Herbs persons: browse to, say, the application of the rules, the best recipes

Herbs — a large group of plants, the parts used raw materials together with the technical and treatment goals of medicine and kosmetoloog.. These can make a wonderful mask to the skin of a person, who is equipped to solve a variety of problems — from physical fitness to eliminate the most inflammatory pimples. Will only need to know how to correctly use herbs face and what are the specific features of each of them. It does not necessarily need to be able to correctly collect, store and dry herbs, because the pharmacies are sold already prepared for the application fees.

An overview of herbal skin

herbs for facial exfoliation

Medicinal plants face very much, and to understand them is very difficult. In order not to get lost in this diversity, enough to define, what kind of problem do you most want to get rid of. It may be acne or melasma, wrinkles or topeltlõug, skin dryness or fat content of the skin. To eliminate disturbing your live to the scourge, you need to select a already and own lawn.

  • Aloe — anti-acne and skin care products, oily skin.
  • Butterbur — control of work and the sebaceous glands.
  • Õlglill — inflammatory against the face of the different.
  • Birch — fats skin type.
  • Oak — eliminates greasy shine to the face.
  • Pune — irrigation.
  • St. john's wort — anti-inflammatory effect, is useful in acne and acne scars.
  • Marigold — priceless inflammatory processes, a rash, allergic face, soothing irritated skin, moisturizing.
  • Nettle — one of the best tools for skincare for oily skin, with cleansing properties.
  • Lavender — calming effects on irritated, tired skin.
  • Linden — vs sebaceous glands of the skin.
  • Burdock (root) — this is useful if oily skin.
  • Mother and stepmother — the skin becomes smooth and silky, eliminates the rash.
  • Mint — is used against the fat and the abundance of fatty exudation.
  • Parsley — has whitening effect.
  • Tea leaf — treats oily skin and acne.
  • Dandelion — against age spots.
  • Rosemary — smoothing the wrinkles of us, has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Chamomile — the best anti-inflammatory and balancing function stops the aging process, warns the early appearance of wrinkles, heals all the acne and pimples.
  • Mountain ash — is a very effective toidurasvadele has a cleansing effect: removes black spots.
  • Thyme — it is necessary to moisturize dry skin.
  • Line — used for allergy treatment, and various rashes for the face.
  • Sage — has lifting-effect, which makes the skin glowing and young.
  • Horsetail — recommended to take care of oily skin.

All of these useful herbs for facial skin — but the peak of the great sea. In fact, there are many more (in medicine there are more than 2 000 products herbs), but the home of cosmetics is enough and they are 20.

If they proliferate gone so that the already mixed to live, pick them up under the specific herbal remedies: there are specific indications.

Indications for the application of medicinal plants

Very often the question arises, what kind of herbs for facial use, if it's one or the other issue. In order to simplify your search for the right raw material is a herbal medicine for special indications home treatment skin herbs. Use them, that already consciously, not accidentally store the desired grass.

  1. Lawn for acne: aloe, õlglill, st. john's wort, marigold, lavender, coltsfoot, plantain, chamomile, series.
  2. Herbs oily skin: aloe, Butterbur, birch, oak, nettle, linden, root, burdock, peppermint, plantain, horsetail.
  3. Grass for dry skin: marjoram, marigold, thyme.
  4. Lawn wrinkles: mother and stepmother, rosemary, chamomile, sage.
  5. Grass effects of cleaning: in mountain ash, nettle.
  6. Herbs against melasma of: dandelion, parsley.
facial rejuvenation

As is apparent from the given list of say, herbs for acne on the face — one of the most numerous groups, and this is not something strange. Is of medicinal plants contains a sufficient number of organic acids, volatile and tannins, which have anti-inflammatory properties. They are disinfected, soiled skin, soothing irritation and localised, it eliminates the inflammation foci. So the owners of problematic skin, grass recommended to the mandatory application of the. Adolescence in the absence of allergy to medicinal products, fees can also be used to treat young people blackheads. The maximum benefits of the herbs it is possible to achieve, if everything is done correctly.

Rules for the use of herbs

To cure skin fulfilled assigned them the task, you need to be able to correctly prepare them officinalis broth (infusion) and expertly she applied to the home. No need to think that herbs are completely safe and cannot cause harm. Those who are familiar with the basics of herbal medicine, know that they are, at times, cause the most horrible allergic reactions, even if the outer application. So, first of all is necessary to get acquainted with the basics of home cosmetics herbs, and then already earnestly all this thing in practice.

  1. The most simple solution to any skin problem — buy the corresponding testimony of the lawn (in the form of a dry collection) the nearest pharmacy to explore the user guide, the boil and can the broth to use for the intended purpose. Treatment in herbal infusions and decoctions for the skin, you can add any of the face mask.
  2. The most effective solution — collect the saponin itself in the woods, out of the summer house — any place that is far enough away from cities, factories and factories, industrial sites, major highways.
  3. Check grass availability and in allergens to the skin.
  4. When to gather herbs was independent, they can be used immediately, fresh: so is even more useful, because they still are filled with different substances. You can stock them in store, to enjoy their cosmetic effects by " general arithmetic. Dry the collected herbs have need aerated, dry room, which does not interfere with direct rays of the sun. In this case, it is necessary constantly to wake them up, that they are outdated and do not mold the cells. It takes two weeks — no less.
  5. There is one rule, the use of herbs for use in cosmetics must be observed strictly. Fresh raw material should be used immediately within 1-2 days. Shelf life of dried herbs (if you keep them in boxes or paper plus) — not more than 2 years.
  6. A very important thing is how to correctly prepare the cooking herbs person (or infusion). To start the plant should grind: fresh grass chop with a knife and dry enough to grind in your hand. Then the obtained powder (1-2 tablespoons), pour boiling, only that made from the heat with water (glass). All this is best done in a glass or ceramic pot. If, after this addiction close the lid and leave for half an hour, the output turn out to be a pleasant and very useful for the skin infusion of herbs. If, however, put him yearn for water bath for 20-30 minutes, finally we get at least a healthy broth. It remains only to drain both the resources and add cosmetic homemade mask.
  7. However, the majority of tools a person uses is still chopped leaves or blossoms of plants.
  8. At all any kind of face mask is made from natural products that you are accustomed to at home, you can make herbs. To this end, sufficient fluid in their composition (water, juice, milk) to replace the well-affected is also warm and tincture made of herbs in the same quantities, which are indicated in the recipes.
  9. Herbal face masks are recommended for oily skin — day, oily — twice a week, dry — 1 time for 7 days. When cooking with herbs skin the use of conventional preventive tools (premature formation of wrinkles, in order to avoid the formation of acne, etc.), then such a mask is enough to make 1 once every 10 days, as they are very powerful and effective is their influence epidermist.
  10. The skin can be treated not only for using herbal masks. There is another way to use plants and herbs to do this is the every day washing. The same boiled infusion or broth poured into a bowl of filtered warm water (1 cup of raw materials 500 ml of water) in the face is enough to wash out the solution obtained two times a day.
  11. If the time to make such arrangements, then it can be several times a day to clean the face of the clothing of the hard disk, immersed in which is made of vegetable broth.

The possibility of the use of herbs that are useful to the skin, — a large number of. The main thing — to be able to choose to solve their problems on the right herbal remedies and use it properly. In folk medicine and home cosmetology can find a lot of recipes there are all kinds of masks and tonics based on herbs. The goal of each — to extend the youth and beauty of facial skin.

Recipes masks made of herbal face

Despite the diversity and abundance of different recipes, not through the herbs too. Can start treatment masks, then the change in the plant and to make wiping cubes of ice, after this daily use tonic, but already in the again is one other grass. Everything must be in moderation.

  • Dandelion against age spots

Chop the leaves of dandelion (3 on the table. tablespoons), add the cold filtered (or boiled, or mineral) water (2 tsp l.), fused to a liquid state of honey (2 tbsp.

  • Wormwood against rash

Prepare the broth wormwood, diluted with them (the 2 tables. spoons) has not yet cooled, the thick porridge, cooked fresh, fat of milk (take the same lot, such as cooking, wormwood), add grated lemon zest (2 tsp.).

  • Aloe acne

To withstand the leaves of aloe in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, squeeze them in the juice (table. complaint.), a mixture of chopped flour wild oats parmesan (2 tbsp. spoons).

  • Chamomile for dry skin

The flowers of chamomile (2 tables. complaint.) chop and mix fresh, natural, preferably fat yogurt (same amount), add a raw egg.

  • Raudrohi, in order to improve the face colors

Fresh yarrow flowers and leaves chopped hapuoblikas (1 tbsp) and add them chopped flour flakes (1 tablespoon l.), raw egg yolk (a whole egg).

  • St. john's wort against acne

Fresh leaves of young nettle and flowers of hypericum perforatum (1 tbsp. spoon), chop, add fresh, low-fat sour cream (2 diners (l), concentrated lemon juice (not more than 1 teaspoon).

  • Mint tired skin

Fresh leaves of dandelion and peppermint in equal quantities (more than 1 in the dining room complained.) chop, mix in the raw egg, add the melted in a water bath of honey (1 tsp spoon).

  • Tea leaf for oily skin

Fresh leaves of the ordinary plantain wash, chop, mix flour with oats in equal quantities (more than 1 in the dining room complained.).

facial masks

Need to know what are the useful herb for facial use, that the personal beautician is not been malicious in chemistry from some of the shop to the tube, and mother nature. This is a quick affects the skin condition: it becomes smoother, clean, smooth and supple. Aging processes are slow, and do not have to fear that the appearance of premature wrinkles and folds of which sagged. To this end, that all this became a reality, and medicinal herbs for use in cosmetics need to use regularly and properly. Here are then the results do not have to wait long.