Skin rejuvenation around the eyes

Desiring to produce the impression of people, we, first of all, we pay attention to his eyes. Value is all – the size of the pupil (in the eye, the location of the eyelids and brows, take in in addition to-"raid" the lack of red veins "proteins", the brightness, the colors of the "iris". Unfortunately, the eye give not only our mood, but also age.

Regarding the specialist, cosmetology problems in the zone around the eyes are divided into:

  1. wrinkles around the eyes
  2. the lower the elasticity of the skin, pigmentation
  3. the "bags" under the eyes, swelling of the
  4. nasolacrimal furrow
  5. song the upper and lower eyelid
  6. dark circles under the eyes
Skin rejuvenation around the eyes

Often these problems are related to each other - one of the draws to itself another. Usually starts with all the decline in the elastic properties of the skin and the sluggish phenomenon of the micro vessels in the zone around the eyes. Lost elasticity, the skin starts to "ramp": the border between the sockets and cheek, down shifted, the eye will start seeing more old due to the fact that soft tissue more are not covered by the lower edge of the eye socket is, it is covered only stretched century. Here it is very important to "grab" early on in the process, that does not let the skin seriously shifted. Otherwise, pull it can be only surgically.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes should start to recover this elasticity, strengthening muscle and bone, and accelerating the cell exchange in this area. But this does not mean that there is a standard course in rejuvenation "for all". Typically, cosmetologists are choosing the methodology, taking into account existing problems and the current state of the skin of the patient.

Problem 1. Wrinkles around the eyes

Erase wrinkles around the eyes will help to injections of botulinum toxin. This is a one-time procedure, the result of which becomes noticeable through 2-7 days, and maintained the effect for 3-6 months.

It is very important to remove wrinkles, correctly, that the compensatory they do not appear in the nose (sometimes there is such), to give a beautiful and natural situation, eyebrows not complicate the swelling, to maintain the personality of the skin. This is achieved by correct choice of the point of introduction of the toxin and the application of additional methods of rejuvenation, more – hardware cosmetology.

Problem 2. The lower the elasticity of the skin, pigmentation

Improve the elasticity of the skin and get rid of pigmentation, and at the same time and small in addition to help to the combined program, which include chemical peeling, mesoteraapiat or biorevitalization. Mesotherapy from biorevitalisation different is only the use of medications. When biorevitalisation this hyaluronic acid a fairly large molecule, which allows it to stay longer on the skin and provide a more pronounced rejuvenating effect.

Biorevitalization designated interval of two weeks and the intermittent times peeling. The optimal program of rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes consists of alternately: four biorevitalisation and four peeling (the interval between them is one week).

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes is recommended to use the medication, which is designed specially to this area, in order to increase the efficiency of carrying out procedures and make their as possible to physiologic.

Problem 3. The "bags" under the eyes, swelling of the

Patients who have "bags" under the eyes is shown lymphatic drainage procedure, such as micro-current treatment, which allows to strengthen the skin and to remove stagnant phenomenon. The result is noticeable already after 2-3 procedures, but the long-lasting effect, it is desirable to pass the course - 10-15 procedures 2-3 times a week.

Problem 4. Nasolacrimal furrow

This is one of the most "unpleasant" age changes in - furrow, going to be the internal corner of the eyes diagonally on the cheek. He appeared as a result of the age shift and sagging skin.

Delete deep if they can help gels based on stabilized hyaluronic acid – the so-called Filling. This procedure is one of the most impactful - filling of furrows literally before the eyes of all "rejuvenates" the face 5 to 10 years. The procedure is quick and virtually painless. Results last 6-12 months.

Problem 5. Song the upper and lower eyelid

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes is the best methods

The principle of times of correction bags over and under the eyes: physiological lipolysis without of fat cells breaking, strengthen the eyelid skin to restore the fabric of the circular muscles of the eyes. This medicine is used for training, mesotherapy and contains a patented high-tech complex, which consists of 4-x biomimetic peptide, which has the approval of the manufacturer, today is not an analogy of aesthetic medicine.

The result appears already after the 4-x times. The formula intensively reduces the volume and severity of periorbital herniations, due to the less volume of subcutaneous fat, lymphatic drainage, and strengthen the front wall of the orbit. In doing so, if the medicinal product does not contain direct lipolytic, which makes its use in this sensitive zone completely safe and exceptionally effective.

If this method is not suitable for, is the song removed surgically – surgery century is called blepharoplasty.

The preparation of plastic surgeries is advisable to spend therapy training cosmetology methods. It will greatly improve the course of the postoperative period and significantly reduce the risk of complications.

Problem 6. Dark circles under the eyes

To get rid of dark circles under the eyes can also help mesotherapy. Ideally, it is happening in the u.s. – 6-8 procedure. This is the same methodology is depicted in smokers and people, practically not there in the fresh air. It refreshes the face and improves the elasticity of the skin, the eyes acquire a shine and clarity.

If you have more than 25 years, then you certainly came to& k, the beautician. You have developed a program individual to prevent aging, given the anatomical specificity of the faces. Someone threatens a song, someone dark brown circles around eyes, someone "crows feet". Experienced beautician immediately see your "weak spots", and gives advice on what to look for.

There is a common misconception ", the beautician, if later you contact, the better" completely wrong! Because of its large number of people yearning for the ability of preventing aging of the face and the skin around your eyes.

Finally, note that we should not forget the most effective rejuvenation zone around the eyes. It has a full sleep, fresh air and absence of bad habits.