How to rejuvenate skin at home

Every woman dream of this, that in every situation look attractive and young people, regardless of biological age. What age women have always been second to the mystery, should be applied to the corresponding skin care. Here it is important to bear in mind the skin type and the already according to this choose to rejuvenate and maintenance tools. Below we look at how to rejuvenate skin at home.

Don't need to waste a whole family budget, your youth. It is, after all, the tools for rejuvenating the skin, you can create your own home and the impact they have, by no means worse, if the money out of the cosmetics shop. Use here can even products, which expired in your refrigerator or those who are in the home of every lady.

Recipes for a beautiful home

  1. Egg yolk, flour and milk you can prepare an excellent rejuvenating mask. Must take into account the proportion: 5 g of flour dissolved in 5 ml of milk to get the consistency of "thick cream". Add the egg yolk. Derived from the consistency of the heel of the problematic zone about a quarter of an hour, then wash the face with water and lemon juice. After that, apply a moisturizer the procedure is completed, and maintenance. This kind of mask the smoothest small eye wrinkles and makes the skin a natural glow and beauty.
  2. Another option is to curant and rejuvenating effects can be a potato mask. Need to prepare mashed potatoes, shook the potatoes in the olive oil and milk, and, until the sauce is still warm, transfer to the skin of approximately 1/3 of the hours. This mask is best to rinse with lukewarm running water. It gives excellent effects of sagging skin and helps to deal with dry.
  3. If nagis with the grain lost 100 grams hercule in the porridge and the skin tends to grease the Shine, then this is the mask for you. Apart from the above-mentioned amount of herculean it is necessary to take 170 ml milk and 10 ml of oil (can be taken as vegetable and olive oil). All mix and allow to cool to room temperature and transfer to the skin for about twenty — thirty minutes. Rinse should be with warm boiled water and then wear any of the maintenance cream that you prefer.
  4. If your goal is leads, then here is useful to you curd and sour cream in the proportions of 1:2 with a pinch of salt. To transfer the obtained mask to the face, then rinse with mineral water and apply a moisturizer.
  5. From the overripe bananas, expired in your refrigerator, also you can prepare a rejuvenating mask. It has to be porridge with milk, apart from wear it on the skin for 30 minutes. Cleanse the skin better dipped in milk cotton disc or cotton. Apart from this heel care cream. Banana well moisturizes the skin and helps to smooth out eye wrinkles.

You can meet very different to how the anti-aging, so just care about the masks, the main thing among this variety to choose the suitable just for you! Try and look for the desired effect!