation.
  • Potato mask. This mask helps women who have dry skin. Apply on face, mashed potatoes, leave for 25 minutes. Potato mask helps to get rid of superficial wrinkles.
  • A protein mask. Need to whisk 1 egg, add 20 grams of honey and 50 grams of flour. The mixture and cause the tool face. It's a way to quickly eliminate the expression lines.
  • The Mask is made of potatoes. Potato mask is also very effective:
  • Starch has the property to whiten, improve skin color;
  • Selenium helps in the production of collagen;
  • Choline removes wrinkles, effectively prevents and eliminates the inflammatory phenomenon;
  • Lutein enriches the skin with oxygen, protects it from harmful uv light;
  • Vitamins C, B and help narrowing the edges of the увеличенных long, promoting the optimal functioning and the sebaceous glands.

Masks are also used in cooked and raw potatoes, but because cooking destroyed the vast majority of useful elements, the use of fresh potatoes (best young), is more useful. Such masks within a short period of time to restore the skin elastic and youthful appearance.

Need to consume only high-quality tubers, for example, green kartofelinax produced a harmful substance that can damage the эпидермису.

Potatoes are still different and easy application – enough in the evening to clean the face of the half tubers. Then you have to wait half an hour, until the juice is absorbed, wash the resulting film. Good is also grate the raw potatoes using a grater, squeeze the juice and rub them in person.

Such masks effectively eliminate saln server, swollen skin, relieve wrinkles, helps вырабатыванию amino acids.

An excellent tonic, as well as the lifting effect can be achieved having a mixture of cooked potatoes and chestnuts. Chop the cooked chestnuts through the grinder, potato prepare the puree. That mixture has become thick, you can add vegetable oil. Apply the mixture two times a week for half an hour, смывайте without soap.

A bit flexible

Gymnastics of the facial muscles (фейс-bilding a) should be addressed as early as possible.

flexible persons

When to pay to their appearance, but 5 minutes a day, you will achieve a beautiful effect. If your wrinkles are still almost unnoticeable, may be before bedtime only lightly poxlopyvat your fingers around the eyes. The area near the eyebrows растирайте gently stretching the skin and massage the zone around the lips. Such measures not only rasslabyat skin, but also to ensure the oxygen into the cells.

Found the characters to change shape, exercise regularly this exercise: надуйте cheeks and "perekatyvajte" air. If the feeling of tension, massage your face. Definitely make sure that your hands are clean, otherwise it may occur the opposite effect – is to hit the acne and the skin of the face sostaritsya prematurely.