Extended youth – this is the dream of any honest for the fairer sex. And heat therapy is the most radical and the most effective way to get rid of age changes in the exterior. We offer to consider, which is lasernoorendus, its prices in different cities, Russia and Ukraine, but also cons and the pros of this procedure the skin.

rejuvenation laser

The working principle is the laser treatment

Laser beautician is the most toughest way to get rid of wrinkles, age spots. The impact of the dermis is made using the beam generator, the doctor determines its optimal temperature and depth, after which begins the processing of the epidermis. Because of the high temperature of skin cells burnt, thus provoking the body to complete the upgrades to cover. Such rejuvenation is very much the contraindications and side effects, but will help:

  1. Deep nasolabial wrinkles;
  2. Age spots;
  3. .;
  4. Acne, pimples and acne.


Using a laser skin produced by the multi level effect, we provide in detail to consider this types:

  1. partial ablative rejuvenation (equipment – palomars an, Palomar Max or Lux – Palomar, the fraxel) . This methodology is used to remove the point of the shortcomings of the skin. Scientists have proven that different areas of the face completely different stages of cell growth, according to a certain areas of the dermis can be dry and damaged and the other gentle and clean. The impact of only the problematic parts need to use a special point of the laser.
  2. laser biorevitalization (light air) – this is an innovative non-surgical technology that allows for girls to get rid of deep scars and wrinkles without the scalpel. The essence of the methodology is the use of short laserimpulsse, which burn up corrupt and aging derma the top layer and after in its place is formed the new skin clean and more fresh. Biorevitalization is also very good, which will positively affect the speed and amount of produce collagen. To accelerate the effect of the face and neck skin will be transferred to the special formulation, which penetrates deeper into the skin and stimulates depleted of useful substances, worked well with the medicinal product manufactured in Germany;
  3. notkuluv laser radiation (smart, smooth, cutera) – this is the effect, if a person aid a long laser beams. Serious enough procedure, provided only as a strong rash, very deep wounds, or after damage a person with the chemicals. Unlike ablative rejuvenation, non fractus processing immediately the entire surface of the person;
  4. laser resurfacing (syneron, smartxide) – the most "harmless" procedure out of all of the above. If you are in special machines, it just works from home. The correction will be made erbium or sapphire laser, which give a very soft, but a profound effect on the dermis. This awareness will help refine näokontuur, delete the small mimic wrinkles, get rid of the goose feet, or acne.
  5. photo-rejuvenation (friendly), contains a complex of the procedures from the list. This may be a partial effect or laser complete skin rejuvenation. The most frequently determined cosmetologists to provide tone and elasticity of the dermis in women 45.

Contraindications and complications

Lasernoorendus or E. l.o.s epilatsioon apparatus at the photos as this is a very serious step, because the thermal effect is a major source of stress is the body's. The procedure has very serious consequences, especially if ignored contraindications. Who can't do photo-rejuvenation:

  1. Pregnant women, breastfeeding;
  2. Cancer patients;
  3. Girls diseases of blood, bad coagulability of fluids, lentus blood vessels;
  4. Diabetics (such as-insulin-dependent, so no);
  5. People psychiatric abnormalities;
  6. Young people up to 16 years and adult people after 60 (the first case can degrade the structure of the skin, the other very slow renewable processes);
  7. High blood pressure and hypotensive, and also sick of vegetative-vascular dystonia tolerate heat effects on people with allergies.

Not one woman on a forum claims that, despite good reviews and an impressive photo of your face after the procedure, lasernoorendus often accompanied by the effects and damage of the organism. This is the swelling, pain (especially in the first three days), farm sunlight in the first week of a high likelihood of being infection, herpes (unofficial data is displayed in 80% of cases after treatment) and much more. Is also not always the body by the well-tolerated anesthesia, then a couple of days can be made dizzy or even migraines.

Modern medicine has achieved good breakthroughs to accelerate the regeneration. Doctors prescribe special drugs that help the skin to fight external irritating factors, as well as the disinfected dermis and minimize the likelihood has a brown face.

Important! If You are certain that only this procedure will help to solve Your problem – it will settle. But if a possible alternative – it is desirable to implement a more tender treatment.

DOT (dot) – this is a great opportunity to in a short amount of time to get a lot younger, but it is serious enough consequences, and are not cheap.