All is the most popular and effective procedure for face peeling

Every woman understands that her youth is not eternal. In order to maintain the skin's normal condition, you must regularly go to the beautician. Only a professional facial treatment will help to reduce the negative impact of a wrong lifestyle, environment, stress, condition the skin cover. Only thanks to the facelift procedure, the skin manages to effectively stop the aging process and the degradation of the skin cover.


Modern cosmetologists will offer women a large selection of a variety of procedures for rejuvenation. Only a qualified specialist will certainly that suit you best. To this end, she assesses age, skin type and condition cover. Correct maintenance will help avoid meetings, does the scalpel of the plastic surgeon. Choose only proven beauty salons, so that you will manage to avoid negative consequences.


Mesotherapy is a procedure, which the specialist introduces under the skin, where the aid of a small needle injection, or vitamin complexes. Such medications are selected individually for each patient. The beautician is easy to determine that you have a problem, after that choose one or the other of the medicinal product. Mesotherapy helps to effectively rejuvenate the skin vegetation, get rid of inflammations and acne.

Nearby points of interest also said the conduct of the procedure emit:

  • Wrinkles emerge;
  • Fading and loose skin;
  • Porous, dry or oily skin;
  • Scars, pigmentation, acne;
  • Vascular stars, rosacea, topeltlõug;
  • Face discoloration due to smoking;
  • Bags and circles under the eyes.

Before the machine mesotherapy you have to visit the advice of the beautician. This specialist will identify the problems, extent of damage, as well as select the most optimal way to resolve them. Also it is necessary to accurately understand that you don't have any contraindications that through such manipulation. You inform the doctor of all your chronic diseases, have taken medication, allergic reactions.

Yourself mesotherapy held long enough. After that, if the functioning of the analgesic cream, which took place in an antiseptic skin treatment. After this specialist in thin needles precisely introduces a small amount of medication under the skin. Take into account that the process itself is quite painful, if you have a low threshold of pain, is the best out of this procedure. On average introduction the injection takes 1-1.5 hours.


We start from the beginning well-known, expensive and itself a dangerous method of facial resurfacing - botox. Yes, the botox one of the most effective methods to get rid of wrinkles. In addition to this, that it is not the cheapest procedure, one does not speak of the side effects of activities, which sooner or later will appear in all. Here are just a few of them:

  • diseases of the eye;
  • difficulty breathing, in violation of the voice features;
  • abundant rash on the skin;
  • itching the application of botox;
  • fast heart rate;
  • the feeling of general weakness and fatigue.;

Next we look at the support resources available to rejuvenation.

Clever marketers, all, that, as far as possible to advertise one or the other cream, their mission is to sell, not to help people.

We want to warn you, dear tool against wrinkles, makers with guaranteed result - it is a normal cheap moisturizers.

Does not pay to fight their tricks, even if the packaging of one or the other, the steps of the "wise" words: "written in, how and through what components applies to their medication.


A big plus folk is that they all are based on natural components and at least does not harm the body. But, as practice shows, they were so little, that hardly a noticeable result.


Photo-rejuvenation – an innovative procedure for rejuvenation of the skin to cover the face. The essence of this effect is the effect on the skin infrared radiation. Thanks for warming all layers of the derma greatly increases the blood circulation, raise the manufacturing of collagen and elastin. Also, if the aid photorejuvenation can get rid of age spots and vascular asterisks.

Already after the first use you will notice how you have lined with tall stately complexion, improve the elasticity of the skin, decreased skin dryness.

Usually this kind of procedure carried out, if:

  • The first age-related changes;
  • The unhealthy color of the persons;
  • Freckles or melasma;
  • Of the problematic skin;
  • Acne rash;
  • Cardiovascular sprockets;
  • The enlarged pores;
  • The facial creases of her face.

To get the maximum benefit of the procedure of photorejuvenation person to succeed only if you follow all the doctor's advice.

After this there will be no impact taastusperiood, but assessment of results is possible in just a few weeks. Nearby points of interest also contraindications for this procedure secrete pregnancy and lactation, as well as the availability of the malignant tumors.


Botox is a medicine which is at the heart of inactivated botulinum toxin. It is injected into different muscle groups, after which they relax and do not over tighten. Due to this manages to get rid of or reduce the miimikakortse. Such a procedure is suitable for absolutely all women, it is completely safe and have no contraindications. The impact of the introduction of botox saved 3-6 months, but long-term establishment of lasting longer.

Usually such procedures are given in the following cases:

  • If the brightly expressed in the creases of her face between the eyebrows and forehead;
  • If you goose the feet;
  • Shaping the nasolabial folds.

The procedure only takes 10-15 minutes, after which the man must return to a familiar lifestyle. Immediately after login you will not see any results – the impact can only be assessed in the later 10 to 14 weeks. After several months, when the muscles begin to shrink, an introduction to botox need to be repeated. Such a procedure cosmetologists are calling the most effective for getting rid of wrinkles.

Botox cannot completely remove deep-seated miimikakortse, but he just reduce them.

To promote skin to cover an introduction to botox usually complemented by a treatment with any vitamin complexes, or injection based on hyaluronic acid under the action. It keep the moisture in the skin, which wrinkle up and become less visible.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peel – the most common method of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Its nature is to dissolve the Horny layer of the skin cover which hinders normal metabolism. Also, this procedure activates the deep layers of derma, speeds up collagen and elastin production, which makes skin firmer and more elastic.

Using chemical peeling you will succeed to improve complexion, get rid of expression lines and collapse the pores.

To achieve the effect of conducting chemical peeling is necessary to go through the longer procedure of the complex, which consists of 5 to 9 sessions. Specialists confirmed that this effect is on the skin completely safe for the very next day you return to a familiar lifestyle. Note that if the rejuvenation of such a procedure is appropriate only when there will be the primary the signs of aging.

Usually the chemical peel is determined in the following cases:

  • If petty and the facial creases of her face;
  • Pigmentlaikude and enlarged pores;
  • If the goose feet and the nasolabial crease.

The procedure takes about 1 hour.

During the session you may feel discomfort, which show the active work of the agents. After the procedure the skin a small amount of moisturizing and soothing medicines. Is taastusperiood you need to take about 1-2 weeks: this time it is important to wear sunglasses to wear on the skin anti-inflammatory to abandon the use of cosmetic products.

To assess the results of conducting a chemical peel you will succeed in only 2-3 weeks. This procedure is different from the indirect effect – it only helps to revitalize the skin renewal process. Using it to clean the face becomes more attractive, soft and smooth. In order to achieve the best effect repeat this procedure requires at least 2 times a year. There are a large number of different varieties of chemical peel, to choose the most optimal variant will help the beautician.

We make conclusions

If you are reading these lines, it can be concluded that You're still in search of a method to rejuvenate your face and get rid of wrinkles, for which the mirror of unease.

We have carried out the investigation, examined a bunch of materials and most importantly have tested most of the ways and means against wrinkles since folk methods and finishing procedures, which may offer the doctors. The decision is this:

All the tools and if given, then only a little temporary result. When the procedure ended, a couple of days all the ago ago.