Effective mask for facial rejuvenation

I think, very difficult to achieve the beautiful skin, as nature has handed out to you so showy ornamentation at birth? But no! There is a very simple and very beneficial mask excellent for refreshing our face.

mask anti-aging

Mask marigold

Need 4 tablespoons of tincture of marigold, which are sold in every pharmacy. This is a need to add 2 tablespoons spoon any vegetable oil (very well suited to olive oil), on a mixture of closed sent two days in a cool place. All!

After a two-day road tincture of the tool is ready to use. To apply to be fifteen minutes, avoiding the area of the eye, then carefully rinse with warm water, using a gel or foam to wash your face.

Mask beer

A tool ideally suited for women, break of the 35-year-old abroad. The manufacture is going to need every beer, chopped fine grater small carrot, one egg yolk and fresh mashed potatoes (allowed to change starch).

All the ingredients mix thoroughly and place the gauze, folded in 4-6 layers, then carefully add your own to the person and lie down so 10-15 minutes; removable visor also beer, which should be slightly heated, after the rinse the face with clean water.

Mask with strawberries

Strawberries are ideal to give the front cover a fresh, uniform tone. Ripe strawberry (can take and strawberries) should be to crush or whip the mixer until the consistency of porridge. The Mass will be transferred to fifteen minutes, add to this any additional components are not needed.

Extremely refreshing and toning tool that after the use of whom, it seems, that the skin "breathes" is free and easy.

Mask of carrots

To provide a healthy facial skin tone is able to and the usual carrot. It should be rubbed (the smaller, the better) and mix with egg yolk. The heel 15 to 20 minutes to lie quietly and rest in peace (you can meditate during this time), then wash off with warm water (can be cooking with herbs).

Carrot mask is just a magical effect! Why?

  • carotene moisturizes and rejuvenates;
  • vitamin PP refreshes, protects and improves the complexion;
  • Vitamin A, which soothes, softens the skin and smoothes wrinkles;
  • vitamin B9 protects against uv-rays;
  • vitamin C improves wound and the glass on the micro-cracks, fight inflammation, and activates collagen production in cells;
  • thanks to the vitamin C, skin, vegetation is cleared from excessive pigmentation;
  • potassium controls the moisture levels is the skin cells, preventing its dryness and scaly.

Mask with coffee

Kohvipaks is an effective tool to create the effect of smooth skin. He on top of 10-15 min.

Remember: in order that the application fits the only kind of coffee grounds, which has remained from the freshly brewed beverage.

In addition, coffee grounds can be regularly used like the puff on the skin of the face-and bodypainting. A very effective tool that is always at hand.

Watermelon mask

The basis can be taken as watermelon and melon; first of all it is necessary to extract the meat. And then evenly distribute the pre-prepared gauze or a thin cotton, leaving a maximum of twenty-five minutes. Rinse with clean cold water and moisturize the skin cover.

mask with watermelon

Mask peach

Gives the skin a delicate tint and velvety helps peach (instead, you can take the apricot). The flesh of the fruit from the grind up to Pappy status, adding a small amount of oat flour to create optimal consistency and distributes evenly over the entire surface of the face.

Mask with honey

It is common knowledge that honey — a storehouse of valuable substances, including skin. Clean the face with honey is often used in pure form, but the greater impact is best to combine it with the tomato. Tomatoes need to peel and bring to a state of puree. Then added a teaspoon each of honey.

Upon completion, the wash, to be processed the face tonic and will certainly damage the nourishing cream.

Mask turmeric

In the composition of the given holiday masks, there is also a honey. A tablespoon of this product to combine a teaspoon of spoon of turmeric powder. Should be quite a tight mix. Such a tool is famous for not only a positive impact on the tone of the skin to cover but also easy to real estate to ease. In addition, this effort may be small scratches, reduces scars.

Only does it keep your face more than 10 min! — because if kept for longer, turmeric can be some time to give your person an unwanted yellowish tint.

Mask the cream cheese

Best of all is to introduce just the homemade curd, but the fit and shoplifter. It is necessary to stretch when the aid of the forks, then connect the fatty cream. Matured similar to the composition of our face for about a quarter of an hour.

Pamper your skin each of the above listed masks are recommended over days, over a month, and you simply do not learn in the mirror!

  • Apart from this kind of procedure is very important, to make food. The health of the facial skin is favorably influenced seafood, liver, broccoli, green pea, pumpkin, melon, cabbage, apples, apricots, mushrooms, nuts, cinnamon, vegetable oil and different dairy products. In addition, it is desirable to inject diet natural juices, especially carrot and beet. And timely get rid of accumulated toxins in the traditionally lead to kaerahelbe mash.
  • Since tap water is often different from the excessive stiffness (because of excessive chlorine and iron), then it will cause considerable damage to delicate skin. Therefore, it is beneficial to wash the filtered or mineral water without gas.
  • It is essential not to forget to protect the person of the negative factors of the environment. During the summer, it is worth avoiding long-term sun exposure. Be sure to use the assistance and hõlbustusvahendite with the content of UV filters. In the same winter, the skin on the face needs to be reinforced with nutrition and more careful irrigation.