Skin peeling face: the best recipes and ways to rejuvenation

Fair to excellent half of humanity the dream of an impeccable appearance and trying to yourself in the form of keep the of all ages. Help them – all in the cosmetology industry. All sorts of creams, the cream players, tonics and lotions will help to prolong youth and maintain an attractive appearance. However, many of these means, first of all, not all unaffordable, and secondly, containing in its composition components, which can cause allergies, especially ladies, who have sensitive skin. It is therefore to the forefront of natural resources, home cosmetics, and today we give you the best recipes for rejuvenation, which is available to all and is able to permanently preserve youth and beauty does not harm health.

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The advantages of homemade remedies for skin rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the home is characterized by several advantages:

  • cheap. The funds that were ready in your kitchen for easy access to all products, which definitely have every home is worth a penny. How much does it cost to cart cosmetics, and what is the cost of rejuvenating procedures in beauty salons, we believe, aware of the vast majority of our readers.
  • masks, cream the players and the kartulikoori, which is made by hand, natural and do not contain preservatives or other harmful substances, which literally swarming cosmetics shop.

The main rules of facial rejuvenation at home

Before moving to a description of the specific recipes of rejuvenation, here are some rules that will ensure to achieve the desired effect, then how their disregard for the right of the case will help, not all of the efforts, and in the worst case – is to cause allergies and other nasty consequences.

  1. In the manufacture of homemade masks, lotions, tonics and other cosmetic products it is necessary to use only fresh food products. Otherwise, you may earn skin irritation and even inflammation.
  2. To use home cosmetics to be immediately after manufactured. Can't eat it in the future, for the future.
  3. The maximum shelf life of home cosmetics – 3 hours.
  4. Apply the mask need to clean skin, which is pre-washed with antibacterial soap and water.
  5. Do not use cooking home tools metal bowl. Contact metal, the ingredients in cosmetic products, the mixture of oxidized, damaged, that not only reduces the shelf life of the mask, however, reduces the zero of his action.

Classic recipes rejuvenation

One of the oldest, time-tested and definitely more than effective method of skin and skin whitening at home is the use of sour cream. The product, without which it is difficult to imagine the preparation of most of the homemade dishes, great for yourself and as a cosmetic means. The use of rejuvenation should be of home life sour cream, with, the thicker, the better. It contains vitamins, minerals and other useful trace elements, which slow down the skin aging process and smooth out the smaller wrinkles. Bear skin need sour cream, at room temperature to keep the mask should be within 25-40 minutes, then remove dipped in milk with a cotton swab.

No less effective mask for the face sheets of aloe and honey. Its magical properties were opened centuries ago and to confirm the millions of beauties. The leaves of aloe contains components that promote collagen synthesis and regeneration of skin to cover, then as the honey nourishes the skin, reduces inflammation and is expressed antiseptic properties.

The leaves of the aloe, that this kind of mask is best to be prepared. They should wrap a thick cloth, and 2 weeks to send in the fridge. After this time, that the plants need to squeeze the juice and mix with natural honey in equal parts. The resulting mass is transferred to the face, and after 15 minutes wash with warm water with or affected by daisy.

Recipes rejuvenating lotions

Liquids home cooking is used to preserve youth and beautiful, but also very effective in fighting various skin defects, such as rashes, redness, acne, etc.

Cucumber liquid

Yet our grandmothers teeth and skin emollient used the cucumber lotion. Compiled this grated on the grater cucumber, which put in a glass jar, which is filled with water and calls in the sun as early as 2 weeks. During this period, is the cucumber gave a lot of juice to them and rubbing the person with a cotton swab every day. The recipe is ideal for oily and combination skin, but if the use is a tool to dry skin, then the following must be entered on the face moisturizing cream.

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Cream of parsley

1 tablespoon of dry roots and leaves of parsley need to crush, pour over 1 hrs in boiling water, let stand half an hour in a water bath, then drain and add 70 ml of dry white wine. The obtained means should be to clean your skin every day after even better skin tone correcting and then the heel of his nourishing night cream.

Peppermint lotion

The manufacture of such cream-toonika need to take 2 tbsp crushed dried peppermint or 5 tablespoons of fresh, pour over them 500 ml of boiling water and medium heat-boil for 10 minutes. After cooling strain the broth, add 4 tablespoons of boric alcohol, 2 tablespoons. l. tincture of marigold, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1 teaspoon. vinegar. All mix and keep in the refrigerator, using every day before bedtime. Already a week later, the regular application it is possible to see how improved the skin condition.