Hardware beautician facial resurfacing: options and their properties,

Youth and beauty – this is the nature of the magical world, which is of great value for us all. At this time mercilessly, even to perfection. How would it be if we did not want this, but the years take their, leaving the annoying wrinkles on the face. The emergence of the first signs of skin aging, many girls are starting to strongly think about the process of rejuvenation.

apparatus for skin rejuvenation

Apparatus for skin rejuvenation

The impetus for the use of drastic measures is the futility of cosmetics, appearing almost powerless in the struggle will inevitably become of age. "Delete time ago" and get tiba see the younger provide an opportunity for various anti-aging procedures. In general, they can be divided into two groups: bezoperatsionnye and operating costs. About that, as younger and this is the article.

As a new direction for the cosmetology medicine, hardware, beautician solves a myriad of problems. Effective procedures for rejuvenation made of special medical centers and cosmetic salons, when the aid of physical therapy progressive devices.

Facial rejuvenation using the laser. A non-surgical way, which is based on infrared laser. In the region of the main advantages – a direct result, the minimum probability of complications, lack of traumatization of the skin.

Differentiate laser grinding the face and partial lasernoorendus. In the latter case, is the effect of the skin is done, using the spars in advance. This technology gives the opportunity to handle quite large areas of skin for once.

During laser resurfacing a young up effect is achieved with the skin cleaning from the layer of dead cells. Both methods do not need anesteesia. Lasernoorendus allows you to perform such tasks:

  1. Increases the elasticity and firmness.
  2. Renews the skin cell level.
  3. Activates skin blood flow and metabolism of the skin complexion.
  4. Firming näoovaali.
  5. Removes hyperpigmentation.

Phototherapy rejuvenation. The main source of skin phototherapy time is light of high frequency impulses. By choosing this method it can be expected that the long-term result is the absolute valutus.

Photo-rejuvenation allows to get rid of acne scars, smooth wrinkles, erase the capillary network, melasma noticeably tighten and refresh the skin of the face.

E. l.o.s-young extension. In this case, applies to the dual technology – energy pulse light and the effect on the skin high-frequency current. This result occurs by increasing elastin and collagen synthesis in the tissues of the epidermis. Process e.l.o.s-young building is characterized by the lack of soreness in the form of a small prickling of the skin.

apparatus for skin rejuvenation options

Surgical steel rejuvenation. The process of young people building micro-current therapy raises the appliance, which gives the skin with small pulses of flow. Microcurrent in the best use of specify for a long time, a facelift, to remove nasolabial folds, and small wrinkles to harmonise persons, anti pigmentation and acne rash, relieves swollen.

Miostimulatsioon. This method is directed to workout the "lazy" facial muscles using their unintended emissions reduced. The most important effect on the skin to create the pulse stream.

It helps to restore elasticity, repair shape, eliminate "double" chin, turgor skin, smoothing small wrinkles, improves facial color and the removal of bags under the eyes.

Ultrasonic peeling. Universal method that suits every type of skin. In this case, is the effect of skin peeling generates the Horny epidermis layer. The result of ultrasonic peeling is smooth and fresh skin without the existence of the surface of the small addition.

Makes sense this technology is the activity of the dermis of the electromagnetic waves. A significant radiation penetration comes with heating of the skin.

In doing so, the temperature rise promotes active photosynthesis fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of the "protein beauty" — elastin and collagen. The reaction of these processes is important to improve texture, color and structure of the skin. The advantages of radiowave lifting is hypoallergenic and there are no contraindications.

Injection rejuvenation

Along with the development of hardware cosmetology also gaining popularity and inject options. Their advantage is that they do not require special patient preparation, and is almost painless.

Injection facial rejuvenation means the use of hyaluronic acid, Dysport or botox. Judging by the reviews, most popularity is the mesotherapy and the injection of ozone.

Mesotherapy procedure consists of the introduction, under the skin of biologically active and vitamins through injection. The main medication is the mesotherapy – this is a vitamins, hyaluronic acid, organic acids, antioxidants, extracts of elastin and collagen, fibroblasts.

Mesotherapy provides an opportunity to get rid of the following problems:

  • rosacea (veins);
  • the "second" chin;
  • acne rash;
  • acne, swelling;
  • age spots;
  • the enlarged pores;
  • and flabbiness and sagging skin;
  • minor and major wrinkles.

The injection of ozone. It is no secret that the necessary equipment skin moisture and nutrients and oxygen and provides the opportunity to significantly slow down the time to this aging. The injection of ozone, improve microcirculation and metabolism in the problem areas, smooth out wrinkles, relieve the epidermis from the Horny cells, renewable subcutaneous fiber.

apparatus for skin rejuvenation photo-rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation person people means

Rejuvenating potential of human possibility is not inferior to modern cosmetology procedures. Home remedies that are made from natural components, it is possible to maintain the youthful face is just a penny.

Home to in times of facial rejuvenation is very difficult to imagine without masking the natural components. Reviews, the most effective is the following of anti-aging ingredients:

  • apple;
  • throat;
  • honey;
  • milk;
  • cooking with herbs.

To increase the efficiency of any mask is possible due to the steaming of the person of vegetable broth or hot compress (marigold, sage, chamomile, etc. to the ap) before yourself applying for a rejuvenating blend.

Of course, to start steaming only needed after careful cleaning of the skin peeling, milk or tonic. Describe some simple recipes rejuvenating masks:

  1. Tea herbal blend of linden flowers, yarrow, leaves, currants, plantain, and strawberries. Add 4 tablespoons of mixture to glass of boiling water, let cool slightly and is removed by filtration, the process of the cleavage, neck and face. After half an hour wash with lukewarm water.
  2. Grind in a blender one small cucumber. Add at 1 tablespoon of honey, stir evenly, and use the role of the mask. Time, action – a-half hours.
  3. Clean the seeds and peel medium apple, after cooking him, adding a small amount of milk. Cooked mass to heat up to the education of the slurry and evenly, apply on face. After half an hour remove the mask.
apparatus for skin rejuvenation injections

And the article at the end we wanted to write to say a popular australian writer France kafka museum: "Happiness disappear in old age. Those who have the opportunity to see the beautiful, no one will ever age". In other words, be happy! So like a good mood, young age of the souls and pep – this is a sure way to remove from the face of superfluous a dozen years.