Folk and methods for skin rejuvenation

There are different methods of skin rejuvenation, which require a variety of chemical components. But you can use and more secure means. On this page are offered to folk skin rejuvenation.

skin rejuvenation

The skin is not just a protective cover for the human body, but a peculiar "display", which appears throughout the body of the condition. Thus, the skin not only shows that it is healthy or not that person, but shows her age is not in the passport and the scope of the "deterioration" of the organism.

Age-related changes in the skin on the face and neck, if the correct maintenance take place more slowly and less visible

However, it does not say that the reflection is only in this direction. The skin, in addition to comply with the above mentioned features, contains a myriad of receptors, whose stimulation affects the internal organs of the work. Means, acting on the skin and taking care of his person may help your whole body be more young and healthy. So healthy and skin rejuvenation — this is not only a question of aesthetics, it is an important task for those who want to maintain the highest possible level in their quality of life.

One of the most influential folk skin rejuvenation is his rubbing. To do this, you must first lubricate the skin with olive oil, rinse with the diluted lemon juice, then transfer on the skin cream or milk, then pour into the bowl of 150-200 g of common salt and a little damp this, rub the salt body. Finally, once in the bath.

Rejuvenation — the lost reason of age or illness the body functions and adjust the old changes in the skin and body.

Rejuvenation is used in a number of different methodologies, which can be generally divided into three broad categories.

Technology rejuvenation may be the treatment of and surgical. The third group, which includes homemade methods and techniques of traditional medicine, you might consider a special methodology of rejuvenation, most of the reference, which is available in almost all.

mesotherapy rejuvenation

How to rejuvenate the skin of the body?

There are several ways to rejuvenate the skin of the body. The most frequent skin rejuvenation of the body is achieved by using a variety of facelift procedures. On is represented by basic information on how to rejuvenate the skin by simple means.

Treatment technology

Treatment technology rejuvenation (mesotherapy) applied to doctors dermatovenereologists cosmetologists, surgical techniques used by plastic surgeons.


Mesotherapy treatment is targeted to inhibit the aging process, which is produced by introducing the skin microinjection in the bioactive drugs or fibroblasts, the cell unit of the skin and so on

Rejuvenation through surgery

In addition, the surgical technology rejuvenation include dermabrasion, various injectable methods (botox injections and gel implants), young people up through the golden threads, and plastic surgery.

The old changes in the skin start thinning narrowing and weakening of the lipid film, which slows down microbes, particles, dust and other dirt. Lipids are sensitive to before ultraviolet: the sun is what is the most important reason why ageing of the skin.

Recipes for facial rejuvenation

There are many homemade methods and means of skin exfoliation, face and bodypainting. Recipes for facial skin in folk medicine good is not only their availability, as well as the quite high efficiency, is not inferior to many finished cosmetic products, but also ecological purity. Below are offered a few recipes of facial rejuvenation for home applications.

Fish oil. The ageing of the skin female loses its elasticity and becomes dry. Does not prevent the advantage of the effective "softener" of the skin, how is fish oil, which is active in the rejuvenation of skin cells.


Tea from the leaves of strawberries, raspberries and hips. Extremely useful features is the way the leaves of strawberries, raspberries and hips. These plants increase the synthesis of estrogen, which promotes the normal moisture of the skin blood circulation and collagen production.

Seaweed. Seaweed well for purifying the skin and enrich it with ions of the sea water, which will give a permanent rejuvenating effect.