Facelift without surgery - 9 of the most popular methods

Just as after a few years begin to show signs of the first "clocks" on it, that the skin is ageing. The complexion changed a little, there are pigmendiplekid, decreasing the cell and elasticity and dryness of the skin increases, causing the appearance of the first wrinkles.


It is known to help plastic surgeons are turning women over 40-a, and this is not surprising, because this age is already cosmetic tools help a little. But what do those who are between 25 and 40 years? Such patients are beauticians there is a whole arsenal of ways during the of the person without surgery. What are the possibilities for non-surgical braces are and what are their advantages? This and talk.

The advantages of non-surgical braces

On the basis of all the methods during this person without any operation the principle consists in treatment of the injury for indoor or outdoor skin layers. In doing so, the layers of the derma, unlike the corresponding damage, but in all cases it is the intervention in the formation and education of new fibres of collagen, elastin and the molecular chains of hyaluronic acid.

Surely a surgical operation in many ways radical, and can be a single disruption to remove many of the aging problems, but also non-surgical braces has its own advantages, you need to know before you decide to request any of them.

So, here are the benefits, what is streamlining without operation:

  1. The availability of the minimum impediment to the carrying out of such manipulations. The exceptions are mainly in the infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, oncological diseases and diseases that are related to the process of blood clotting.
  2. Practical side effects and lack of negative consequences, if not taken into account the possibility of swelling, bruising, hyperemia and flaky skin skin.
  3. Shortened the period of rehabilitation. Low level of the painful sensation. Mainly patient enough local anesthesia. The exception is, whether it, the elevator surgical thread. Here it is possible even the application of anesthesia.
  4. The rapid emergence of the first results and growth impact of rejuvenation. Many methods of non-surgical lifting of the retain their efficacy for up to several years.
  5. Overall a positive and healthy effect on the body. Many cosmetology money rejuvenation act against the concentrated forces in the body: improves microcirculation of blood and lymph circulation, the normal speed of blood flow, cleaned the vessels and displayed the products of metabolism.
  6. Most of the procedures are performed outpatient and does not require hospitalization to the hospital.
  7. Small invasive or non-invasive methods, as well as reduce the risk of infecting organisms during manipulation. The skin does not remain a trace of the effect, acne and scars.

How to make the right choice?

Unfortunately, none of us can stop time, but extended youth and longer on the top of the strength and energy we can, if the use of the hidden reserves of the organism, and we use the ability of cell self renewal. Which procedure to choose the number already exists? The problem to solve only to doctors-cosmetologists, who spend the diagnosis and determines the dominant type of aging skin skin.

Diagnosis is very important, because it can be biological aging (premature aging is due to external and internal factors), fotodegradatsiooni (because of solar radiation) and also, as aging occurs due to age. It is important to determine not only the skin type, but what the skin layers to publish a correction.

Facelift without surgery is achieved mainly in two ways, each of which has its own nuances, and by which it is possible to achieve the desired changes.

These are:

  1. The methodology of the correction, the purpose of which is to eliminate early signs of aging and produced at the level of the skin layer of the skin. These technologies will be used, if it is not yet clear wrinkles and prolapse skin. These methods include RF - lifting, laser grinding, laser partial thermolysis and bioreinforcement using the skin, plasmolifting, photo-rejuvenation, vector lifting.
  2. The methodology of the correction, which removes the ptosis, as well as medium and deep wrinkles. These methods affect the level of hypoderma and muscle layer, then it is at a deeper level. These can be attributed to the injection of botulinum toxin and strand lifting.

How do the methods with the lifting without surgery?

Professionals estimate there are many methods of non-surgical braces is a decent alternative way of exfoliation, face and body by means of rapid intervention. Almost each of them is used in the ability of the cells of the skin to repair itself and updated the collagen fibers.

methods braces
  • Rf lifting or RF - lifting. The impact of the fabric is produced by radio waves of low frequency, this has resulted in a reduction of enlarged collagen fibers. After a few sessions, launch mechanisms, and create new molecules of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. The procedure can be applied to any area of the body and the face, and 5-6 sessions it is possible to record the impact of up to 24 months.
  • Skin rejuvenation using laser technology (laser grinding, partial thermolysis, laser biorevitalization, and others). Using laser radiation it is possible to eliminate many of the signs of age changes, and greatly improve cell and skin elasticity of the skin. There are two types of impact: when the epidermal cells are easily lost and kollageenikiude of achieved damaged tissue regeneration and if it happens coagulation of the proteins of deeper skin layers and trigger the processes and the restructuring of tissues. To prevent the emergence of destructive changes laser treatment take the 25-year-old and enough 1. session. Stable effects should be run through the course of several sessions.
  • Bioreinforcement, just the injection of hyaluronic acid. To maintain the good condition of the skin is enough to make 1-2 of the procedure 6 to 12 months, from 25-30 years.
  • Electrotherapy – based hot or combination skin the tissue of the derma. This method can only hold lifting without surgery, but also to eliminate the problems, such as cellulite and fat folds.
  • Plasmolifting – therapy, in which under the skin is injected into the plasma enriched with töötluskomplektid of the intercept platelet and which is derived from the blood of the patient itself. Enough to carry out only 2-4 sessions of 1-2 courses a year, that over the long years to stay young and trim.
  • Photo-rejuvenation – technology, the use of an intense light source, which is a leather cover held the reinforced design of the elastin and collagen fibers. The result is usually observed after a few sessions.
  • Vector lifting – facelift without surgery method of soft tissue strengthening hyaluronic acid. The medicinal product is included in the problem zones of precisely controlled geometric pattern of lines, who has the diamonds.
  • Introduction botulinum toxin – a non-surgical face lifting, which will be carried out, using medications that contain attenuated poison (Kseomin, Disport, Botox). Special therapy allows you to relax the mimic muscles, which leads to smooth out wrinkles and raise munandikotti tissue, the so-called "gravitational ptosis".
  • Strand lifting – facial skin thread. These threads with cones (Silhouette Lift Soft and the Silhouette is a Lift), the surgical threads, the threads of the small pan (APTOS), as well as the masonite. The minimum period of validity of the thread – 2 years.

Methodology the lifting without operation, different execution simplicity, availability, and long-term outcome, and the number of patients, resort to their way of rejuvenation inexorably growing. And this is quite natural, because the procedure mainly occur in the age up to 40 years, if the options of self-healing derma still in the store, and can be started without operation disruption.