How to rejuvenate the skin around your eyes?

Age-related changes, which beginning already after 25-30 years, first of all reflected in the eye region. Eye skin is the thinnest, sensitive, contain few oil and sweat glands, and the adipose layer in these regions a little. Moreover, the fabric here constantly stretched the lesions common to reduce the ring and other facial muscles.

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These sites are exposed to, the most affecting the negative factors of the external environment and often is a reflection of the various violations of the physiological processes in the body, poor maintenance, недосыпания and so on

So безоперационное rejuvenation zone around the eyes women want to start as soon as possible. To this end, implementing a variety of domestic and cosmetic products in the form of a variety of vegetable oils and vitamins, gels, and creams, masks along with juices of fruit and vegetables, massage. All this, however, is more suitable for the prevention, early aging of the skin to cover, but almost does not affect the occurrence of wrinkles and folds, dry skin, "bags" and dark circles under the eyes, age spots.

How to rejuvenate the skin around your eyes

Different innovative procedures used in cosmetology shops and clinics, to enable sufficiently fast and almost painlessly get rid of cosmetic defects, pull the cloth around the eyes to improve the skin texture and gives it the strength, elasticity and natural color. By selecting the opportunities for rejuvenation of beautician notice the problems, such as:

  • increased выраженности слезной grooves (internal angle of the eye cheek), emergent how to get the result птоза tissues due to the decrease of its elasticity;
  • dry the skin surface and deterioration of his coloring;
  • swelling, bags the lower and upper eyelid and dark circles under the eyes, that appear due to reduction in blood flow over the veins;
  • reversing and appearance in addition to the external corners of the eyes ("crow's feet");
  • the existence of age spots under the eyes.

Взависимости the degree of skin changes around the eyes, the specialist shall be selected in certain methods, a mixture of these or of course a combination.

Mesotherapy, which is an introduction to the structure of the skin individually-sized the composition of the drugs vitamins, trace elements, pharmacological cardiovascular means, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes. They stimulate cell metabolism, normal blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, restoration of the natural skin structure, tissue, raising the tone of small blood vessels, which will decrease spots.

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Биоревитализация, which is different from mesotherapy introduced drugs that contain hyaluronic acid acid independently or in combination with other components, applicable as mesotherapy. Hyaluronic acid permanently stored in the skin and linked to a large number of molecules of water. As a result, the skin becomes supple and elasticity, sileneb of small wrinkles.

Chemical peeling using трихлоруксусной and milk production of acids in concentrations, which reduce the extent выраженности age spots, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and has a rejuvenating effect.

Plasmolifting. Technically, the procedure is similar to mesotherapy, but the effect of the braces is achieved by introduction to the eye's own plasma. This is especially handy if you have a patient allergic to many pharmaceutical preparations.

RF-lifting and Thermage — hardware methodology the use of electromagnetic waves, which is achieved by the elasticity of the lifting of the tissues and reduce swelling in the area under the eye.

Botulinotherapy — one of the most popular procedures to rejuvenate the skin around your eyes, thanks to the speed and duration as follows where the effective разглаживание expression lines. This is инъекциях is to mimic the muscle Botox, Xeomin or Диспорта (medicines ботулотоксина "A").

Contour plastic, which is инъекционную correction of cosmetic defects through the skin or the skin of the introduction of биодеградируемых gels based on hyaluronic acid under the action of, or collagen. Introduction fillers, who fill the defect on the skin surface, strengthens the contour around the eyes, remove wrinkles on eye corners, smoothing a compared to b and approximates the elevation.

omolozhenie-kozhi-vokrug-the glaz-v-lounge-termazh Oxygen therapy, which is called cosmetic widespread. Especially effective for the method introduced in the skin and nahaaluses кислородно-озоновой mixture using special needles. Enriches the blood with oxygen, greatly improves the vascular tone, improves skin microcirculation and its биомеханические properties, contributing to the correction in addition to the corners of the eyes, skin, whitening help, to reduce swelling and liquidation of "bruising" under the eyes.

Photo-rejuvenation is a hardware methodology, which combines two types of impact — радиоволнами (RF) and light energy. The procedure stimulates the metabolic processes, the production of tissues in collagen and elastin production, improves circulation. It shows, if you have small wrinkles, age spots, and robust blood vessels picture.

Micronidling. This methodology is in the head design of multiple microscopic channels in the skin using a small roller needle, called a dermaroller or mesaroller. Application of microscopic damage will have an incentive effect on collagen and elastin production. In addition to improving in the introduction, through these channels need cosmetics. Procedure as a result of the tone and the leather area increases, makes it a suitable, elastic and acquires changes color.

Laser technology for rejuvenation

Nearby points of interest also rejuvenating cosmetic procedures earned popularity lasernoorendus the skin around the eyes, in relation to the most high, compared to other methods, rejuvenating effect. Laser resurfacing is the most popular procedure in aesthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery.

The essence of laser resurfacing technologies is to absorb the energy of light radiation of a certain range of superficial layer of skin, which thickness is measured in microns, the heating of this ultra-fast period of time, followed by removal. It is the main fabric and with the point of exposure areas not exposed to high термическому exposed.

Fractional lasernoorendus the skin around the eyes is

The most safe and effective laser procedure — it is фракционный photothermolysis, which takes place during deletion of multiple microscopic portions of the old skin. Around the damaged areas to stimulate the regeneration and growth of young cells. As a consequence, began remodeling. Perestroika nahakudedes done very thoroughly — сетчатом the dermis layer, not the main structure of most of the wrinkles. On the site of the destroyed plots appear in the plots of the new skin with all features that characterize the young fabric.

Laser, thermally acting melasma, destroys not only the melanin, but directly in the melanocytes — the cells that will synthesize and accumulate the pigment. After it is damaged in the regions of new melanocytes, which synthesize and accumulate sufficient sunlight effects the amount of melanin.


Фракционный laser significantly safer due to the chances of individual computer sihiotsingu procedure, the energy ray level of treatment.

Фракционный laser is many times more powerful than other ways of rejuvenating the eye contour area, such as a chemical peel, photo-rejuvenation, the classic laser resurfacing.

Result in the untimely return of many women to forget to be able to avoid or eliminate the appearance of the first signs of old changes in the skin around the eyes.