Most of the most effective ways of a face rejuvenation

How to rejuvenate skin, how to restore to its former beauty, the strength, the blush, the end get rid of eye wrinkles — such matters are assigned to each wife, which barely passed 30. And if 30-35 in some cases well enough to sleep or to make a rejuvenating mask, then 40-45 the need for more effective methods, and one of the masks is insufficient (these are recommended rather a tool, not the main).

So today we look at the most popular and effective ways of facial rejuvenation, depending on the individual peculiarities of the skin type, age, problems to be solved and other aspects.

Tentatively can be divided into opportunities for rejuvenation homemade methodology and salon procedures, which are made for professional cosmetologists.

procedures of facial rejuvenation

Cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation

As for the salon procedures for skin rejuvenation, then this is the different nature of the impact and results of the technique, which has brought significantly improve the skin condition. They may be based on the following methods:

  • Laser, thermal or of or e.l.o.s effect on the skin. It is a rf-slip (radio frequency), photorejuvenation, e.l.o.s-rejuvenation or laser effect on the skin. In all these cases, the ray effect on the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers of the derma. Under the influence or other means for stimulating the collagen production and elastin, your complexion will improve, elimination of fine wrinkles. The advantages of these methods of rejuvenation — the relative valutus and excellent results to the skin. After the treatment the skin is created by the peculiar collagen frame, that the device is straightened to the skin and does not allow re-emergence in addition to the (efficiency of these methods is stored from a year to two, after which they can be repeated).
  • Chemical peeling is a skin complexion. This is a top, average and types of deep chemical peel. Individual types of exfoliation can be done at home (possible,but not recommended, yes, and the average peeling. They are relatively expensive). The essence of the peeling comes down fully to clean the top (sarvkihi of the skin), which in turn is the same intensificare active collagen and elastin production, as well as the diaphragm to exchange cells. In order to achieve a certain effect of rejuvenation is needed in several procedures of surface peeling (filled once every 2-4 weeks), is one of the average peeling (once a semester) or comprehensive (once a year and more). And if a superficial or medium peeling — generally-it is relatively safe, then deep through outpatient and can lead to several undesirable consequences. So beauticians often offer other less traumatic rejuvenating procedure.
  • Partial or nonperforated with lasers. It is in the head exposure of the skin through a partial deletion of the top sarvkihi. Partial rejuvenation takes place using a laser, with the session join to remove the upper skin particles, resulting in a smooth, complemented by a significantly smaller amount of addition. Laser nonperforated through the similar principle, the true, in this case the skin damage is minimal.
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid. It comes to mesotherapy and biorevitalisation — these procedures take place medicines that contain hyaluronic acid acid in any concentration. Cocktails are mesotherapy preferably the patients, since 30 years, and apart from the hyaluronic acid containing vitamins, macro - and micro elements, which are necessary for the skin (mesotherapy takes place papulnym method or non-iniectio way, so calling atsetüleen mesotherapy). Biorevitalization (sometimes its the same call renovamen, which takes place in stem cells has a number of contraindications and effects). Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid is recommended for patients from 45 years and contains concentrated hyaluronic acid acid, which also introduced papulnaya or using a laser.
  • procedures of facial rejuvenation name
  • The fibrous filling. As for the use of filling — it is a gel, excellent density and coverage, the sucking. The most popular are fillers based on hyaluronic acid under the action. The density of the gels and the concentration of hyaluronic acid, which allows you to solve this or another problem (from the correction of small in addition, ending the formation of the shape, the cheekbones, the correction of the nasolabial clutches, etc.). Furthermore, the filling may serve as a basis for your own fat (lipofilling). In this case, you must fill in wrinkles used fat taken from the patient (such a methodology is very effective and almost contraindications do not). Much less frequently used are absorbed by the filling — they can migrate from one part to another person, and their removal is possible only surgically way.
  • Botox or dysport. Shots — quite a popular procedure, which is intended for introduction under the skin of the poison botulinum toxin. Poison immobilize in the muscles and thereby smooths out wrinkles (note that botulinum quite quickly there will be dependence), it is true, and effect effect.
  • Plasmolifting, ozone. These and other methods — just to inject. Ozone means the introduction under the skin of oxygen-ozone mixture, which will restore the intercellular metabolism, stimulates lymphatic drainage, enriches the tissues with oxygen, stimulates collagen and elastin production. As for the plazmolifting, then under the code you enter your own purified and enriched plasma, which is injected under the skin. Plasma also stimulates intercellular processes, enriches the tissues with vitamins and nutrients. The qualitative advantage of the plazmolifting is that the procedure is used for third-party components and its.
  • The strengthening of the thread and filum elevati. Rejuvenation takes place not absorba it or absorba it in another desirable t. to reduce the unintended consequences and risks. The most popular thread that a facelift — Aptos, a great degree of sucking (this can also be not absorba it or fully biodegradable), form a groove on top (such as a sharp groove on top, cones or spirals) and other indicators. Absorption are created based on lactic acid, which is very close to the composition of the skin tissues. Regarding the masonite, then this invention is to Korean researchers. They are ultra-thin, based on all of the same hyaluronic acid and milk acid — is injected under the skin, tightened to form a reliable collagen frame. The effect of the normal reinforcement will be maintained until 5 years, masonite — about two. Thread skin tightening is recommended for women over 40, relatively well-groomed skin (threads will not rejuvenate and tighten skin).
  • "Pills to young people." It is a rejuvenating specimens, which inwards, for example, vitamin complexes or hyaluronic acid tablets. They improve the body's general condition, the activation of the intercellular processes, which help the whole body rejuvenation, including skin and. Especially popular hyaluronic acid — this is the beneficial effect on the joints and restores the natural skin beauty (results are noticeable only in the second-third month of the application).
procedures of facial rejuvenation the house

Homemade methods of rejuvenation

Home routines is a good prevention of the first addition or tool at the salon of youth-building methods. So, it is:

  • The Mask is made of natural components or their combinations: protein, egg yolk, honey, yeast, oat flakes, low-fat cottage cheese, gelatin, from the raw grated potatoes in total, depending on whether the functions they can provide a pullup, moisturizing or nourishing effect.
  • Mask of cosmetics, which are sold in a pharmacy or specialized stores. This case is made of cosmetic clay (black, white, red, yellow, green), paraffin (can be done with a normal bee or cosmetics), alginate — mask based on seaweed, which is a great constricting and rejuvenating effect.
  • Special tools, which are used as beauty salons, and home. This applies in particular to the surface of the shells. The mixture conducted to the surface chemical peeling are sold in cosmetic shops, and provided that he meets all the necessary steps (training, skin exfoliation, to neutralize the acid) — can progress to applied at home. In this case, it is a salicylic, glycol, retinoic and some other types of peeling through the same name acids.

These optimally to practice already after 25 years, if the renewal process and skin regeneration — slows down. After 30-35 years means they are all necessary, but at a later age they can practice how to tools, but not the only ways of skin rejuvenation.

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