Facial rejuvenation at home: myth or reality?

For example, hormone replacement therapy cosmetics. It is banned in Europe. But breaking the law. Hormones provide immediate rejuvenating effect and it attracts a lot of. But then came the stage is the side effects. Without the "sucker" of the skin stops working, it becomes glossy and transparent. Increases the risk of cancer and possible complications. Facial rejuvenation home conditions allows the use of natural ingredients, to try and choose the most effective for yourself anti-aging tools without risk to health.

facial skin rejuvenation

Skin cleaning without chemistry and the synthesized components

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, coffee, dairy products, natural honey, essential oils, beeswax, badger fat, cooking herbs — here are the main ingredients in home cosmetics. Some of them quite can be used as an independent care products.
  • Cream or sour cream suitable make-up remover. They are especially good for dry skin and during the winter period. Summer is the best to go for almond oil. It protects skin from uv rays. Also suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • With waterproof makeup perfectly handle the olive oil. It is also recommended that the pads are kind of makeup from the eyes. Vitamin E, which contains this, to rejuvenate and gives freshness to your face.

Now there are some recipes combined resources to leather cleaning. The use of mixing the ingredients you need for those who are accustomed to wash with water. The composition of the cream foams start 2 tablespoons of yogurt without any fillers, one kiwi, a teaspoon of ground almonds (gives the effect of a soft scrub), a teaspoon of almond oil and honey. All components must be mixed properly.

The manufacture of milk, mixed with a glass of whipped cream to the egg yolk, add one tablespoon of cognac and three of lemon juice. Formula is suitable for dry and normal skin.

Skin, prone to acne and fat suitable for powder on the basis of three tablespoons of oats — they remove the redness, and green tea, which counteracts the rash and helps prevent aging. To obtain a homogeneous mass to be recalled ingredients in a coffee grinder. A little bit of the mixture pour into hand, add water and wash makeup massage of motion.

Toning of the skin — another step on the road to healthy skin

Care creams and serums can have an effect only if the apply to cleansed and toned skin. The tool penetrates into the pores. If they patoutua, is not the fountain of youth elixir is not a lot of adequate effect.

Tonic for the face we manufacture water-based and cooking with herbs. Sensitive skin is recommended by pink tonic. One tablespoon of petals, queen of flowers, pour a glass of boiling water and let boil. The infusion is cooled, filtered(you can use gauze), to hold and use.

Ideal for normal to dry skin suitable for cucumber broth. Chopped grater vegetables mixed with a glass of boiled milk and cook for five minutes. Cooled tonic drain. He tighten and moisturize the skin.

The recipe is based on the peppermint are recommended for oily skin. Plant (can also be dried) should be added to two cups of boiling water. Tortured on the fire about ten minutes, then strain the liquid and add two tablespoons of tincture of marigold, one spoon of boric acid in alcohol and a few drops of lemon juice.

An excellent tonic can be mineral water, which is added lemon juice. Especially well with this mixture re-frozen. In the morning it remains only to get the hands frozen in an ice cube, with which it is possible to wipe your face.

Years receding before a natural moisturizer for the face

Neutralize the breathing time to the skin can be a simple recipe of seven parts:

  • two tablespoons of beeswax;
  • one teaspoon of rose water;
  • one teaspoon of honey;
  • one tablespoon of oil the width or karite;
  • one tablespoon of almond oil;
  • one teaspoon of coconut oil;
  • 4-5 drops of essential oil to the skin type.

Beeswax melt the butter in a steam bath. In a separate bowl mix rose water with honey and a little heat, Add wax, shea butter and a blend. Them the same add almond and coconut oil. Add this blend of pink water with honey. Whisk to make the cream is smooth and remove from the heat.

On this basis, which contains the necessary rejuvenation of the components should be added to the essential oil according to skin type.

  • dry skin – geranium, lavender, pink fruit;
  • oily – lemon, lavender;
  • normal – lemon, lavender, orange;
  • mixed – lemon, mint, neroli;

Still one of the rejuvenating cream based on herbs. Taken their oil in the fume cupboard. In order to get it, a tablespoon of mint, st. john's wort, yarrow, green tea should be pour into the hot olive oil (0,5 cup). Required to be within a week, then filter.

After the melt in a water bath beeswax, add a teaspoon of tar pine (can be put together yourself or buy from the pharmacy). This mixture pour draining herbs (2 tablespoons), the same amount of rose water and 2 drops of oil solution of vitamins A, D and E. the mixture, lift the baths, beat mixer. This cream is not only rejuvenates the skin, but the very good feeds from him.

The fixed effect with the help of a cosmetic mask

The procedure of facial resurfacing would be incomplete without the masks. They are perhaps the oldest weapon of women against the age-related changes. These used still in Babylon and Ancient Egypt, and made of natural ingredients: honey, milk, fruits. Mask face peeling based on them are appropriate and now.

mask for the face

Mask facial peeling milk

A little warm milk, add the knuckle with the flour. To get a creamy mass, put it to one egg yolk, mix and transfer to a clean face. Rinse should be performed for 20 minutes in water with added lemon juice.

Rejuvenating mask on the basis of honey

A teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of flour add over beaten the protein of chicken eggs. Mix ingredients and generate a tool on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Fruit mask of wrinkles effect braces the contour of the persons

Latch, ripe fruit kudoonia and transfer the resulting mass on the face. Effect of achieving sufficient for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Rejuvenating mask herbs

Chop and mix the leaves of currant, linden, yarrow, plantain, strawberries. Four tablespoons of the mixture pour a small amount of water. To give the porridge to cool and wear his skin for 15 minutes. Rinse the mask off with cold water.

Here is toonuses of the facial muscles

How to and body, facial skin can be supple and smooth, only when the trained muscles. If systematic do exercises to facial exfoliation,subcutaneous muscles to increase in extent, stretching thereby the unwanted wrinkles and furrows. Time mimic the loading also involve the biologically active points. It relaxes the muscles, effect on relaxation of the whole body.

Has accelerated the diagram of the times. In this procedures for enough to pay for 10 seconds 3 times a day. Forehead wrinkles disappear, when squeeze the skin at the base of the hair and the eyes closed. At this time, do ringliikumist students about six seconds.

The following exercise will help keep the raised line of the eyebrows. The skin should be to fix indicative signs of leaving fingers. Eyebrows in so doing presses as high as possible and hold 6-10 seconds.

Now get rid from and flabbiness of the century. The padded fingers of the best hand to determine the space near the eyebrows. In doing so, raise their eyebrows about a half inch and eyes closed. So that should be 6 seconds.

Wrinkles around the mouth leave, than blow out the candles. 6 seconds in the air be force of the blow. Then relax, open the mouth, the lips stretch over the teeth. The end of the exercise, in a relaxed and a wide smile.

The appearance of a double chin to keep gymnastics on a chair. Be sit straight, to keep that tension in the muscles of the chin and language. Slowly recline head back, then forward, then relax.

In order to make the elastic cheeks should be pressed to the ribs with the palms of the skin a distance of two centimetres ears. Inflate the cheeks, to pull the lips forward in the form of tube. The effect of 6 -10 seconds, relax and smile.

Makes facial skin more elastic and firmer also helps massage. It improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, also strengthens the muscles. The Standard diagrams are made using oil or cream. Plastic massage more intense, here is the most suitable to talk.

Unfortunately, at home, you can only do the classic massage of facial rejuvenation. Its main elements are: a different vibration, friction and stroking. We should start over lauba. The trajectory of the movements, mainly of the pie chart. The main thing is not to deviate, massage lines:

  • in the middle of the forehead, the temples (stroking and vibrating movement);
  • eyelid stroke the outside corner to the inner corner and the upper eyelid – on the contrary;
  • from the nose by the tip of the nose on both sides;
  • the angle of the foot of the ears on each side;
  • in the middle of the chin the lower jaw and up to the lobes of the ears;
  • the centre of the upper lip by the wings of the nose;

Don't forget the little things

Skin disease, affecting not only cosmetics, gymnastics and massage. There is a whole list of factors, which we often do not attach value. Perhaps the most fundamental of youth elixir – water. Drink a must be 1,5-2 liters per day, otherwise the skin dehydrated and early wrinkles guaranteed.

An important psychological component. The tensions reflect not only domestic, but also external possible people. In order to prolong skin youth, it is necessary to a balanced diet. Not painful, fresh air and sun (within reasonable limits). Seemed to gives our skin vitamin D, contains no more anywhere. Bad habits, whether smoking or are addicted to alcohol, will accelerate the aging of the body. Them is advisable to give up.

Folk remedies for facial exfoliation – this is the healthy amount of recipes and an action plan. Their systematic application does not go unnoticed. Well-groomed woman is always attracts glances, raises admiration. This should not necessarily put a round sum for the cosmetics and visit the modern beauty salon.