A partial facial skin rejuvenation

A partial facial skin rejuvenation

Partial facial rejuvenation – one of the most advanced methods, which includes women fighting for the extension of youth.

This procedure is a decent alternative to other more radical methods of correction of age-related changes.

The working principle of

Searching for information about pro partial rejuvenation can also be found in a number of its other alternative names. This laser partial rejuvenation, and photo-rejuvenation, and the DOT-therapy (dot).

Partial photo-rejuvenation – this peeling of the surface and deep layers of the skin by means of exposure to this laser.

The principle as follows it is the same with laser resurfacing, but with more depth, which exhibits the direct side effect is rejuvenation and pulling up the skin, but also in the long term restore. But about that later.

The advantage of the procedure is that the use of photorejuvenation helps to solve immediately a series of problems: in addition to the direct anti-aging effects will be resolved, and other cosmetology tasks (evens skin pigmentation, narrowing the pores and eliminate smaller scars or scars).

This multi-functional procedure today got a decent niche among others in cosmetology methods of correction of skin blemishes and enjoys great popularity.

Apparatus photorejuvenation represents a compact device, the working surface, which are the pv cells which produce laser beams.

The greater the efficiency of the stream of laser beams, which are produced from the photocell, which is divided into the micro speed, which consists of the work of the laser-grating the skin peeling. The speed is very warm and thin, which allows the procedure to be more efficient.

Just before the grinding of the skin to cause the anesthetic to reduce the unpleasant and sometimes even painful feeling to a minimum.

Reviews say, that still may have to withstand some discomfort despite the painkillers.

The aggressive effect of the laser stimulates a series of processes:

  • starts regenerative processes;
  • The Horny and old skin layers, die and exfoliate;
  • the body begins to actively produce elastin and collagen, which is necessary for skin rejuvenation.

A specialist can monitor the force of impact of the laser the skin characteristics, skin to cover and the client's needs.

The working principle of

Depending on the penetration depth of the beam can be distinguished two types of treatment effects with different effect:

  1. Ablative effect is this effect more pronounced on the surface of the skin the skin at the expense of the low spread in advance. Under the intense exposure is damage to the micro-zones, which starts the regenerative process and tighten the skin, exerting a pronounced lifting-effect already after the first session;
  2. Non-ablative effect occurs in deeper skin layers. The impact of it stays longer, but necessary, he is rather mature skin marked frown. The outer layer of the skin the skin is not doing so encounter this kind of aggressive action laser.

A competent specialist must choose the desired effect. Ideally, during the procedure, photorejuvenation must harmoniously combine the different ways of laser resurfacing: superficial and deeper that the update touched all the structure of the skin the skin.

Indications and contraindications application procedure

By the way, applies to photo-rejuvenation, you can not only face, but also in other areas of the skin, but it is worth consulting your doctor.

The specialist will tell you whether it is effective in a specific case and can help to cope with problems, not creating it is new.

The procedure is recommended for use from 30 – 35 years, despite the clear instructions on not.

To understand, whether the photo-rejuvenation useful, should study the list of statements to use:

  • the emergence of the skin stretch marks the various causes;
  • the presence of rosacea;
  • scars and acne;
  • scars;
  • the lack of pigmentation are skin the skin;
  • signs of degradation of the skin (skin firmness, gastroparesis, sagging);
  • the existence of wrinkles.

Photo-rejuvenation is sent to the decision that all the above problems. Perhaps enough for a single repeat, but it can happen, and frequently.

Lasernoorendus characterized by a very aggressive effect on the skin covers, so there are a number of contraindications for the use of the DOT-treatment.

Photo-rejuvenation does not pay to implement:

  • if the skin in the area of expected impact is inflammation, or trauma;
  • if the contagious affects of the skin;
  • acute psoriasis;
  • the existence of allergies;
  • if there is malignant tumors;
  • epilepsy.

In addition, such a rigid (sometimes even cruel) procedure is not advisable to go through the pregnant and women in lactation period.

It is also worth procedure postponed, if there is doubt in the condition – colds, or elevated temperature of unknown cause.

Does not pay to try to combine photo-rejuvenation with other aggressive types of cosmetology.

If recently skin covers are also open to other procedures, it should be tolerated during recess.

The Overlay of the various corrective cosmetics activity may lead to inadequate skin reaction, until the education of the scars.

 before and after

Recovery time

The procedure takes quite a bit of time. Usually enough for only 7 – 10 minutes of exposure to the laser beam, to exert a sufficient effect on the skin. After this begins the long process of rehabilitation.

Strictly speaking, before joining the skin to its normal state you can go through about a month, after that the effects of photorejuvenation lasts for about a year. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure.

The first few days after exposure to the laser beam a person may swell. About the other day is the skin cover must occur in the crust.

Of these the most during the first hours and even days skin quite vulnerable and requires careful treatment in accordance with the instructions of a specialist.

Restore the skin and the correct care of is his also in this stage is essential elements of treatment: dependent on them, the speed and quality of regenerative processes.

You need to use ointment and avoid exposure to sunlight. About two weeks the skin should itself loose surrounded by its crust, which is gradually is softened under the influence of the naturally production of the body collagen and elastin.

After about another month of time the skin covers are pinkish hue, which over time is that the lightening and come back.

In no case do not pay past the time to try yourself to remove the treated zone, this protective layer of skin – this kind of initiative can lead to there long time no scarring.

This period is not recommended to visit a solarium. Still must protect your skin from uv rays. A month later, it is possible to fully assess the results of DOT-treatment.

Reviews say that after a long period of rehabilitation of the species updated the skin completely corresponds to the declared side effects of the procedure. To ensure that the result may pass through the photo-rejuvenation process several times.

Despite the long time to restore, a partial rejuvenation is an effective procedure that really contribute to skin times.

Reviews called photo-rejuvenation to save the people the difficulty of skin protection.