The aesthetic cosmetologist: skin rejuvenation

Structured body, hair and face – the business card of every woman. A presentable appearance is directly dependent on cosmetic procedures, which are carried out every day.

The modern rhythm of life does not always give the opportunity to allocate time to maintain the beauty and youth. Yes, and not nearly all of the home in procedure it is possible to remove wrinkles or pull näoovaali. Assistance in this difficult matter will come to beauty salons and fitness centers.

aesthetic rejuvenation

Aesthetic beautician – the area of cosmetology, the purpose of which is to maintain the youth and eliminate the signs of aging. It only contains the therapeutic treatment without surgery.

Aesthetic beautician offers a wide range of times through a special hardware using professional cosmetics.

Injectable methodology

The methodology is based on the introduction of a micro separate drugs (or cocktails of them) in the top bone layer depth of 1.5 mm to 6 mm injection is used for short and thin needle with a syringe or a special device – the dermaroller.

If medications are used, vitamins and amino acids, botox, hyaluronic acid, enzymes, organic components, kseomin. Modern technology is a good alternative to plastic surgery. The impact of the needle takes place locally on the problem areas. This allows a short time period, without any cuts does the scalpel pull näoovaali, improve skin elasticity, get rid of wrinkles.

Injection methodology is effective in rejuvenating any areas – the face, décolleté region and the neck, hands, thighs, the total figure correction. The result is noticeable after the first 1-2 times. The Standard course is 8-10.

Rejuvenating injection of a beautician include several types of procedures:


Syringe with a fine needle under the skin brought to the medicinal cocktail. Substance getting into the problem area, stimulating collagen and elastin production start to slow working metabolism, improves blood circulation.


The choice of drugs will be made for each patient individually the age-specific changes, fat deposits, which are the stretch marks and the common skin condition.

Mesotherapy fights effective hair loss, dry and dehydration the derma, swelling, cellulite, partly acne and acne, scars and stretch marks, paralysis, pigmentation.

The methodology is not old restrictions, the unpleasant sensation is minimized by the effect is maintained for a long time.

Contraindications – diseases of the blood and blood vessels, pregnancy.


The procedure is based on the introduction in the dermis of a single product – hyaluronic acid. The substance is not foreign to the body, the skin produces it itself.

With age, the number of hyaluronic acid decreases. Appear the first signs of aging – mimic wrinkles, dryness, dull complexion, reduces the tone and elasticity of the derma.

Technique biorevitalisation similar to mesotherapy: purified skin will be transferred to analgesic gel, after the beautician manufactures several injections. It is recommended to implement in all areas of the body. A positive result already visible after the first use, but within the next two weeks, the effect will be strengthened.

After the procedure of course the patient gets rid of deep wrinkles, skin firming, acquires a healthy look and natural shine. The effect lasts for 20-24 months.

Contraindications: inflammation of the zone of introduction, cancer, disease, challenges to the coagulation of the blood, pregnancy.

Wrinkles correction using Botox

One of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles on the face are active in skin, and expression of emotions.


The procedure of correction is based on blocking the nerve-muscle of momentum. The active substance in Botox – botulinum toxin with low activity. The medication is not able to completely get rid of the wrinkles, the it 6 to 8 months does not allow the muscles at the top of the person on the move.

Professional correction of wrinkles Botox allows to smooth the skin, while maintaining natural facial expressions. Dose selected individually the source of the patient data.

Technical conducting tool included fine needle place in the moving wrinkles – forehead, in fronte of the arc, in the corners of your eyes. The procedure lasts not more than 15 minutes. The first 2 weeks are not recommended to visit sauna and solarium.

Contraindications – tuberculosis, infectious diseases, pregnancy and the lactation period.

Shape correction fillers

Filler – this is a gel based on hyaluronic acid under the action, which is executed in the subcutaneous space of wrinkles. Depending on the departure status of the shape, the cosmetologist will select the view of the filler'. Miimikakortse filled light texture in the upper layers of the derma. Deep wrinkles are eliminated in the gel, which has a dense texture are the intermediate layers.

The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes outpatient. The convenience of using the application anesthesia. In the course of the ovals modeling, a specialist in fine needle introduces the gel on the spot below the fold.

Fillers does not cause allergic reactions, traces from injections are not ice. A few hours after the correction is observed a slight redness of the zone of introduction. The impact of the conduct lasts 10-12 months. The gel itself solves, does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Contraindications – infectious diseases, inflammation in the zone of introduction of the pregnancy.

Contour plastic persons

The procedure is done using fillers based on hyaluronic acid under the action. Injection methodology provides the opportunity to adapt the form of the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, delete the nasolabial folds, smooth relief and the skin to get rid of the "goose feet".

Technique of deployment, effectiveness and contraindications are the same, as and when the correction shape fillers.

lips correction

The rise and correction of the shape of the lips

The skin of the lips, as well as in other parts of the body is the property of to lose volume and elasticity. In order to restore the former form or the new simulation used a gel based on hyaluronic acid under the action. Filler creates the necessary amount, makes the contours of the expressive, attracts water molecules, hydrating the layers of the derma with the necessary moisture.

Before the procedure the beginning of the lips is transferred to the pain ointment (30 minutes). After the lips are cleaned with a cloth, and the beautician came to the introduction of the gel. The patient does not feel pain, swelling and a little redness lasting 1-2 days. The first 7-10 days is not recommended to use sauna and solarium, rub and touch the surface of the lips.

Contraindications – disease in the blood, individual intolerance, pregnancy and lactation period, drugs-anticoagulants.


The procedure takes place in 2 steps. In the first place the blood collection and clean it with a special separator-centrifuge. The apparatus divides the blood plasma and erythrocyte mass. The Plasma with the second cleaning concentrated platelet count.

In the second stage, the patient is injected into the purified plasma is problematic zones to stimulate regenerative function. The substance provokes an increased excretion of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for its youth and elasticity.

The procedure is indicated, if the hyperpigmentation, and the flabbiness, wrinkles, sim card shape, of acne. Plasmolifting is not the cause of negative consequences.

Contraindications – diabetes, verehaigus, oncology.


The procedure is based on the introduction to hyaluronic acid in the face of a certain pattern. The gel evenly and form of the carcass is made of bioni, which stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Bioreinforcement does not require a recovery period. Permanent outcome (1-1,5 years) is necessary to carry out 3 a session during the month. Duration of the procedure – 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Contraindications – verehaigus, inflammation, the face, during pregnancy and lactation period.

vector lifting

Vector lifting

The procedure is similar to the bioreinforcement. If the threads are that the substructure is used in the bio-materials are absorbed over time – polycaprolactone, masonite, sunt acid.

The medicine performs several functions:

  • Establishes a framework that gives the skin a press;
  • Triggers skin regeneration;
  • Gives kollageenikiude.

Unlike mesotherapy and biorevitalisation, vector lifting gives a positive result 3 to 4 years.

Contraindications – inflammatory processes in the zone of injection, viral diseases, tendency to form keloid scars, pregnancy and lactation.

Lift thread

The classic method of strengthening the face. Skeleton is created using golden threads (0,1 mm). Metal higher sample introduced to the dermis of the special tool. Duration of the procedure – about an hour.

The skin is after the procedure is streamlined, the acquisition of natural glow, healthy complexion and elasticity.

The direction of the material is used in the polypropylene.

The impact of the procedure long – from 5 up to 15 years.

Contraindications – excessive skin in the problem zone, infectious and oncological diseases, pregnancy and lactation.

Lift (lifting) of the person

Realistic as the lifting helps ozone. The procedure is based on the introduction of ozone under the skin. Oxygen mixture stimulates metabolic processes, the saturated layer of the derma with oxygen, improves the flow of blood.

Ozone is depicted as the age changes, the face and deep wrinkles, rosacea, acne is a disease, hyperpigmentation, and flabbiness and elasticity loss.


The session duration of 15 to 20 minutes. A positive result is needed to achieve the course 10-15 times. The effect is a short time: 2-3 months.

Contraindications – allergic substance, diabetes, menstruation, epilepsy, verehaigus.

Chemical peels

Peeling – a procedure in which the removal of the Horny layer-the dermis. Procedure using the patient gets rid of wrinkles, sags of skin pigmentation, acne blemishes after.

Toimeefekt depends on the active substance. As exfoliation cosmetology use – salicylic, almond, milk, glycolic acids.

Recovery time depends on the depth of influence: a few hours up to 1 week.

Chemical peels are recommended to make the shed as a (7-10 sessions) 1-2 times a year.

Contraindications – the inflammation and open sores on the skin, rosacea, heart disease, intolerance to the components.

Before you use any rejuvenation of the methodology is necessary to consult a beautician. In order to avoid the negative consequences of a specialist referred to a number of analyses and tests of the skin reaction.