Lasernoorendus and skin: a partial rejuvenation

Fortunately, there are for every girl who wants to improve their appearance, the industry in the field of cosmetics is constantly evolving, inventing new ways to restore the beauty. Now ladies, who want to lose signs of decay and strengthen the näoovaali, does not necessarily have to go to a knife under the plastic surgeon. You can make a one time non-surgical rejuvenation. They are many: mesotherapy and other treatments, botox injections and thermage... Today, we will discuss the actual popular of these methods: o laser facial rejuvenation. Namely, how it happens, how it goes, to whom it is shown and to whom it is prohibited, as well as other important nuances.

partial rejuvenation

Partial rejuvenation laser

Partial lasernoorendus – one of the latest developments in hardware cosmetology. It is built in such a way that over time the cells begin to work the weaker, you will not die. As is known, this leads to the completion of the produce of collagen and elastin in the right quantities, and consequently, dryness and flabbiness and skin ageing of the face.

The Laser allows you to specify a thing: its effect on fabric in a can thermal shock, with non-commercial cells lead to the ultimate death and healthy makes difficult to share, filling the damage. The cells of such as would awake, and the synthesis of collagen and elastin goes significantly faster.

The procedure to take place with minimal harm to the person, the laser beam is divided into several very thin rays, which form a sort of eye, then there is a group – hence the name. Depending on the desired effect, the age and health of the skin of the patient, the wizard can adjust the penetration depth of the laser and its temperature.

Ablative laser skin rejuvenation is done with a special laser, which affects not only depth, but superficial layers. That partial intervention using the erbium laser, which works only with the depth of the cost of the layers of the skin, without undermining its external plots.

Which option is the best to choose considering the individual approach, recommends that the beautician.

In general, a partial rejuvenation is able to:

  • to hide the traces of acne, scars and veins;
  • to reduce the pores and lighten melasma;
  • makes skin supple and strong;
  • pull näoovaali and smooth out wrinkles;
  • improve skin color.

Of course there are also contraindications to perform this procedure. Among all inflammatory processes of the face, infectious diseases, epilepsy, psoriasis, malignant tumors, pregnancy.

The session lasts about an hour. Before the intervention takes place the skin cleaning the dust and cosmetics and transferred onto a gel-touch, since the procedure is painful. When you're finished the person is treated with soothing cream. The rehabilitation lasts up to two weeks. To complete the exchange in one to three visits.

Laser biorevitalization

This is another fairly new and very popular type of laser facial rejuvenation. Such biorevitalization without injections, is developed and first tested in Germany. Used his for a special laser is not intense infrared, it also referred to the cold.

Before the laser impact on the desired spots on the skin will be transferred to a special acid, and after that, when the laser opens the transport channels, he gets into the deep layers of the tissues and evenly distributed there distributed.

rejuvenation laser

If the person it is warm, the pain sensation is not, and after the procedure the skin does not peel off and is not afraid to uv rays, thanks to which the laser biorevitalization can be performed at any time of the year. In addition, it is allowed to impact on even the delicate skin around your eyes..

Mainly because of this kind of method of non-surgical rejuvenation can be a lot of positive reviews.

Listed contraindications for conducting of the procedure of pregnancy, lactation, having a malignant or benign tumor, allergic to hyaluronic acid acid, severe hypertension and problems of the cardiovascular system diseases of the blood, tuberculosis, epilepsy, infectious disease and skin diseases relapse stage.

The impact of laser biorevitalisation is this:

  • cells saturated with moisture;
  • to smooth the relief and the complexion;
  • the skin becomes elastic and strong;
  • activated metabolic processes in tissues;
  • sileneb of small wrinkles.

The procedure is as follows: first of all, the beautician cleans the face and makes it a blend of hyaluronic acid together.. On the beginning itself, the effects of the laser, and then made a mask, strengthening the impact of special gel.

As such, the rehab period is not necessary. After biorevitalisation only need to drink more clean water, and not to forget, that the skin moisten.

The entire course is 7 to 10 times.

Laser grinding

It is also called as laser peeling or laser grinding.

This is quite a serious procedure, preparations where better to start earlier. About a month before it is not recommended to drink contraception because they inhibit in the body of water and can cause pigmented.

Also should be used glycolic whether a special cream to rid the skin of dead cells and easily penetration of the laser to the fabric. Other on the nuances, depends on the individual peculiarities of the skin, the consultancy said the beautician.

Laser grinding allows you to:

  • to get rid of scars, vascular asterisks acne;
  • to remove freckles and age spots, burns;
  • the normalization of fat content of the skin and narrow pores;
  • to smooth out the wrinkles and strengthen the skin;
  • hide dark circles under the eyes.

Nearby points of interest also contraindications him – poor blood clotting, diabetes, festering and inflammatory skin, heart problems, and the kidneys, tuberculosis, epilepsy, predisposition to education of keloid scars, pregnancy and lactation.

beautiful skin

It is an aggressive procedure that requires pain. Within two weeks after the intervention the person out of the red, inflamed and may get sick. Then it is covered with a thick crust, which is gradually away, renewing the skin. At this time, do not use exfoliation and scrubs, to visit solarium, sauna and the sauna, on the beach. It is also very important to protect the face of the sun and in a timely manner for it to moisten.

But the effects of laser resurfacing lasts about five years.