Partial laser resurfacing of the face, lasernoorendus

Light wrinkles in the area of the eye and hardly marked nasolabial folds but gives heavy shape, and even some strength. Well, the modern cosmetics allow qualitative disguise as the age of the characters, so and skin blemishes.


However, the first procedures should be carried out just in this period, if it is possible to implement sustainable methods to restore the qualities of young skin. But the more solid the ages are not worth the waive – innovative hardware technology are doing wonders, if not a single drop of exaggeration. One of the most effective destinations is the partial laser resurfacing of the face.

What constitutes the laser partial rejuvenation

Laser partial to the young of extension – an innovative hardware method orgasmi of high efficiency, safety, short period of rehabilitation. The underlying methodology – notice of short-term impact on the energy of the laser to the skin of the person (body).

Partial laser, which is used in cosmetics, the launch of a mechanism to produce collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the dermis, which will change the structure of the skin – it becomes tight and elastic solid color.


Partial rejuvenation of the skin of the person shown in the men and women of all ages. Peeling takes place in different parts of the face-and bodypainting. After attending the course anti-aging sessions are observed the following effects:

  • deep wrinkles become weakly expressed, low – sileneb;
  • stains disappear or are pale;
  • to solve the scars;
  • remove stretch marks, enlarged grid;
  • smoothed atrophic scars of acne.

Partial laser skin rejuvenation – not only energy, but also an effective anti-inflammatory method that peeling it will also be helpful and to treat acne scars and acne.

The characteristics of exfoliation of the skin

The essence of the method of partial rejuvenation is short-term radio frequency radiation to a certain area of the body, resulting in thermal microtrauma. The neighborhood fabric is not compromised. The local thermal effect causing the acceleration of the "sleeping" cells, start a process to produce collagen and elastin, the death of a ballast tank cells.

Special preparation for accession is not necessary. 2 weeks before the visit to the beautician is required to complete all the procedures that can damage the skin (deep cleansing of the face, chemical peeling) to cancel the hiking to the beach and a solarium.


Recovery takes place individually, which is related to the body's features, skin type, age of the patients. Within 15 days after the session can not sunbathe, go swimming pool, sauna, beach. You can (and need) to use only those cosmetic products, which recommended the doctor.