Lasernoorendus: procedure reviews

Aging is a natural process, which has been exposed to all the body's tissues. Particularly noticeable age changes in the human face: already 25 years begins to change the skin texture become visible blood vessels appear as areas of hyperpigmentation. In order to restore its former beauty, there is a need to launch a natural mechanism for updates and cell growth. Familiarize yourself with the methodology, which is specially developed for this purpose. Find out what is lasernoorendus, why it is considered efficient and affordable.


Types of laser resurfacing

All laser facial treatment will take place after consultation with the doctor-cosmetologist. Peeling – is no exception. The specialist should review the patient's skin, identify problems areas, to rule out contraindications and to determine opportunities for the application of time grinding. Depending on the age, the severity of the problem in the selected period, the impact of the laser on the face and the length of the width. Laser peeling can be superficial, middle and deep.


The method is gentle and soft – the effect of the laser occurs only in the skin. Superficial peel suitable for any skin type, suitable for men and women, whose skin has small errors. Superficial peeling does not need pre-anesthesia. Its duration – 20 to 40 minutes. The procedure laser resurfacing can help:

  • to improve the color, texture, skin the skin;
  • delete early wrinkles;
  • lighten and clear the skin.

The average

The impact of place cells and the epidermis and the basal layer. In order to achieve the best results, sanding recommended to repeat the 1 time 3 to 6 month period. Before laser resurfacing is recommended to prepare the skin. The effect lasts for 6 to 12 months. The duration of the laser peeling – from 20 to 60 minutes. The possible use of painkillers tools. Laser procedure effectively:

  • improves the complexion;
  • helps to reduce small in addition to;
  • removes melasma;
  • is able to even eliminate dark circles under the eyes.


Such a peeling means deletion of the epidermal layer of the skin. Rejuvenating effect is noticeable immediately after the laser procedure. Time for the exfoliation it is recommended to use general or local pain. In these areas, which affect the laser:

  • speeds up the collagen formation;
  • evens the skin a relief;
  • disappear moderate wrinkles;
  • created a powerful lifting effect.

The indications of the procedure to make

Laser resurfacing of the face recommended for women who want to:

  • improve näoovaali;
  • pull the skin;
  • younger several years;
  • erase crow's feet around the eyes;
  • align the tone of the person to improve the color;
  • reduce wrinkles, age and face);
  • collapse the pores;
  • makes skin supple, smooth, elastic;
  • to hide the traces of acne scars;
  • cleanse the skin of dirt;
  • to get rid of stretch marks.

Whether eelkoolitus

Although some experts say that the preparations for the laser rejuvenation is not mandatory, it is not worth to forget him. It is easy to do yourself. Before laser resurfacing is not recommended to clean the face, sunbathe in the solarium. In the summer it is necessary to apply special protective creams from the sun. 2-4 days prior to the session best not to use decorative cosmetics. Daily times, the person must be clean, without any cosmetics. Immediately before the sessions of the rejuvenation specialist cleanses the skin, where in the processing a touch.

How partial facial skin rejuvenation

Laser beautician facial carried out in a special apparatus, of which the surface is placed in the photovoltaic elements, the penetration of the pulses of light beneath the skin. Speed on small bunches. The fabric is just intensely heated, without strong damage. Every the client doctor decides which certain parameters of the effect. For example, if you delete a small addition to the penetration depth is smaller than, expressed, and flabbiness of the face.

Before laser resurfacing of the skin is transferred to a touch of cream. Duration of 1 session – no more than 60 minutes. All this time the laser is on the move. Even a minute confusion threatens significant harm if the lawn. Thanks to the procedure laser resurfacing is produced by the micro-scelerisque treatment area – lesions of the skin and skin renewal. After the processing is transferred to the skin soothing cream.

Lasernoorendus readings

If the time should achieve this effect

Reviews laser face rejuvenation many: one is, this procedure fell on the soul, in others there are unpleasant consequences or no significant impact. The advantages are note valutus, affordable prices, visible results after the first session. It was noted that if follow all the doctor's recommendations and make the recommended procedures, the healing after the procedure takes place much faster. Already the next day after the facial resurfacing can be used for tonal instruments.

Have different procedures, the number of rejuvenation depending on the skin quality, age, the extent to which the severity of the problems. The impact of these is seen on the right, so, if the client is happy with the result, need not be conducted yet. In general:

  • re the conversation for 1-2 months;
  • there are in total may be 3 or 4;
  • missing is the 1-2 times a year, to keep the interior of skin, is less, in addition to the face;
  • in order to avoid age-related changes is necessary 1 time to arrange the grinding laser special saving parameters.

How to take care of their facial skin after the treatment

The "new" skin is particularly sensitive, tends to dermatitis, that it is necessary to carefully take care of:

  • Immediately after the procedure, the doctor makes a face of a special solution or ointment, to heal the skin.
  • On the client provides an antibacterial treatment to prevent rot diseases.
  • Is the healing period recommended tools, which include dexpantenol. Definitely need to use sunscreen with a high protection factor.
  • Per day times you can wash, but undesirable, sauna and swimming pool.

If the patient will be made the deep skin resurfacing with lasers, it can be recommended to spend a week in the clinic. During this period, is formed of a thin epidermal layer and 1-2 month after, then he partly improved. If, after a laser peeling for a long time remained the red color of the skin of the skin, are allowed to use the products I cosmetics. Do not pull on the crust, that the face of, otherwise you could be bringing in dirt. Note:

  1. Useful laundry cooked and ozonated water.
  2. It is forbidden to use scrub and kartulikoori, until the skin acquires its normal color.
  3. Recovery after laser exfoliation happens faster if you drink to strengthen the vitamins, regularly visit in the open air and the air in the room.
  4. If you experience intense swelling, experts advise to drink less water to limit the receipts of salt. Shown to make hyaluronic acid mask.

Whether there are contraindications and side effects

After medium and deep peeling is almost always painful to face, even if before the procedure is to use the painkillers. A couple of hours the skin is red, he has some very swelling of the zone around the nose, around the eyes. There are cases when the problem is gone and a couple of days, for example, the treated area developed in the water bead. So the body tries more quickly to come to themselves after the test shock.

After laser resurfacing likely that such side effects are face, such as rash, itching, especially women, are prone to allergies. The treated area may change the texture of the derma – not excluded, burns, peeling, milium. Some have active herpes, scars, scarring, hyperpigmentation. Many of the symptoms and side effects after a few days without any traces.

Quantum rejuvenation is contraindicated in late intentionally, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Do not make the procedure for people who are under the age of 18 years. Lasernoorendus does not take place if there is:

  • verehaigus, which is related to his poor coagulability;
  • oncological diseases;
  • infectious disease;
  • diabetes;
  • psychiatric disorders;
  • heart disease;
  • herpes in the zone of suspected impact;
  • hypotension, hypertension;
  • illness viral etiologies.

Photo before and after laser resurfacing

Already 3-4 days after the first session of rejuvenation is observed in the positive changes: the skin becomes noticeably smooth, improves its colour, structure, sileneb of small wrinkles, pores narrowing, become tightened eyelids. If the same pass complete shed, began in the sui rejuvenation of tissues. Decreases wrinkles, in addition, has created kollageenikiude. If the past is a woman or a man turned to the beautician, this is more noticeable in the non-surgical näoplastika and correction. Read the photo before and after polishing.

Lasernoorendus before and after

Reviews results

  • Faith, 36 years: the Fall is a beloved granny had a birthday and the gift is for the selected certificate to the salon. As a woman she is modern, I decided to try the miracle procedure called laser nonperforated face. After photorejuvenation and sessions massage granny passed melasma, improvement in the condition of the skin, is lost in the mesh of capillaries. His new goal – a plastic person in a couple of years.
  • Irina 34 year:Laser facelift – this is a discovery that has made this year. Always skeptical of the attitude in expensive cosmetic procedures, peeling, up advice girlfriend not tasted this procedure. After the laser face peel is a mild discomfort, but worth it to close the eyes – the result is worth it! Grateful to the doctors for it, to ensure a youthful skin.
  • Olga, 20:technology in laser resurfacing has experienced a year ago, when the mother way to the hospital. Prior to this, I read also different opinions on: the impact and effects of the phenomena. In fact, it's not so crazy – laser-machine photos, who used doctor, not not hurt. Turned to the clinic for treatment (leveling and teeth persons) and, finally, thanks to this reference is missing even acne.