Laser skin rejuvenation: is it dangerous?

The years take their, and your skin is your face no longer looks unassailable, despite the comprehensive maintenance. Many women in this situation, decided to radical methods, but cosmetic surgery plastic surgeon would want to not all. What is the alternative? Yes: this is a partial lasernoorendus. This procedure rightly believe are safer, less painful and easier to wear on the body, when a surgical intervention. However, completely comfortable with this also in any way can not be called.Would need to drive through is not the most favorable period of rehabilitation (though he is much "softer", if the rehabilitation after the operation). To understand what constitutes a partial rejuvenation using laser and we will respond to the main question: is it dangerous is it?

before and after

The essence of the procedure

If laser partial rejuvenation of the skin literally "polished" effects of the use of high temperature. In fact, this is the essence of every facelift procedure using the laser, but in operation, the partial type has its own specifics. Let's start with the fact that this procedure takes place at a higher temperature than laser hair removal or removing acne. Laser apparatus for surgery partial types, to be manipulated very quickly, because you can literally burn the skin. Therefore, it is so important to the activities of the trust only the most experienced cosmetologists.

Researching information on laser rejuvenation the respective sites, may be the creator of such operation, the wonderful and the fantastic: disappearing scars, wrinkles, acne, the skin looks oily becomes normal — and all this is one session? Whether all this is true? Disappoint you: no. Of course, this procedure is really one of the most effective. Of course, the stress effects on the body after partial rejuvenation is less than other procedures. But the problems however are, and not such a small amount. A description of them.

  1. Can't get rid of just the same as all of the wrinkles. Acting in the epidermis, can be removed only miimikakortse, and here are the deep folds thus do not fix.
  2. Can't remove your scars and other unwanted education for once. There should be at least three sessions. It is the difference between the session be completed in about 6 months, so that the general maturity times difficult year.
  3. To treat acne using the partial effect is very undesirable. Acne is able to fight using the laser, but it is worth to choose more sustainable in the procedure, the effect is not of such high temperatures.
  4. The procedure is not very pleasant: the discomfort, the pain is just inevitable. A kind of "anesthesia" here is the case: the unpleasant feeling (though slightly smaller), even if before the procedure the treated skin to touch.
  5. After the surgery can not be avoided rehab period, is itself not a pleasant feeling. The skin will improve at least two weeks, with the during the week and it would not have a higher protective layer. So after the procedure should not go in the sun and certainly need lubrication special creams and ointments.

What may have unpleasant consequences?

First of all, do not be frightened then, than after the session the skin of the face blush and burn. This is not a sign of a failed operation and a natural reaction. A few hours after the surgery may swell the skin around the nose and eyes — this is also natural. That swelling quickly gone, the power, the excessive liquid from the body: take a diuretic, do not eat salty and acute.

I woke up the next day after the procedure, then the horror of discovering the face of ichor? Then he hardened and formed over the entire face of the nasty cream? Don't worry, this is also natural. Phototherapy is the type of means for removing the top protective layer of the skin — and under the crust there will be a new. So touching your face, trying to thwart the cream, cannot in any case: can be infection and then stay with the scarred face. The crust applies itself at least in tissue repair. This process started only one week after the operation not before that time. And then about another month the person is pink and very sensitive towards the light — so is included in the cream.

Side effects after partial rejuvenation also come. The skin may be poured, may be a couple of days the itch, you can buy uneven color. All this is sooner or later going to be, but the feeling is very unpleasant. They are more likely to occur if a patient with particularly sensitive skin, the girls with vascular dystonia.

Maintenance after partial rejuvenation is determined individually, but are general recommendations. Worth wash with hot water, this of course is not hot. Better still is to use Ozonated water. Any scrub and peel until the skin is fully restored. Go in the sun should not be at least a week and another a week later, after that you can go only causes the face cream to the degree of protection of not less than 30. Well, be careful to treat your body in general: sleep, vitamins. The right of rehabilitation to forget the unpleasant feelings can be as early as two weeks!