Skin rejuvenation of the person of human resources in their homes

And before you do the facial rejuvenation people means you need to familiarize yourself with some rules of their applications, which will help you avoid problems with the skin in the future.

The basic rules of rejuvenating home

Recipes for exfoliation is effective only if implement them correctly. The word "correctly" effect is subject to the following rules:

  1. All ingredients used must be fresh. Otherwise, waiting for you to inflammation and skin irritation.
  2. Implement ready home remedies head immediately after their preparation. The maximum life is their retention is 3 hours.
  3. Before the application of the boiled instruments must be carefully washed his face with the application of an antibacterial substance found in soap. The active components of the composition of the cooked resources, almost instantly penetrates deep into the epidermis through the pores and "gathered way," is all that is on the skin surface. If it is pollution, these microscopic particles can penetrate the skin. The result – redness, inflammation, pimples, etc.
  4. When preparing the masks should not be used with metal kitchen fixtures. Contact with metal and the effect of oxygen products are begun quickly to oxidize and degenerate into, this results in the reduction of shelf life of cooked mask and reduce its efficiency.
skin rejuvenation

Here is such simple rules need to follow folk skin rejuvenation. Now, if you know how to use the "grandfather" of technical beauty, let's talk about their preparation.

Recipes rejuvenating masks

Traditional methods of facial exfoliation does not need a strong financial outlay. Mask is prepared with different ingredients, which is available in every home. So, let's start.

The first granny a recipe for wrinkles, what I would like to say, helps improve skin tone, moisture and bleaching. And this is the usual sour cream. With the when she thicker, the better. If the home is cream, then you can also use them.

Their milk contains huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which is essential for the skin coating, to prevent aging. Sour cream or cream can be used as a separate tool. They need to be served out of the refrigerator and put on the table for at least half an hour, that they are warmed to room temperature. After this cream must be worn on the skin of the face anywhere from 25-40 minutes. Then left in the maxi should be removed with a cotton swab, which is pre-dipped in warm milk.

Another granny recipe for a face scrub, which deserves respect. This application aloe leaves with honey. Succulent leaves of aloe contain in its composition substances which promote the skin regeneration of the cover and increases the collagen synthesis. And the honey relieves inflammation and makes the skin with an antiseptic effect. But before you start to prepare the mask of these ingredients, it is necessary to prepare the leaves of aloe.

These should be wrapped in the impenetrable cloth and put in refrigerator 10-14 days. After that you can use them. Pages may be lightly black, this is nothing. Just cut away those parts, which darkened. Aloe leaf, squeeze the juice out and mix it with honey in equal parts. The mixture apply on face for 15 minutes, but after the remaining mask rinse with warm chamomile broth.

Multi-mask facial rejuvenation

Is multi granny recipes beautiful wrinkles, which is also very effective. For example, the rejuvenating mask, which consists of:

  • the juice of aloe leaves – 1 tsp.;
  • raw egg yolk (if skin is oily, use a protein);
  • the oil solutions (A and E – literally ½ teaspoon.;
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1 tsp.;
  • honey – 1 tsp.;
  • the chemistry of glycerin – 1 teaspoon.

All of these components must be mixed together and put the mixture on the face, about 15-20 minutes. Wash the mask can be a conventional hot water.

Another not less effective grandmother's recipe for wrinkles requires the application of the following ingredients:

  • oatmeal;
  • cream;
  • olive oil;
  • egg yolk;
  • wheat flour.

Since the oats need to prepare a meal. For this purpose you can use the grinder. Oat flour mixed with 2 tablespoons cream. Give the mass a little stand that it has increased slightly. After this there can be added to egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. If the mass turned out to be quite thick, add the wheat flour do not need. But if he you have become liquid, then add the flour to the "eye". Consistency of the mask should be similar to sour cream.

The mixture obtained should be entered on the face and leave the effects to 30 minutes. After this the mask can be rinsed in warm milk or normal water.

There are also other recipes rejuvenating masks. They are all good, but are effective only if they are used regularly and over long periods of time. Remember that folk remedies for a face rejuvenation in force gradually, but give permanent results.