Rejuvenation of the neck and decollete: methods

Skin care – the top priority for all who care about the failing of the body. Usually women pay attention to the face and hands, the neck and the neck is in the penultimate place. But it is precisely these areas require special attention, how to rejuvenate your skin, neck and decollete zone? There is noted lack of sebaceous glands and subcutaneous fat, which contributes to increased dryness and rapid aging. In such a case is even the most expensive cream will not operate always in full. Guaranteed to achieve the result is necessary to carry out a complex of specific procedures.

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Cold water after waking up – what you need healthy skin area of the breast and neck. It should also be processed in these places plants extracts, natural cream or cosmetic milk. Emulsion that does not contain alcohol, provides additional tone, cleanliness and hours to upgrade the rest of your days.

Evening procedures

Cleaning before bedtime is very important – it allows you to quickly and is guaranteed to get rid of accumulated dirt. So it should be at least a couple of minutes. This requires high-quality special gels, desserts and milk.


Two-three times a week, be sure to do this procedure. This is in line with a scrub at the time of adoption is the soul. Excellent opportunity – cosmetics, which is puuviljahapped whether cream-in scrub. These tools are carefully more dead cells and deeply moisturizing the cloth due to the improved circulation.



Days in the first half of very important to use cream with uv filters, which have increased the index SPF (30 unit). Apply to damp skin, decollete and neck after cleansing. The fact of the matter is that the harmful effects ray helps to early aging, because the new cells no longer actively be synthesized. To best protect the resources of natural oils, retinol, vitamins E and A.

In the evening

Maximum right treatment are well suited for moisturizing gel-cream, or liquid emulsion. These should be rubbed under the skin of the collarbone to the chin a gentle circular motion. It is strongly rescued by the skin of dryness and flaking.


Today's liquids and aerosols – the perfect solution for hot summer pores. They can be used already for the whole day, not afraid of accidentally hurt the sites of cleavage and the neck.



Anti-aging, pull-up, vitamins and nutrients of mask is recommended to use at least once every 7 days. Well help the composition, which is intended to face. But in today's development creams breast and neck allows you to easily find an effective tool for personal from innumerable many specialized options.


A very effective procedure that has long been proven in the field of cosmetic care. Held as a salon conditions, and in the home. Most importantly – have special oils. Them a small share of the skin and gently rub in the direction of the center of the breast at the shoulders, and then – in the neck of the lower jaw at the chin. The only bad thing about the contraindications in case of diseases of the skin or allergic reactions.

Ladies 30

rejuvenate methods

Young tissues are able to restore itself – it is inherent in nature. The more in the body of the girls up to more-or-less stable hormonal background. And here are women in the age after 30 is necessary for the proper and correct maintenance of the neck and décolletage zone, because the natural processes of regeneration over time disappear. In this case, it is necessary to:

  1. tools, which are active ingredients – natural herbal flavonoids;
  2. cosmetics hormones, which allow the elasticity;
  3. hyaluronic acid – the source of beauty and youth;
  4. cream having algae and collagen, which create kollageenikiude;
  5. geranium, crimson, and pink oil, make skin more elastic.

Wrinkles – such an insidious thing, what is easier to prevent than get rid of it. The ideal means of prevention – contrasting compresses. They should be used only once within 7 days, in order to optimize the skin tone of the chest, ensuring her softness and elasticity.

The procedure will require two cups: warm water and cold. The second should be put on ice to maintain an acceptable temperature. A small soft towel first to soak in cold water and put the the zone of cleavage seconds 30. Then all the same way to repeat the warm water. And so 10 times.

Medical sessions

When was the remaining time and the wrinkles of time appear, must contact the professionals. In this case, may save doctors-dermatologists, who know things about skin rejuvenation the neck and chest. Women offer to spend cryotherapy, lasernoorendus, biorevitalization, mesoteraapiat, chemical peeling. Each procedure is designed for certain cases and will be selected according to personal characteristics.

Mesotherapy – radical method, which gives a one hundred percent performance. Injections help in dry. Their composition – anti-aging-and-vitamin substance, which positively affects the state of the retina, enhance the high quality and smooth out the skin. By the way, there is mesotherapy, is assuming that the injection – in this case, the substances get into the tissues under the strong pressure of the air.


The circular wrinkles around the neck, the so-called "ring of Venus", – a sign of early muscle or natural-natural aging. In addition, it may be the result of a lack of physical activity in the region.

So girls who have similar problems, be on time to perform several exercises:

  1. a bit of a lowered head and then calmly flipped it right-to the left (10 times);
  2. submit the chin forward and keep so for 10 seconds, then return to the original position (20 times);
  3. horizontally placed in the mouth of the pen and imagine them in the air the numbers 0 to 30 (can also connect to the fantasy and try something "to write").

Cosmetics every day

rejuvenation of the neck


During showers the procedure, it is recommended to use a soft exfoliating cleaning cleavage and neck. It should definitely contain silicone particles – they are excellent in the peeling old cells, thanks to which the tissue is nice to receive irrigation medications.

The only thing – do not pay to choose the tools wild. For example, factions of the apricot kernel. In addition, do not use a loofah, because it is irritating the delicate skin of the breasts.


Pay will be wisely to approach the problem to find the optimal tool chest. There are a huge number of special creams – such as cheap little-known producers and of expensive branded. Choose should be not only the brand, but the active ingredients. The composition should definitely be present:

  • natural extracts of aloe vera, ginseng, hops, st. john's wort, horsetail;
  • curtains of sea vegetation (this is the main source of minerals and iodine);
  • E and A (antioxidants-vitamins protect the tissues of the dangerous effects on the environment);
  • elastin and collagen (long keep the skin elastic and young).