Massager facial wrinkles: how to apply for a home

Age occur in natural processes of aging and the facial skin becomes loose, too dry is pigmented and coated with a frown. Beauty salons offer many rejuvenating procedures, but their price is far from affordable for all. Professionals recommend the use of a great alternative – masseur to the face, which helps restore a smooth surface will certainly cover the home.

massager rejuvenation

Advantages and disadvantages of the masseurs face

The advantage of the application masseur anti wrinkle face have the opportunity to use it at home, which allows to perform anti-aging procedures at any appropriate time and the desired number of times. But apart from this is the experts definitely still some "pros" masseurs facial wrinkles:

  • the choice of equipment type is fairly large, you can make a choice in their favor and the price, and the principle effect of skin coatings;
  • the use of electrical equipment is very simple, do not need to have some specific knowledge – enough to investigate carefully the instructions;
  • financial investments should be done only 1 time purchasing a masseur and use them on a regular basis and the first request;
  • you can give up, botox injections and other injectable procedures of rejuvenation, which is considered potentially dangerous to health and beauty;
  • the proper use of the succeed in not only to rejuvenate, but the problem of other possible dermatologic problems.

But despite the fact that most of the masseurs face wrinkles are the quality certifications and is approved for cosmetologists, they also have disadvantages:

  • the relatively high cost of some models of devices;
  • no warranty the result;
  • high risk and side effects;
  • the existence of contraindications.

Is it really help the wrinkles, skin tightening

Cosmetologists believe that massagers for home use can help raise the skin tone of the face and smooth out wrinkles only in the case when the aging process is just started its development. So they are recommended for use in prevention of the earlier appearances of the old changes in the skin of a person – "sagged" the skin of the cheeks, there were small wrinkles on the external corner of the eye ("crow's feet"), began so subtle pigmentation.

It is important to understand that rejuvenation will be only then, when the integrated and regular maintenance facials. And this means that there is a need, not only a certain frequency to do the massage, but the application of various cosmetics cream players, creams, moisturizers and nourishing creams, masks, optimally suitable for certain types of derma.

The best option for use in the home

By yourself you can take care of your skin includes persons of the following types of masseurs:

  • Roller-mechanical. This is the most simple design, which means the mechanical effect on the skin. Externally looks like between the two different-sized roller, attached is a thickened handle-manipulator. Made such a massager can be plastic, wood or stone, the work he will be driving with your hands on the surface face of the forward progressive movements.

Roller-a mechanical massager is able to affect the deeper layers of the derma, is kollageenikiude. The outcome of the change will increase the elasticity of the cover, and a general facelift.

  • Vacuum. This is one of the most popular types of masseurs for home use, because not only wrinkles sileneb, but also surface cleaning of the skin pores from dirt. The vacuum type of device makes the dermis elastic, smooth, high tone – has an overall lifting effect, sileneb of small wrinkles.

If you have a rash in the form of pockets of inflammation or any of the skin diseases of the localization of the symptoms in this court, then this massager is contraindicated.

  • The muscle stimulation. This is a power-type equipment, which has an impact on the dermis.

All this layers will improve the circulation of blood, will be for the accelerated mode of functioning of the special system. This eliminates the expression lines and fat deposits in the area of the cheeks, the neck (correction of the second chin). Beauticians claim, that the muscle stimulation may be replaced by botox injections.

  • Ultrasound. Massager "play" the skin of the ultrasonic waves that help to remove its defects, which breach the surface smoothness. During the procedure the cells of the derma "compressed" and "unclench" — this kind of workout automatically harmonises the skin structure. In addition to improving processes in the development of natural collagen and elastin production, maintains youth.
  • Oxygen. Correctly distributed at all levels of the skin area of the oxygen quantity, which comes from the masseur, normalizes metabolic processes at the cellular level and improves skin cell renewal. Complexion becomes the natural tone.

There is still massagers with infrared radiation and laser treatment. The first variant is suitable to be optimally treated skin around your eyes – it in this area is very delicate, sensitive and should not be injured unnecessarily stretched or squeezed. Laser devices increases and accelerates the rejuvenating effects – the results of the smoothing and braces are see literally after the first procedure.

The preparation of the person times

That facials by masseur was really effective, it is necessary to dermis prepare procedures to:

  • person to soar under the hot jets of the soul or using the steam bath, when the water which can be added to the broth blossoms, chamomile, the marigold or sage;
  • leather wipe with a lotion, which corresponds to this type.

If the goal is the procedure is wrinkles sileneb, then before it starts to be worn on the skin thin layer, moisturizing or nourishing cream.

How to use a masseur for yourself

Selected massager still the entire surface of the ringliigutustega face or on-progressive movements – it depends on what type of fixtures and instructions instructions. First processed in the lower part, then the upper. Movements must be smooth, without application of the movements (with the exception of a mechanical roller-massager) without the hassle and jerks.

Especially carefully processed area of the person, where there is already signs of ageing – wrinkles, gastroparesis, increased pigmentation.

After the procedure the person must rinse with warm water without detergent, to dry out by wiping with a soft towel. The final stage of application of the cream to cream with a bold structure. The use of decorative cosmetics is not – it is necessary to give skin a "rest" for a couple of hours, so that the massage is necessary to do in the evening before bedtime.

The duration and frequency of time

During the procedure, it is categorically forbidden to affect one and the same section more than 1 minute. If it is necessary to carefully analyze, it is better to ensure a greater place in a few seconds.

Rejuvenate, pull the leather covers are only possible if the daily competent care. But this argument only applies to creams, lotions and masks. As for the masseur wrinkles on the face, then it should not be used more often than 1 time in 2 days, then it is better to make pause times in 4 days. As a precaution, the frequency is a massage 1 time a week.

Massager can be used to shed as each of the 15 procedures is the need to take a break for 1 month and only after that you can repeat the process.

Whether all can make massage of the face-masseur

One of the drawbacks is observed devices are contraindications to use:

varieties masseurs
  • the period of gestation and child breastfeeding;
  • all of the pathology the skin to cover with the manifestations of the places of the alleged occurrence of the massage;
  • rash on the face, which is caused by infectious or viral agents;
  • diagnosed with malignant tumors of any localization;
  • the heart and blood vessels, a chronic flow;
  • pathological expansion of the small blood vessels on the face – rosacea;
  • bruising, swelling, all wounds (including and abrasions) in the form of;
  • acute within catarrh on the diseases;
  • body temperature the reason;
  • introduction to implants under the skin on the face before;
  • diabetes;
  • the hyper sensitivity of the skin.

It is advisable before the course start times of the rejuvenation of the visit to the beautician and to consult with him over whether such a method to restore the beautiful look.

Massagers facial wrinkles – a great alternative to injecting times of rejuvenation and expensive salon procedures. Enough to acquire high-quality equipment, to study the instructions carefully and do the procedure on a regular basis, that impact has been long-lasting and visually noticeable.