Technology and modern methods of rejuvenation

Probably one of the most new and advanced methods of body rejuvenation is the application of stem cells. Such cells, which can develop into any other type of cells in the human body. These scientists promise to extend human life is the maximum possible time limit, if this has a lot to improve the quality of life. And true, efficiency in the use of stem cells has been proven in many cases, the rejuvenation treatment of diseases such as leukemia, congenital disorders of the immune system functions, etc. the Activity of stem cells is directed to the body rejuvenation in general: people disappear wrinkles, improves the overall feel, restores the metabolism.

However, not all so good as it seems at first glance. Research in the field of cellular medicine and especially stem cells, started relatively recently, and the consequences of their application to predict is quite difficult. Already known is the fact that the application of stem cells, the organism may trigger the development of cancer.

Spanish researchers from the experimental, through the proven fact that after the introduction of the stem cells, which have long been grown outside of the organism, they have turned to the cancer tumor.



One more modern way to rejuvenation may be called photo-rejuvenation, which is based on the heat flux of the skin veils (the action of high light intensity, selectively вырабатывающего impulses to the wavelength of 550-1200 nm). Already after a few sessions фотоомоложения has observed a positive impact: loss of small wrinkles, pigment spots, increases skin tone, improves the complexion. This is a quick, convenient and relatively safe way of skin exfoliation, face-neck. One session lasts an average of 15-20 min. But whether фотоомоложения has its own disadvantages. First of all, it is only visible rejuvenation of the skin, in no way affects the health of the organism in general. Second, the conversations фотоомоложения is contraindicated for people with over смуглой skin, pregnant women, diseases of the blood -, skin-and onkoloogiliste diseases. Usually photo-rejuvenation takes place in conjunction with other means of rejuvenation.


The essence of this method of rejuvenation is the introduction of active substances skin problems, after which it is expected the restoration of features to restore the skin of the skin. If the aid mesotherapy излечиваются such skin problems such as acne, cellulite, wrinkles. It is quite a safe way of skin long-term effects, but also how to and photo-rejuvenation, he has directed only cosmetic improve the appearance of the skin. Moreover, after the active substances of the skin in deep layers, some people have mentioned cases of allergic reactions to enter medications (redness, dilated blood vessels, etc.). Thus, before the conduct of this operation, the rejuvenation, people have the need to pass a full medical examination of the body. Mesotherapy contraindicated during pregnancy, menstruation and irregularities clotting.


Deep peeling

Deep peeling is also the possibility of rejuvenation, which is carried out using the technical achievements in medicine. It is to remove the hard skin cells, after which it is expected the cell regeneration of the skin cover. Exfoliation can eliminate acne, small wrinkles, small skin defects. However, this method is in itself quite травматичен and dangerous. Conversations deep peeling should be performed, if the aid анестезирующих medicines and only highly qualified professionals. After неграмотного to make such procedures likely to develop irreversible changes of the skin.

Plastic surgery

Many stars of show business and other popular people resorting to such a method to rejuvenate as plastic surgery. This operation the braces and remove the excess skin. Procedure of plastic operations are performed under general anesthesia. This method is good, that people should not regularly attend the clinic on procedures for conducting the rejuvenating effect is visible already after the first operation, and is maintained for 5-7 years. Disadvantages of this method - it is, above all, the fact that surgical intervention, which is not at all rejuvenates the skin and just her struggles. The need for antibiotic use and other medications can also affect your health.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling - this operation remove the top layer of the skin, using a variety of acids, which is transferred to the thin layer of the skin during the procedure. This method of peeling is used to such medication such as phenol, трихлоруксусная acid and other tools. This method of the skin allows to achieve quick results: removal of wrinkles, acne, after removing the old skin cells are activated to restore the processes of the cells of the skin cover. One of the main drawbacks of the chemical peel is a skin redness, which can last up to within a week (depends on the medicines used to treat). When used in glycol-mandatory result is the skin flaking, which offers a certain degree of discomfort.

Bio gels and themes

Application биогелей and the direction of the facelift also aimed at facial rejuvenation. Is the skin covers the face and neck are brought биостимуляторы actively affect the respiratory cells that form collagen and elastin. Introduction to bio gel and армирование golden threads are similar to the principles as follows: activate the education of skin proteins. This is a quite modern way to rejuvenation, where the skin improves the complexion, disappearing wrinkles. However, this method has its contraindications: the operation cannot be carried out in the event of violations of blood clotting pathologies, pregnancy, inflammatory diseases of the skin.


Mask anti-aging

One of the easiest ways of rejuvenation is the application of a special rejuvenating mask. On contact with the skin, the active ingredients masks moisturizing and nourishing him. The Mask is made of both natural products, so the and chemical way. Many manufacturers have rejuvenating mask for the face believe that the aging of the skin - is no longer a problem, because the effectiveness of these masks publish the cell level, accelerates cell regeneration of the skin, slows the aging process and restore the skin metabolism. However, not all manufacturers masks rejuvenation добросовестны - is the probability of non-compliant components in the composition of the mask

Therefore, it is better to use a mask of his own manufacture, natural food. It is worth remembering that some people may have the hypersensitivity to so or otherwise parts, so that the initially select for himself the most suitable type of masks.

ELOS-the young, the extension of

More and more popular lately has become the ELOS-young extension. This method of skin based on the combined effect of light energy and the flow of the radio range. This technology stimulates the collagen and elastin from the inside. Using technology ELOS-rejuvenation can get rid of age spots, skin blemishes, acne as well as remove wrinkles. Shortcomings is the procedure, soreness, redness of the skin.

Медикаментозное rejuvenation

It should be mentioned and медикаментозном rejuvenation, it is rejuvenation, using a variety of medicines, hormonal medicines, supplements. Now a range of similar medications is so large that to choose the appropriate tool there are great difficulties. The most effective is the application of antioxidants. It is a substance that prevents the disease development and inhibit aging processes in the body. Important it is to their advantage is that they have a rejuvenating effect on the whole organism as a whole, not only the skin, face, or neck. However, you should be careful while choosing the rejuvenating medicines, take into account the sensitivity of your organism to one or the other of the components.