Face lifting: types of procedure, indications and contraindications

Today to restore skin youth and beauty, to get rid of nasty wrinkles and restore näokontuur can also without costly surgical operations. Modern beautician offers a much more effective procedure for skin lifting. And with this publication we say about one of the most popular of them – face lifting (what it is, what species are coming and much more).

Lifting – the benefits of time


So, let us understand what it is face lifting" and to whom is necessary this procedure. Lifting – it is the facial skin, which restores the shape and removes wrinkles. Such a procedure allows to remove the natural age-specific changes and has a rejuvenating effect.

Face lifting is indicated in the following cases:

  • if the age changes of facial contour and epidermis structure;
  • if the wrinkles;
  • if the stretch marks;
  • loss of epidermis, sense of wellbeing.

The procedure allows to achieve the effect to rejuvenate the skin, smoothen miimikakortse, improves the complexion. In addition, the lifting firming of the skin, restores facial contour, firming the chin, remove excess fat.

Today is a lot different during the game, which can be connected to 6 main groups:

  • plastic surgery;
  • minimally invasive surgical operations;
  • lift by means of injection;
  • hardware methods;
  • cosmetology facial massage;
  • lift by means of masks and creams.

Each group has its pros and cons. And them talking about next.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery – a fairly effective method of skin lifting of the face, hands, neck and chest. The most common method of the skin by means of surgical intervention – this pie chart lift. The procedure requires a correction to the half of the plot in the neck, the frontal-temporal parts of the face, the cheeks, the outside areas, the eyebrows and also the entire foot. Surgery performed the surgeon under general anesthesia.

Circular elevator, despite their efficiency, there are several compelling disadvantages. This is a very serious surgery, which requires thorough preparation and a long recovery. Through the operation suggests not more frequently than once every 7-10 years. After the procedure is not recommended for women below 40 years.

Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery requires surgery through the point of the tissue puncture. If such operations dissecting the skin is minimal, so they are less traumatic, in contrast to the classical plastic. There are several popular minimally invasive procedures that allow to quickly restore the skin.

Endoscopic lifting

Endoscopic lifting – this is a procedure in cosmetology through small incisions. After the operation practically does not remain a scar, so often this is called "seamless upgrade". Endoscopic surgery is indicated for women who have small age-specific changes (if the prolapse eyebrows, appear the facial wrinkles in the area of forehead and eyes in the corners). Once under general anesthesia. Surgeon through small incisions can be access to the necessary areas. Using special tools the doctor tightens the skin of the vegetation and the muscle structure and remove miimikakortse.

Strand lifting

A youthful face

Strand facelift – this is the introduction under the skin of biologically threads (gold, polylactic acids), which are fixed in a certain position. Time around the implanted direction of the formed connective tissue, which keeps skin from sagging.

During this procedure the thread through the surgeon and local anesthesia. Unlike plastic and endoscopic operations, this method is safer and have less contraindications.

Lift by means of injection

Lift by injection today – it is one of the most popular methods of rejuvenation.


Human blood contains special cells – platelets, which are responsible for the process of clotting of the skin. But apart from this, platelets contain substances accelerating cell division. During the plazmolifting the skin is injected into the plasma (lifting face held the beautician with local anesthesia). Before the procedure plazmolifting the patient to take the blood and put the test tube with a special substance and blood clotting. On tubes put in centrifuge for separation of plasma. During the procedure the plasma is injected under the skin.

After the injection of plasma epidermal cells begin to actively produce collagen and elastin, the processes will improve blood circulation and metabolism. As a result, the skin becomes elastic and smooth, eliminates small wrinkles, restores facial contour.


Biorevitalization – this is the introduction under the skin injections of hyaluronic acid. To date, this is the most popular method for the correction and prevention of cosmetic defects.

Hyaluronic acid restores the moisture balance in the cells of the epidermis, by promoting their rejuvenation and accelerate the processes of exchange of substances. In addition, it is a substance – a powerful antioxidant, which destroys free radicals and slows down ageing processes.

The advantages of this procedure – "fast" and "slow" results. Already immediately after the injections disappear wrinkles, the skin becomes firm. A week later, further authenticity to the treatment start of active development of your hyaluronic acid, which changes the complexion of the skin is getting smooth and velvety.

Hardware methods braces

Today, more and more popularity gaining hardware methods of sculpting and facial rejuvenation. Of these the most popular are rf, laser -, ultrasound -, and water-lifting.

Rf lifting

RF-lifting – this is a complex of cosmetology procedures, based on the hot skin with high-frequency electromagnetic pulses. Those under the influence of the skin becomes smooth, fade age and miimikakortse.

During the procedure, electromagnetic impulses to penetrate the most deep layers of the derma, stimulating collagen and elastin production, as well as breaks down the subcutaneous fat is glycerin and fatty acids products, which are then excreted.

RF-lifting is the long-term effects, so do this procedure you can 1 time 1,5-2 years.

Laser lifting

Laser face lifting (lifting equipment) is a procedure during which the collagen in the deeper layers of the heating of the derma under the influence of infrared radiation. As the RF-lifting, such a method has provided a long-term impact. The first result is noticeable already after the procedure, but over time (due to new collagen synthesis) it becomes more vivid. The skin acquires a pleasant tone, sileneb wrinkles, and pulled näokontuur.

Ultrasonic lifting

This case will rejuvenate your skin apply to high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasonic impact directly on the muscle layer, resulting in a soft tissue is pulled and restored to its former structure very quickly. Procedure time was also heating the fabric, improves microcirculation of blood and speed up metabolism.

Ultrasound lifting practical does not have contraindications and may be used, if you use any of are limited to the face and neck.

Water lifting

Water lifting – this is the newest methodology facelift by means of water jet surgery. If the aid of water-the lifting is eliminated mimic and age wrinkles, pulled the face contours, decreases subcutaneous fatty tissue.

During the water during the beautician makes your skin microscopic punctures. Their through the special apparatus is the skin cells of the hands of the best water jet, which affects the fat layer between the muscles and the epidermis. Then using the suction excess fat is obtained from the skin of the skin.

Water-lifting, depending on individual specificities and the body of the client can be carried out through a general or local anesthesia.

Cosmetology facial massage


Facial massage – a sufficiently effective method of skin lifting.

There are several types of facelift face massaging: manual, hardware (vacuum, vibration, and water massage), as well as combined.

During the procedure, the massage layer of the epidermis accelerating the metabolism, held in the stimulation of a strong and elastin, collagen and other biologically active substances, improves microcirculation of the blood.

Masks and creams with lifting-effect

Special masks and creams, of course, does not help such effects, as are surgical, minimally invasive, and hardware methods of skin lifting of the face. However, they help to strengthen the impact of such procedures, as well as slowing down aging and the appearance of age changes.

Lifting at home

Ago for aging skin a healthy shine, pull it and smoothen small wrinkles can also be home conditions.

Good lifting-effect is influenced by the following recipes:

  • Tree mask. Grind puree, banana, grape without seeds and avocado. Take 1 teaspoon. each fruit and add to mixture 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Bear the face several times a week. Such a tree mask contains a host of beneficial vitamins and organic acids that stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • Cream interior the bacon. Interior fat contains a lot of useful substances and acids, which processes accelerate metabolism and renew cells in the derma. The manufacture of cream take 200 a. natural visceral fat and melt it in a water bath. Add at 1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice and 1 tbsp of natural honey. The use of such a cream can on a daily basis.
  • Mask of cucumber. Chop the flesh of the cucumber (without seeds) and add to it 1 beaten thick foam protein and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Wear the mask to the face every day. Such tool to affect the lifting effect, improves skin color.
  • Mask of tomato. Take 1 tomato, wipe it clean peel and remove the seeds. Grind the meat the tomatoes are mush, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. This mask is to let the light lifting-effect and whitens pigmentation spots.
  • The Mask is clay. Take 2 tablespoon of white clay. Blend it with 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed grape juice, add 1 tbsp. l. wheat germ oil. Wear the mask to your face several times a week. This formulation nourishes the skin, raising it and enriches useful substances.

If the qualitative and regular maintenance even in adulthood it is possible to achieve excellent results: remove wrinkles, return the skin elasticity and healthy complexion, recover näokontuur. All the methods with the lifting described in this article, is effective, but selecting the appropriate procedure should be to pay attention to the contraindications and the potential consequences.