Essential oils are meant for facial rejuvenation - the 6 best oils

In recent years, a large popularity is acquired natural cosmetics. But even those manufacturers who have been able to get the favorites of many women, still have been guilty of, on the sly adding your products preservatives and refined products.

Today supermarket shelves are able to find all the necessary ingredients to prepare cosmetics at home. Mainly active substances with organic creams have essential oils and herbal extracts. This article introduces the most popular and effective essential oils for facial rejuvenation.

oil rejuvenation

Prevention and control wrinkles, irregularities of the skin, improve elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the person, shall apply the following essential oils:

  • roses;
  • seed oil carrots;
  • the oil on the hips;
  • neroli oil;
  • sandalwood;
  • Jasmine.

Oil of roses face

Oil of roses is the most expensive to produce. In order to get a total of 1 ml of essential oil need to rework the 5 pounds of the petals. This oil is active regeneration at the cellular level, has a whitening effect, thanks to which a great fight against pigment spots, of nuclear material in solar months, but also the age of hyperpigmentation.

Oil of roses moisturizes intensely dry and even rough skin gives it a healthy blush, makes it firmer and more elastic. Irrigated and the fat the skin looks younger and fresher. Besides this, it optimizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, changing the course of the application ready at the fat skin normal, losing also inflammation.

If you use pink oil to take care of the area around the eyes is removed by swelling under eyes dark circles will become less visible.

Mask face peeling with essential oil of roses

Rose oil, that facial rejuvenation at home, be sure to connect the underlying oil, such as olive, coconut, castor and so on

Mix 2 drops of pink oil in 4 ml of oil of olive oil and clean and steaming party wear light hammered movements. Let the mask affect 10-15 minutes, then wash with your normal crema, that washing your face.

All of the oils for face exfoliation is the best heel on the skin before going to sleep that night, so as not to cause cleaned and skin moist cosmetics.

Nourishes the skin around the eyes

Add the cream to the daily care of the area around the eye 1 drop of oil of roses and wear a Pat motion from bottom temples nose and nose on the top of the from their temples.

Such treatment is not practicable to make constant: alternate 2 weeks add the oil 2 weeks vacation.

Seed oil carrots facial exfoliating

oil of roses

Seed oil the carrot is a potent vasodilator. Thanks to the active expansion of the blood vessels the application of the oil will be relaxing and smoothing the skin.

Carrot is a model of the plant the content itself is vitamin A (retinol). This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, slow the aging process and the degradation of the skin, narrows pores, normalizes water and fat balance, increases its resilience to exposure to various factors in the external environment – cold, wind, sun.

Seed oil can actively incorporate a variety of tools for skin care – creams, masks, tonics, serum, as well as to prepare a combined oil for the face rejuvenation for yourself.

Rejuvenating serum for the face with oil from carrot seeds

Mix 2 tablespoons oil with carrot seed, and apricot kernel oil, add to the mixture of 7 drops of oil of roses. Place the glass containers and used as a primary maintenance in the morning and in the evening.

The shelf life of the mixture is approximately 1-1,5 months.

Oil hips

The oil, created from rosehip berries, known to have a large concentration of vitamin C. in Addition, it contains vitamins A and E, unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. On the basis of the previous two sentences, then you can decide on, that oil is rose-hips, that facial rejuvenation is one of the best options.

It is active stimulates skin cell regeneration of skin cell and tissue level, it gives the opportunity to use it with the aim of restoring the normal structure of the skin during rehab after burns, wounds and many of the deep rashes. It recovers and strengthens capillary walls, reduces age-related manifestations parees blood vessels, enriches their active oxygen, improving color and elasticity of the skin.

Oil of rose-hips is a great tool for home face exfoliation and prevent premature aging.

Rejuvenating massages with oil from the hips

The mixture of oil on the hips and walnut oil in the ratio 1:3. Through the massage of the day, the night, removing the excess oil on a paper cloth.

Appliqués, in order to reduce the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth

Carefully mix 3 drops of essential oil on the hips and 1 ml of your regular serum to the eye contour area, carry equal parts of 2 cotton drive. Put the disks cleaned the skin around the eyes or in the mouth, slightly flatten and leave for 10 minutes, then remove the surplus paper from the cloth.

Neroli oil for face


Neroli oil is obtained from the flowers of the bitter orange or orange. This is one of the most expensive oils for facial rejuvenation. In order to get 1 ml of oil is required for 1 kg of flowers of orange.

Neroli oil helps to slow down the emotional and physical aging of the body. It contains powerful antioxidants. Oil from the flowers of bitter orange intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin, through the active recovery of water-lipid balance of the skin complexion. Already after the first applications the skin becomes firmer and more elastic. Furthermore, it exerts a special effect, accelerating regenerative processes thicker than the grass.

Neroli oil is one of the most effective oils in the fight against rosacea – vascular "asterisks" on the face.

Moisturizing oil for face rejuvenation home

Half a teaspoon of argan you can add 2 drops of oil of neroli. Transfer to a clean face morning and evening, not forgetting the eye surroundings, the children absorbed about 10 minutes, then remove the surplus cotton of the hard drive, soaked in the tonic make-up removers.

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is obtained by refining only those trees, who more than 30 years. Unfortunately, it is a valuable tree on the verge of extinction, so the price was very high.

90% of sandalwood oil consists of alcohol – a powerful substance that has antiseptic properties. Apart from that, alcohol is a strong toning and moisturizing effect on the skin. Sandalwood oil actively fights into small mimic wrinkles, as well as the age pigment spots.

A blend of essential oils for facial rejuvenation

A mixture of 15 ml of jojoba, 4 drops frankincense and 3 drops of oil to taste. Wear a clean face for 10-12 minutes, then wash with crema, that washing your face.

This mixture can be stored in a dark place klaasnõus not more than 1 month.

Health face mask

Dilute 5 grams of white clay, until the consistency of sour cream and add to it 1 ml of jojoba oil, 1 drop of oil to taste and 3 drops of geranium oil. Do this mask daily for at least 20 minutes.

He is actively fighting flabbiness of the skin and inflammation, improves the color and gives the skin a healthy appearance.

Oil of jasmine

Produce own high quality and valuable oil of jasmine used by flowers of egyptian jasmine, who are exposed to the steam distillation of olive oil.

The oil of jasmine used by the leading part to create a makeup that skin whitening. Jasmine gives mature skin a youthful blush, toning and firming the skin, narrows pores, and at the expense of the irrigation and increase the turgor of the skin, reduces the visually small wrinkles facial.

Night mask for mature skin on the face and neck

night mask

Mix 5 drops of oil heliotroop, jasmine and oil, grape seed oil, add 3 drops of wheat germ oil. Wear a cleaned and steamed the skin of the décolleté, face and neck throughout the night.

Light refreshing cream facial homemade

To buy any of the natural facial cream as simple as possible the composition of the (desirable, that he had beaten a satisfactory oil, a few extracts and organic preservatives). Before each application of cream add 1 drop of oil of jasmine and orange oil.