Facial rejuvenation without surgery: the most effective ways to

Absolutely every women, or rather, that his skin requires an individual approach and therefore also result. To this end, there are enough diverse procedure called lifting.

The so-called natural facial rejuvenation is possible to implement only in the case if your body will produce a certain amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Such processes are characteristic of "fade" for the reason of time, because the body and the organism are blocked, because of a variety of harmful habits and they received a small part of the useful substances in the reason is a wrong diet. Also its metabolic processes are slow, because they do not have enough physical activity, and all this is due to the age change.

All the different methods to rejuvenate the skin automatically направленны recovery to produce useful substances, as well as the renewal process of epidermal regeneration.

If you find any aging signs on their skin, they should immediately fight, before it's too late, but there are many different options.


Rejuvenation without operations

One way of facial rejuvenation without operations are divided into two:

  • in-depth home;
  • special injection;
  • hardware-beautician;
  • also litora lifting.

Surgical awareness, or the SEA.

Surgical lifting is a completely plastic operation, which is able to remove wrinkles, wrinkles, excess skin and fat.

The SEA is the same, is designed to delete the fabric, which had already lost the tone. Operation data (once) it is possible to make reaching 50 years on or after this mark in age, if of course you do skin exfoliation of the face.


In this section, we give you you the most popular type of hardware during the detailed description of the technology litora braces, but also the practicability is skin care.


  • Ultrasound lifting way of war collagenic fibers, reducing their number of methods in.

This kind of lifting works in a pair of bone-and aponeurosis in the system, or how to tell at a glance the SEA, which is responsible for the youth and beauty of your skin.

Five ultrasonic peeling improves the skin, as well as its contours and relief. If the help of this method, you can make the neck muscles firmer, as well as eliminate topeltlõug.And one more plus in this way, rejuvenation, this is a short term rehabilitation;

  • Laser face lifting – the most effective method of all the existing. The Laser, specifically, its impact may be different, if, for example, work on the top layers of skin, cleans the skin of dead and non-performing (passive) cell, then it is called grinding. It penetrates deep into the epidermal layers (in doing so without damaging the skin of the outer layer) or adjust the top plots, due to this, which shall be executed fractus lasernoorendus facial skin.

The meaning of a given technology is tepidud the skin (this helps to remove dead cells, and live forced to work and share). Moreover, this procedure leads to produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the freshness and elasticity.

Such a procedure for facial skin rejuvenation is painless, has no complications, it is also possible to continue some kind of possibility of infection.

    Thermage or RF-lifting – this technology works, if the assistance of radio frequency radiation.

Electromagnetic waves penetrate deep into the skin of the face and heat the inner layers, which improves blood circulation, renewing cells, also increases the number of collagen.

Such a procedure does not left after itself a trace, and do not have any allergic reactions.

    Photo-rejuvenation accounted for is easy импульсах that affect fibroblasts (enough to deep epidermal layers).

This procedure does not take much time, and allows to achieve the so-called natural produce collagen active mode, which ultimately gives the result, healthy and pure color, as well as sileneb wrinkles.

There are also other pros of this method – it can also delete capillaris in the network, and acne rash.

litora lifting

If assistance in the direction of the process young people the extension of the method the facial skin will be able to implement one of the procedures, the working hours, which depends on all the work over the textile to the skin.

Before the actual procedure, the doctor makes a mark on the face, to proficiently introduce the topic and to achieve the maximum possible result, who waits for a client.

Introduction to direction not to injure your absolutely nothing, as the depth to which the penetrating needle is 3 to 5 mm. After the procedure performed (the deployment process) the tips of these all of the materials affixed to the head to disguise any trace of the lifting.

This type of procedures is able to carry two types of topics – this is нерассасывающиеся and are absorbed.

The first view direction changes a few years after their establishment. The second will be lost over time, but at this point it appears the carcass is made of other, new fibers which actually give quite the long-term result of braces.

Free of wrinkles, remote topeltlõug, restored näokontuur and raised cheekbones – here is the result of the procedure litora with the lifting.

нитевой lifting

Holistic skin care

It is also possible to make the rejuvenation of the person and without the hardware effects and plastic, but such methods are called domesticated ухаживающими times, or the same salon.

The beautician will be able to remove the old passive epidermal cells, are used in such procedures such as exfoliation and nourishing mask.

After twenty-five years you should be in your arsenal of cosmetics anti-canus cosmetics. This kind of cosmetics will increase the production of collagen and elastin, it also stimulates the cells metabolism. Also does not harm to use homemade recipes for beautiful, which enable you to get your body useful substances, which are manufactured products themselves.

Excellent results for skin rejuvenation of the face you can not, if does not need to monitor your skin for a healthy lifestyle, regular moisture and daily maintenance – without this positive result possible.

Proper diet and high quality products promote proper nutrition, which means your pores will become cleaner and the complexion evens, and get even.

Massage is able to prevent the ageing of your tissues and high-quality cosmetics is a very lengthen of your youth, and will benefit the skin tissues.

Rejuvenation offa

Available injectable procedure of facial rejuvenation, which is directed to the introduction under the cutaneous tissues of a variety of documentation and nutritious cocktail.

Select data configurations according to the purpose, which you pursue and, of course, specified your desired result. Such a procedure is considered painless, but if you want, then you can take advantage of and a local anesthetic.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular method is injectable with the lifting.

rejuvenation уколами

Mesotherapy method is the introduction of the skin of small doses of active medicines and vitamins of natural origin. For example, it may be:

  • pyruvic, glycolic acid, or also narrows the acids;
  • fibroblasts;
  • vitamins (biotin, thiamine, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid and niacin acid);
  • the cells of the connective tissue;
  • extracts (elastin and collagen).

Mesotherapy applies to the rejuvenation of such parts of the body like the neck, chest and face. Using this method can lead to näoovaali, which will help подтяжке the skin and eliminate a second chin.

Botox works mostly against expression lines. This procedure is quite painless and lasts only twenty minutes.

Botox way растягиванию the skin and relaxes tense muscles after its introduction. Also you don't have tissue atrophy, because the factory procedure is not disrupted blood flow.

If you want to use this technique for rejuvenation after forty years, then it is a good idea, because botox it is a great time to improve the appearance and smoothes wrinkles.

Gels – a variety of implants, which is compiled based on hyaluronic acid under the action. This acid is considered as a physiological component of the skin tissues of your face and going on to maintain the humidity level.

The process of facial rejuvenation hyaluronic acid helps you to eliminate wrinkles near the lip region of the eyes, cheeks, and also age changes in the eyebrows, and forehead. This gel is quite real to increase the lips.

Very important: after carrying out such a method during the gel, must not be tightened to any part of the facial muscles.

Method озонового rejuvenation – it is the process of injection of the ozone (ozone is called one source of oxygen).

This method to stop the aging process and makes skin fresh, pre-moisturize and provide nourishment to the cells.

So called ozone layer lifting (lifting) is one of the most effective ways of facial rejuvenation because it improves the relief of the epidermis and the color of your skin, as well as bring it back to normal microcirculation, smoothes wrinkles, removes the top layer of skin, Cornea and renew подкожную fiber.

laser lifting

The method of plasma justo – this is the skin peeling of the face than help to enrich the blood töötluskomplektid of intercept platelets, which stimulate a process called in neocollagenesis. The latter process causes a rejuvenation of the skin tissues at the cellular level. After the procedure old wrinkles sileneb, the skin becomes supple and it has got to be new wrinkles.

in neocollagenesis. The latter process causes a rejuvenation of the skin tissues at the cellular level. After the procedure old wrinkles sileneb, the skin becomes supple and it has got to be new wrinkles.

In addition to all the above the most popular methods is still such, as армирование, 3D-modeling and биоревитализация. Their every this kind of method is good for your plan, you need to strictly and carefully choose the under your skin the technique with the lifting, in order to further the end result was not somewhat worse, than you expected.

Facial rejuvenation can be done in several ways and each one of them is a compliment to the professionals, as well as their customers, but we recommend that you do all of this yourself and someone not to trust. You can trust the professionals, but only to a certain point. Your for the most serious must be able hardware face rejuvenation, after which the current эндоскопический lifting is no longer ever, that you are topical.