Lasernoorendus — photo reviews and wife

In our modern increasingly make lasernoorendus. Reviews women, persons who have passed this procedure cannot be called unambiguously: one believe its a real rescue-and the magic bullet tool that differ's old age begins, others will extremely agonizing activity and stretching the money of the customers. Let us search the reason of so controversial assessments.

aging of the skin

The essence of the procedure, the skin peeling laser?

Skin veil (to protect the human body effect a set of mechanical, physical and chemical factors) in each lived years lose their elasticity, covered with wrinkles and kurdish, their color changes to pale and on the surface appear repulsive types of melasma.

The first barely noticeable wrinkles (mostly around the eye) begin to appear closer to thirty years, and after forty-at least the loss of turgor of the skin skin, they worsen, and cover the entire skin unattractive eyes. This fact is most often the sad members of the fairer sex, who does not want to fast ageing.

  • Help withering beauty the right to fire a laser.

Under the influence of the laser beam takes place the burning of the top layer of Horny lost elasticity of the cells, and starts the mechanism accelerated to produce collagen and elastin close to the life cells.

  • In doing so, regeneration of the structural elements of the skin takes place only in the fields, cooked exposed to the laser beams. Bordering with them on the exposed skin remain in the original form.
  • The result of this process is observed in a significant rejuvenation of the skin of the lids, loss of the small and average wrinkles, and even restore facial contours.

Laser equipment of the latest generation under the force of even pigutada chin — this is evidenced by the positive reviews of patients, the last procedure of the laser-with the lifting of the second jaw.

Types of laser resurfacing

Laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent alternative to a surgical facelift. Laser resurfacing can be of several types.

  • Shallow, calculated to the processing strain of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin).

Using the surface exfoliation can almost instantly smooth out the uneven topography and skin and get rid of unsightly age spots.

Procedure the surface of the exfoliation of the most sensitive areas: the eyes the surroundings, lips, zone, neck and décolleté.

In addition, procedures of this type it is possible to think the laser grinding of the skin (all kinds), as well as a partial facial rejuvenation (the vast majority of his species).

Superficial peeling is sufficiently traumatic procedure. Complete recovery of the skin after it takes place in one or two weeks.

  • Average. This kind of peeling is able to remove Horny cells, which are located actually in the bottom (basal) layer of the epidermis.
skin exfoliation

Training effect on the average peeling is all the same problem areas of the skin on your face, neck, hands and décolletage area. This causes the wrinkles to a different extent the degree of difficulty to achieve the smoothing of the keloid scars and stretch marks are removed low the scars left behind by acne, warts and papilloma, as well as greatly smooth the complexion, while helping to eliminate pigmentation spots.

  • Deep. The most effective methods for deep laser peeling is a procedure, often called "non-surgical lift": it — lasernoorendus apparatus at Palomar and RF-rejuvenation.

The methodology of the RF-rejuvenation offers a spread of laser ray deep layers of the epidermis, which in doing so, the total heat pump is the exposure to rf energy, which results in a held point heating the problem areas and the face-and bodypainting.

Both methods — lasernoorendus Palomar and the partial RF-facial rejuvenation — foster läbivoolunäitad collagen bundles and the formation of them is the peculiar supportive substructure for the skin, as well as to stimulate restorative and rejuvenating processes in the regions, cooked exposed to laser crafts.

Security and low the trauma of both procedures provides the opportunity to affect not only the skin with the hands and neck, but also through the rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes.

Deep laser resurfacing helps smooth out enough to relief wrinkles, significantly evens the complexion and creates the effect of young skin. The result is a wife's acquisition of the flourishing appearance without plastic surgery.

Great advantage of methodology of RF and Palomar-rejuvenation is their growing influence. After going through the recommended by the beautician course of rejuvenating procedures of the skin condition is constantly improving for half a year.

Deep laser resurfacing can be produced also in the apparatus on Co2, but its effect is the hands do not have enough qualified staff may leave deep scars on the patient's skin, because this equipment often use the scalpel to the plastic surgery.

The procedure of the surface, and the average peeling involves local anesthesia. Deep laser resurfacing requires the application of general anesthesia conditions, with a special hospital.

The choices are peeling depends on the complexity of the cosmetic defect.

skin exfoliation

Which requires partial peeling?

Partial rejuvenation of the skin apply to the case, if there is no need to expose the laser processing of a large plot to the skin, and it is completely sufficient to delete the small scars or pigmentation. For that purpose, fractus grinding using sustainable erbium yag. Manufacturers of medical equipment began to produce compact devices, which can perform this manipulation in the home.

Some materials are placed in the internet network, you can execute the statement, which said that a laser appliance itself will choose the power of the effect of skin coatings. This claim should be classified as deceptive, because only an experienced specialist can determine which of the apparatus and of which the length of the laser beam is necessary to implement, that the exposure of the skin coatings specific for the patient.

All the settings of the laser apparatus shall be completed strictly on an individual basis.

The work of the laser equipment specialist must have a special certificate and a sufficiently high qualifications.

Turning to the clinic, be sure to get information on the qualification levels of the practitioners are there professionals, a dependable their participation at home and abroad in seminars and conferences.

What is laser biorevitalization?

It lasernoorendus the skin of the skin of the face and the body of the affected by hyaluronic acid the most the deeper layers of the skin. This is the newest technology that allows you to without surgery to remove the deep scars and wrinkles, the purpose of which is to activate the internal reserves of the human body.

  • The essence of this innovative method? Is the epidermis is the problematic area of the body is put to some amount of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which using the laser not to get into the basal layer of the skin.
  • Which is necessary to modify the structure of hyaluronic acid, which initially is a high molecular weight (almost polymer) in the community? The fact of the matter is that the princeps-m. hyaluronic acid is unable to penetrate the water column to human skin due to a too complex building their molecules, which consist of too long chains. Structured the same acid, low molecular weight, acquires the ability to easily penetrate the skin top layers. The impact of the laser beam again seals with short molecular chains, the change in the hyaluronic acid acid polymer, which promotes the retention of moisture in cells of the human skin, creating the effect of the trim, not brittle age changes of the skin.
  • Procedure for conducting biorevitalisation applies to infrared ("cold") laser, the effect of which is different from the low intensity. Thanks to promote laser-structured hyaluronic acid without any difficulty reaches the skin the lower layers alternately and evenly fill in the gradeability of this layers. Leather, if it is not heated and after biorevitalisation starts to peel off and is not afraid of exposure to uv rays. Thanks to this procedure of laser biorevitalisation can also be done in the summer.
  • In order to mitigate the delivery of hyaluronic acid to problem areas of the skin the upper epidermal layers to soften by means of hot compress, then perform a light cleansing exfoliation. After that start the procedure of laser biorevitalisation, creating a purified skin, a special chemical composition of the structured hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • Laser skin rejuvenation method biorevitalisation different faster upgrade to the leather skin, which is due to the deep impact entered the skin composition.
  • Laser biorevitalization held skin exfoliating the face, neck, décolleté and other parts of the body skin which is covered with wrinkles to different degrees of severity characterized by increased flabbiness or dry, is for scars and stretch marks, and also shows all the symptoms of skin ageing (the main culprit, which is boundless tan).
  • Contraindications for conducting the procedure is only an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid acid and tumors of any etiology (and malignant and benign). Also not worthy of her and to pregnant women.

Whether contraindications procedure laser face resurfacing?

Contraindications for laser facial rejuvenation, of course, exist.

Here is a list of the most serious of them are:

  • Oncological diseases.
  • Diabetes of any type.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system relapse stage.
  • Various diseases of the blood, causing a lack of coagulation.
  • The common cold is a disease and the disease of virus etiology, accompanied by elevated body temperature.
  • Infectious disease.
  • Elevated herpes and the presence of herpes rash zone the expected area of influence.
  • Pustular rash of the skin cover.
  • Subsequent periods of pregnancy and lactation infant.
  • The existence of psychic diseases and disorders.
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • Hypertension and hypotension.
  • Age up to 17 years old (because of the possible risk of violation of the structure of the skin) and after 60-years of age (because of which slows down all recovery processes).
  • Recent tan.

The potential consequences of a laser peeling

In addition, the mass of the positive features of laser skin rejuvenation may be side effects. Occasionally it has been observed:

  1. The emergence, itching of the light.
  2. Education is very bright red spots in the sphere of influence of the laser.
  3. The revival of the herpes virus.
  4. Violation of the skin integrity of the skin: their peeling, burns, eschar formation.

In most cases, data on symptoms disappear within a few days. Many patients data the consequences can at all be absent, since the structure and skin sensitivity are all completely different.

How often is the need to make lasernoorendus?

Partial lasernoorendus different zones of the person (or the sme-young extension), being in accordance with the procedure of the last generation gradually displaces the erstwhile popular method of laser peeling of the skin.

the frequency of the time

With the sufficiently effective effect of skin coatings laser resurfacing sent a number of very unpleasant side effects: soreness, length of rehab time and the high probability of complications.

Appearance thanks to the laser device, which is equipped with a modern scanner with leather, these negative moments quietly moving away from the past.

  • How much is the need of the times, that the procedure for the partial rejuvenation of giving permanent effect?

Recommended for experienced cosmetologists course of laser impact on the fading face must consist of at least five times, divorced each other fiveday small intervals. However, there is the possibility to create an individual program, taking into account the peculiarities of the skin of the patient's skin. To develop this program to become a doctor-a dermatologist.

  • The first positive changes (feel the smartness of the skin, smoothing the skin in addition to, the best color and structure of the skin the skin) is generally observed 3-4 days after the first session.

Fully completed a course in laser resurfacing lead to substantially smooth out folds and wrinkles, eliminate scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, completely remove age spots and to create the effect of skin lifting.

  • Partial facial rejuvenation gives the effect, over years. The minimum can be considered as efficiency, the observed one year period. As shown in practice, the earlier a woman accesses assistance cosmetologists have, the more effective it proves to be.
  • Determine from which age should be carried out by the procedure laser face resurfacing?

The age requirements here, there are virtually no (17 years), the method is equally well can help and young girls, who dream to get rid of the scars left behind by acne and adult women who wish to no longer participate in the youth and allure.

The impact of a laser beam, stimulates the production of your collagen skin cells, very useful for all women over forty.

Rehabilitation after laser resurfacing can take from 7 to 14 days (it depends on the complexity of the corrigendum the absence of the type of laser effect).

  • Out how much it is possible to go to work?

It all depends on what kind of laser resurfacing, the area of the treated surface and the art of doctor who in one or another procedure. Depending on the selected method of laser impact and the severity of eliminate the errors the rehabilitation period can last from two days to three weeks. Some patient start working already next day after session of laser correction.