A healthy body and youth secrets

Old age is worried about the people from the beginning. For centuries he tries to find the secret of youth. But instead, that one secret he has found several methods of rejuvenation.  why is ageing организи Content

  • Why the organism is ageing?
    • Especially in women the body's aging
    • Is it possible to slow down aging?
  • Ways to slow down aging
    • Geroprotectors rejuvenation
    • Adaptogens
    • Citamins
    • Biogenic stimulants
    • Lipotropes
    • Kelaatoreid
    • Antioxidants
  • Medications old age
    • Fibroblasts slow down aging
    • How to not let the brain of the parents to remain?
  • The psychology of youth
  • Sex and the ageing of the organism
  • Aging prevention
  • Conclusion

Why the organism is ageing?

The human organism starts aging, yet at the age of 12, when his cells complete their coenzyme. Each cell is encoded with a certain number of allocation. The cell eventually stops working, if the telomere of his end becomes shorter each his share, after a certain number of such distribution to the die. The brain is constantly something loses, then it creates new neurons as well as communication between the two. Еженощно he is busy in repair of the organism, information processing, what he can of the day. But there are also other causes of aging, which has been successfully creates the people themselves. It is: the ecology, mode, sleep-wakefulness cycle, diet, sports, mental load, mental attitude.

Especially in women the body's aging

 оссобенности women the body's aging

Female organism starts aging at a young age. Already 17-year-old girl may notice the first signs of crows feet in the area of the skin around your eyes, the small wrinkles on the forehead and eyebrows, dry skin and grayish complexion. 35-year-old woman may be wondering how to slow down the body's aging process. Because in this age, depending on individual specificities, are starting to emerge other signs of aging:

  • Your hair will become dull, begin to fall out.
  • The skin is more taut, it will be less soft.
  • The skin tone becomes uneven.
  • Over time, the corners of the eyes, eyebrows and lips are falling.
  • Cheeks begin to lose elasticity, forming the folds is filled with women.
  • Around the eyes occur dark circles, appeared edema.
  • Forehead wrinkles deeper.
  • The overall appearance of a person loses the dynamic, appeared tired look.
  • The skin of the hands becomes thinner and drier.
  • The neck is too old will wear морщинками, but it becomes visible after 40 years.
  • Appears topeltlõug.
  • The breast starts to lose its shape.
  • Simultaneously, the body of aging of fat in the body will be unevenly distributed, concentrating in the area of the abdomen, shoulders, hips. Appear in boca.
  • The buttocks lose their elasticity.

When the body rejuvenation slows down, women have reduced awareness of their sexuality. Gender female comes out of the background. After the menopause self-esteem of women fell sharply, it is clear feels is approaching old age, why the aging process only accelerates.

Is it possible to slow down aging?

 ways to slow down aging

The aging process slow down can be extended to young people, using a variety of methods of body rejuvenation. Men and women are aging differently, to slow down the aging process they can equally effectively. Men that are suitable for all methods of rejuvenation, with the exception of those, which is targeted specific to only women in the area of the body.

Ways to slow down aging

It should be said, that the aging process can slow down at any age. Even then, if a person is already retired, for him life can only begin. Chronic diseases, old diseases can not prevent them, who has set himself the goal is to rejuvenate. The key is to start acting and not to give up. There are many ways to slow down aging and rejuvenate your body and spirit..

Geroprotectors rejuvenation

Geroprotectors are called substances that has experimentally demonstrated its effects on body rejuvenation and extension of life. Studies have shown that Geroprotectors play an important role in slowing down of aging, especially for people coming of age.

 геропротекторы rejuvenation

Some Geroprotectors of the substance was studied only in animals, showing really great results. But the people their actions are still not 100% proven.

Some studies show that бесконтрольный reception is they may cause cancer. Be careful not to overdo in the pursuit of молодостью!


It Geroprotectors of plant origin. Increase mental and physical potential, to normalize metabolism, enhance immunity, improve sleep. Adaptogens of natural origin: the root of ginseng, chinese magnolia, manchurian, eleutherococcus, pink rosehip, wolfberry.


It is a mixture of active biological substances. These ingredients include peptides, vitamins, nucleoproteins, minerals. These activities are aimed to regulate cell production, improve metabolism, healthy body. Medications: hepatamine, vazalamin, and other

Biogenic stimulants

Activation of metabolism. Medications: apilak, aloe extract, of a substance on the basis of the placenta or the peloid.


These Geroprotectors reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis. If the disease already is, then they slow down its progression. Here are some medications rejuvenation: eikon, omega-3, клофибрат, niacin acids and other


To remove toxins from the body. Will be taken periodically. It is necessary, in order to enrich the gut beneficial bacteria. Geroprotectors: POLYSORBI, Polyphepanum, лактулоза.


Reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, which destroy cells. Fortunately, antioxidants are the composition of most vegetables, beverages, herbs, as well as several vitamins. Products anti-aging can be called literally all the vegetables and fruits, cheese, as well as processed form.

Medications old age

 medications old age

Not some kind of universal pill youth, but there are some medications rejuvenation, which aims to combat certain diseases. In addition, they are, as studies have shown, will prolong the life.

Among the leaders tablets the young people:

  • Метформин, продлевающий the health of the blood vessels and the heart;
  • Aspirin Heart, останавливающий and замедляющий thrombosis, prophylactic tool against cancer;
  • Vitamins A, C, продлевающие product potential of the heart, blood vessels and запускающие a healthy body;
  • Melatonin (Circadin), which affects the person's lack of its own melatonin and the emergence of the process of healing the body.

Fibroblasts slow down aging

Stable and mature skin cells called fibroblasts. Currently, many clinics of aesthetic medicine, offering rejuvenation of fibroblasts. It is a kind of program of facial rejuvenation. Through this procedure are taken from the patient such as fibroblasts, which then reproduce in the laboratory. After this in the form of injection are introduced under the skin. Thus, starts the process of rejuvenation. The results are noticeable as early as two weeks. The procedure is recommended for people with obvious signs of aging skin complexion. It is about 45 years.

How to not let the brain of the parents to remain?

To stay as long as you can mentally active need to force the brain to work. Some of the recommendations, which will trigger the rejuvenation of the brain:

  • every day read;
  • fulfilling sleep;
  • drink water;
  • do not drink alcohol;
  • eat products which are high in nutritional value, because the brain need food;
  • learn a new useful information;
  • not to clutter the brain of unnecessary information luggage and all sorts of transferring wants;
  • learn the languages;
  • creatively develop.

The psychology of youth

 the psychology of youth

The psychological aspect is important in human life. Psychological condition is capable of how to slow down aging of the body, so and speed up it. Those who ignore this fact, deeply are mistaken.
Emotions trigger a series of chemical processes in the body, which helps to prolong youth. Emotions cannot be how to stop the aging of time, so and activate it. Recommended for inner peace maximum awareness of their reactions. This does not mean that there is a need to stop to experience the emotions. This means that there is a need to learn how to understand them, to notice their shades, noticeable nature, their effect on the body.

People are like music instrument, how much depends on the proper setups of the psyche. Psychological and spiritual techniques is very much. They all allow gorgeous effect, and there are few, indeed, does not justify the expectation. The most important advice - this person yourself. Only he could find the best option for the management of their mentality. But before you may investigate some of the existing technology, selecting something pleasant.

Sex and the ageing of the organism

 sex and the ageing of the organism

Gender of youth important, not less, all other aspects of human life. During sex is the human body produces the hormone of pleasure, which takes place throughout the body. The process of sex to train the muscles.

Gender to some extent can be called a great aging prevention. It strengthens the immunity, helps to speed up the healing process of the disease at the time. It has been proven that sexually active people are happier and live longer than those who ignore it. With, sex may be engaged in people of any age. If a person перевалило 70, this does not mean that the sex theme is his for closed. People can them make all of their life, to make body rejuvenation, let and slow. The most important thing is to do with love!

Aging prevention

Aging prophylaxis should be observed, everything is already known, the rules:

  • whole body;
  • to maintain vitality;
  • timely rest;
  • optimistic about life;
  • right food;
  • the whole sex.


The topic of aging and how to rejuvenate can talk endlessly. Each era has left its youth secrets, which to this day help people. This topic still needs more thorough investigation.