Facial rejuvenation without surgery: salon and home procedure

Fight for beauty and youth, all means are good. But staying beneath the knife of the surgeon settled a few. And properly. Because of the radical methods of skin need to only in extreme cases, which involved a lot of risks to health and the result does not always give expected. In addition to the modern aesthetic beautician is available for a full arsenal of innovative technologies, tools, the ways, allowing to achieve the visual face peeling 5-15 years without surgical intervention.

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The majority of the essence of anti-aging methodologies is to restore and synthesis, stimulating collagen and elastin – proteins that ensure the cell, the elasticity, the freshness, elasticity. Think of the most popular ways of salon rejuvenating time, the reference delay means, the anti-aging cosmetics-and, of course, the medieval theme of homemade ways to combat the labels of the skin of wilting.

"Injections of youth"

Who is ready for the sake to retain the youth and attractiveness of the face go to any experiments, not sparing money and time, prefer to give away salon non-invasive procedure rejuvenation. Let yourself in the hands of professionals, not to worry about anything, because, as the doctor himself makes the choice of professional perspective in assessing the skin condition of the patient's features and the extent of the problem, age by taking the factors that prohibit or restrict the application of one or another methodology.

The options are many. The most popular today enjoy to inject and hardware methods of non-surgical rejuvenation. A number of the most sought after injecting the methodology include:

  1. Mesotherapy.
  2. Plasmolifting.
  3. Biorevitalization.
  4. Ozone.
  5. Non-surgical contour plastics.
  6. "Injections of beauty" selected problematic.

The popularity of injecting the methodology is caused not only by the striking effect of skin rejuvenation on the inside, but there is no mandatory in most cases, the longer preparation for short-term rehabilitation period, practical security and without pain. The principle of conducting the same procedure applies – the dermis is administered by injecting the drugs, which as a result of the exposure which the skin is visually young, its surface disappear, the main of wilting signs.

Medications of such procedures used in a variety of. This mesotherapy is mainly used in several cocktails operation, which composition comprises:

  • Vitamin complexes.
  • The hyaluronic acid.
  • Artificially selected proteins collagen and elastin.
  • The organic acids.
  • Fibroblasts and so on

Through the plazmolifting is used in the plasma to their patients in the blood. After the introduction of the substance in the dermis triggers the process of natural skin rejuvenation without the risk of allergic reaction of the body to the medicine.

Is ozone the main existing components of the injectable material is the ozone effect, which the the skin cells, as well as renew and rejuvenate itself.

Hardware methods of rejuvenation

Well justified itself in questions of facial rejuvenation with innovative hardware procedure:

  • E. l.o.s-young extension.
  • Photo-rejuvenation.
  • Rf lifting.
  • Lasernoorendus.
  • Laser partial rejuvenation.
  • Skin resurfacing with lasers.
  • Thermage and other

The principle is most of them are extreme, non-invasive (to send or partial) of the skin. Apparatus to produce light, heat, ultrasound, radiowave and so changing the topic.

In any case, the cells of the skin to cover it is a kind of shock treatment, which eventually causes the desired response in the reaction of the active upgrade the structural composition of the surface and must be those layers of skin. Depending on the applied methodology of hardware-rejuvenation achieved the effect or the accumulative effect to renew the skin structure.

Moreover, in order to eliminate the optical aging signs in the skin of the person cosmetology clinic, the patient may be offered a procedure to an ultrasound and a chemical peel, face-lift, injection of drugs, to restore the skin structure due to irrigation (hyaluronic acid) or blocker to move the facial muscles of the person (Disport, Botox).

how rejuvenation

The benefits of salon methods, face peeling much. In particular is the high efficiency, the relative valutus, can quickly see the procedure as a result of (procedures course), valutus, the lack of great risks, complications, side effects.

Nearby points of interest also cons – high cost, time cost, short-term effects of rejuvenation. It is these factors become the reason that many women still need to fight to maintain the youth of the person using the cosmetic products or the old – folk means.

Anti aging cosmetics

If a woman anxious attitude to their appearance and wants to postpone wilting as possible for a longer period of time, in the home facelift "medicine cabinet" it should definitely be anti-aging face creams – night, day, moisturizing, nourishing, wrinkles and so on

The efficiency of the steps of any anti-age cosmetics is based on four "pillars":

  1. Irrigation. Insufficient level to boost – the main cause of skin aging. Therefore, the postponement of this wilting can be expense to maintain the normal of a sufficient moisture level. So that every in this cream is components, which ensure moisturizing the derma. Applying cosmetic anti-age the skin becomes more elastic, smoother, looks more youthful. Unfortunately, the effects of rejuvenating cream to give only if the regular of their applications.
  2. Cleaning. Clean skin looks well-groomed and youthful. Therefore, the composition of the rejuvenating skin creams often contain a substance peeled off action (salicylic, glycolic, milk and other organic acids). They remove along with the top layer of the epidermis of dead cells, thanks to which the skin looks clean, fresh. Small wrinkles and folds sileneb.
  3. Protection. One of the factors of aging – accumulation in the tissues of the skin from free radicals. To reduce the extent of negative external effects of the skin snow cover may antioxidants. Therefore, the composition of the rejuvenating creams injected substance with strong antioxidant properties – vitamins A, C, E, extracts of medicinal plants (green tea and grape seeds, and other), coenzyme Q10. These components provide anti-aging cosmetics preventative effect, which is directed to the formation of new wrinkles. However, to put away the already existing wrinkles facial anti-aging creams are unable to.
  4. For debugging. The main component of anti-age cosmetics, invited to visually smooth out the wrinkles, retinol (vitamin A). It not only reduces the impact of the skin from free radicals, but is also well the shell will drill the upper Horny layer, stimulates the collagen production. "Magical" rejuvenation use of creams vitamin, of course, cannot give, but the result is a regular basis of your application structure, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, pure, supple.

"Non-professional" tools for face peeling

Cooked with your own hands masks, creams, serums, creams, tonics are prepared with products that moisturise, nourish, protect, smooth skin. This means that perform the same operations and anti-age cream. In doing so, they consist exclusively of natural components, which ensure the security of applications. Of course, the value of any of such formulations of much less than buying creams, masks, serum and so on, but the efficiency is equal to or even higher.

In addition, home facials can be arranged at any time, recipes folk of facial rejuvenation very much, so it is possible to choose the option that corresponds to the skin type. Plus, components in the manufacture of such changes is always available. Food -aid-vitamin jelly, grass healing properties, essential oils... generally is all you need to prepare homemade rejuvenating money can either buy from the local pharmacy for just a penny, or find in the kitchen.

how to rejuvenate skin

To compete in the cabin of the methods of the people's beautician, of course, can not. Any home activities cannot be eliminated already experiencing the facial aging signs of the same efficiency, such as high-tech injected or hardware procedure for skin rejuvenation without surgery. But to compile a decent competition in the anti-aging cosmetics folk is quite possible, since their main task is to prevent aging.