Skin exfoliation - mask on the face, fractional laser, results

That the face of the first wrinkles are able to interfere with each wife.

Skin aging is a natural process. In order to stop it, the women turn to plastic surgeons, the other regularly visit the beauty salon.

skin rejuvenation

But not always possible to go to the beautician. Skin exfoliation, face and body is also possible in domestic conditions.

In the book "three steps to rejuvenation" specifically talks about how to properly care for the skin, for that she has always been young and beautiful. It is therefore in this article, I immediately come to this ways of skin rejuvenation, which is available for each wife in the home.


People the application possibilities of rejuvenation:

  • Leather cleaning using scrub which is made of strawberries with sugar. Puff is prepared as follows: 3 – 5 strawberries rub and mix half a teaspoon of brown sugar. The resulting mixture apply on face massaged by the movements, leaving free skin around your eyes. Leave the scrub on for 15 minutes, then have a good wash.
  • Cleans the skin, can be applied to any vegetable oil: di-propylene glycol oil, grapes seeds, olive oil. Thick the plate should be soaked in hot water, put a few drops of oil and rub them in person.

Preparation cream with

  • Liquid out of the mint. Fresh (5 in the table. spoons) or dry (2 of the table. tbsp) mint pour the floor liters of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. The broth, cooled and filtered. Then the cooled broth should be added to the boric acid in alcohol (4 cc.), tincture of marigold (2 of the table. l.) and 1 teaspoon. apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. The solution obtained should be kept in the refrigerator. If to wipe the skin twice a day, then he makes it fresh and younger.
  • Cream and parsley. One tablespoon of the roots and leaves are the plant pour over 250 ml boiling water and heated in a water bath for 30 minutes. Let steep for a couple of hours, strain the liquid and add white dry wine. Wipe both the cream to face two times a day.

Mask anti-aging

  • To prepare the mask is necessary to take the same proportions and plantain leaves, yarrow, currants, strawberries, lime. They need to be well mixed, and then 4 tablespoons of the mixture leaves pour over boiling water so as to get the mush. After cooling, the obtained mask is transferred to the face and keep for 20 minutes. And then rinse with water at room temperature.
  • Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera juice and one teaspoon. olive oil. Steam face, then wear it to the mixture. Continue 15 – 20 minutes, then remove the mask with tissue-paper with and put in another one: from 1 teaspoon. protein. So continue for another 10 minutes. Rinse decoction of herbs, or sage, or st. john's wort.
  • Honey and yoghurt in the ratio 1:2 rub the meat in the banana and transfer the obtained slurry to the face for 20 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.
  • Potato mask. Potatoes are ready a few cream. Peel the potatoes and a good mash and warm to wear face. You can add milk or cream. 20 – 25 minutes for the mixture to wash the face with warm water.
mask rejuvenating
  • If the light is the skin will be implemented to mask a mixture of grated carrot, yogurt and lemon juice.
  • If your skin is tired, her soothing mask is a fresh cucumber.
  • Warns against early wrinkles, the emergence of the banana mask.
  • If oily skin is recommended to mask the tomatoes.
  • Mask, which consists of a MZ a mixture of egg white and lemon juice narrows pores and gives kollageenikiude.
  • The Mask is based on the mint leaves, helps to eliminate acne rash.
  • Mask with oatmeal is softening, moisturizing effect and can be used when peeling.

Body masks

Before applying the mask the skin, it must be carefully cleaned using a scrub.

Brush can also be made in domestic conditions:

  • The manufacture of the scrub can be used, for example, ground coffee bean or oat flour. After application of the scrub for the body, it is necessary to massage the skin gently in a circular motion. Then wash off with warm water.

Coffee tea tree oil

To be used with pre-ground coffee.

In addition to the coffee grounds container add 3 – 8 drops of tea tree oil, depending on coffee volume, massaging will damage the body and wash.

Mask the body of the freshly ground coffee

  • Ground coffee 1 tbsp;
  • Olive oil 1 – 2 teaspoon;
  • Cream – 2 tbsp.

All the mix, then five minutes keep in a water bath. The mixture is transferred to the body (paying great attention to the buttocks and thighs) for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Bath skin

The water in which the temperature is 37 - 38 degrees is necessary to add one litre of milk, which is the same temperature.

The adoption of such a bath is necessary not less than 15 minutes.

Instead of a can of milk added to the broth wheat bran (considering 2 kg of bran 5 l water, boil, drain).

Rejuvenation from the inside people means

In order that the skin would look younger, it is necessary to take care of cleaning the body, improving metabolic processes in it.



  • Honey – 1 kg
  • Lemon – 4 pcs
  • Garlic – 3 heads
  • Oil, linseed, 200 ml

Lemons cream blender, add the oil and honey. The mixture put in a glass jar using a wooden spoon.

Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. Take one tablespoon thirty minutes before meals three times a day.

As a result, the skin becomes silky and smooth, improve the condition of hair and nails.

Recipe wine

  • Leaves, lavender and sage – 50 g
  • Dry red wine – 1 litre
folk rejuvenation

Wine add pages and put in a dark cool place.

If the infusion is stored, it must periodically shake, two weeks – drain.

Wine should be taken half an hour before meals for 30 – 50 ml

The recipe for conditioner

  • Cleaned garlic pour a strong white wine (200 ml) and boil the whole for 30 minutes.
  • Then cool and pour together with the garlic in a container.

Take conditioner is needed as: 3 days to drink 1 teaspoon 20 minutes before eating 3 times a day, then we do a week break. And so three times.

Make the skin

Make raspberry, rose hip, strawberries increase the cost of education in the female body estrogen hormone, which is responsible for the appearance of the female body.

Due to the presence of estrogen in the body the skin looks young and healthy.