Modern methods of facial exfoliation - slow down skin aging

Each representative of the beautiful a certain period in your life, watching yourself in the mirror, you will notice that there is a time inevitably flies forward, having a common tone and the freshness of the well-groomed and youthful skin and leaving after itself a thin "threads" in addition to. All of the women in horror related to these changes and do not want to part with your beautiful, learn to modern facial rejuvenation.

facial skin rejuvenation

Now there are a lot of techniques, which is directed to the getting rid of in addition, and to ensure that a person of his former freshness and the tone, that is why every woman can choose for themselves the just this, which to him is more like it. But before you start to use them, it is necessary to understand one simple thing: all is not as easy as we would like. The look of the face, above all, depends on your lifestyle. If you've set up firmly in the win back your lost youth, then you must arm yourself with willpower and give up all the bad habits that you keep. Otherwise, none of the modern methodology according to the rejuvenation of the person are unable to meet their hopes for their long-term impact.

Previously, beauticians may recommend to the ladies is only one way to get rid of wrinkles — plastic surgery. Women who desperately want to restore your youth, had to go under the scalpel of the surgeon, in the hope that a lift or a clean to get rid of the "surplus" of loose tissue fills their dreams. Of course, plastic surgery is effective, but it does not ensure the durability of your result.

Currently, cosmetologists managed to invent yet many different methodologies over facial rejuvenation that do not need operations, and the total is obtained is not worse, than expensive braces. Such opportunities than youth in the shortest time has become very popular among the representatives of the female sex. Especially among them, which did not dare for the sake of beauty go to the desk at the surgeon.


Modern ladies already almost did not turn their attention to the various rejuvenating mask and decisively on the go. One of the quickest ways to "throw" a couple of years old is chemical peeling. It is a simple procedure to remove and renew the upper layers of the skin to cover the face. This effect is achieved by the controlled burning of special chemicals. Such a process starts the natural process to restore the cells, which is due to start wrinkles and unwanted pimples. Before conducting the procedure, it should be understood that facial redness from made procedures can't save and week, and at this time very is not recommended to use cosmetics.


Yet one method to fight wrinkles is photo-rejuvenation. This can not only smooth out the face and give it a fresh look, but also to get rid of age spots and acne. Photo-rejuvenation is the most sustainable in the procedure. In this activity, is only the light impulses sent to your skin coating, and no chemical.


Also many women turn their attention to the mesoteraapiat. It is based on the injection of natural vitamins in the area of the face and neck to get rid of and flabbiness and ensures the elasticity of tissues. Such a method is quite popular among those who wish to quickly and safely "to look younger".

Silk thread

Category safe also can be linked and the technique called "silk thread", which you certainly already heard of. In the course of use special soluble fibre, which actively stimulate the cells in their production of substances such as elastin and collagen, responsible for skin tone. In addition, this biostimulant enriches the tissues of the substance, which has the property to slow down the aging process.

ELOCK -rejuvenation

New methods to ensure a youthful valid ELOCK-rejuvenation. It is used in high-frequency stream, and the light flows. Using a special apparatus, they penetrate deep into the skin of vegetation, interacting with a particular layer. The procedure is virtually painless, is it, that the patient may feel tingling.

Is no longer popular, and a variety of botox injections, and hyaluronic acid.

How to slow down aging of the skin, or beauty secrets

Many women, who are just starting out look at the emergence of in addition to your face, wondering: how to slow down aging of the skin? Because all ladies want to look young and beautiful for years. First of all, we will see that it is conducive to the aging.

The first opponent for our healthy and smooth skin is stress. It is thanks to him we tend to be in constant tension, open insomnia, bad eating and a lot of the nervous system. Of course, all of this is expressed in our appearance. It is important to pay attention to the necessary for our body's oxygen level, and liquid. To slow down aging of the skin, don't forget to perform daily walks and drink daily norm is pure water. And always wear gloves uv rays before exiting out of the hot season of the year!

how rejuvenation

What we eat is also very important, in order to maintain our youth. Try every day to ensure yourself a necessary part of the nutrients and minerals that are necessary for a comfortable and healthy life. Certain products in the kit can slow down the ageing of skin skin (fresh vegetables, apricot, melon, nuts, olive oil, etc.), while others, on the contrary, it is possible to accelerate (margarine, sugar, a large part of preservatives, processed natural products). A proper diet is not able to simply slow down skin aging, it will positively affect the whole body.

Also eschewed a sedentary lifestyle! Worth at least a couple times a week for the course of any activities (fitness, yoga, pilates, aerobics, dancing), or every day to do half an hour of charging. Best to train yourself to run around in the evenings near the house. This is the most cheapest and effective way to keep fit, but at the same time, it is and additional hours in the fresh air.

Don't forget to take care of your face! Always rinse off the makeup before bedtime and wear face and body special moisturizing creams. The Mask is best done with natural foods and transfer them on a regular basis. Be sure to take a contrast shower, that your skin has for years kept its elasticity.

Of course, these tips may seem to you banal, but just such a lifestyle will help to permanently preserve their youth and beauty. Never do not be lazy to make themselves better.