Photorejuvenation of the person — whether овчинка skins?

In order to understand whether there is a real result, and if the procedure is effective, it is necessary to explore Photorejuvenation person closer.

Photorejuvenation of the person - a relatively new procedure, resulting in a facelift of the cabin in a couple of years ago. Despite the fact that this method of rejuvenation is already managed to win not only the fans, but also a lot of negative comments, if something surprising does not. The structure of the skin at all different, so that it is unable to respond to external stimuli equally. It concerns all the possible ways to to rejuvenate. Trial and error method, each will sooner or later find this method, which is suited just for him.

 photo-rejuvenation persons

In order to understand whether there is a real result, and if the procedure is effective, it is necessary to explore Photorejuvenation person closer.


The method is effect on the skin directed flash light with a certain frequency, a bundle, which creates a special apparatus. The specialist itself is governed by the length of the light radiation and to what extent are their activities.
Price of apparatus for use in lounges is high, but a certain type of device is intended strictly for getting rid of specific problems:

  1. The Quantum effective anti pigmentation, rosacea, acne, excessive formulated fatty fat these glands.
  2. The american system devices Palomar is not just fighting external disabled skin, but greatly speeds up collagen production, acting in the deepest layers of derma.
  3. The italians and their appliance company DECA achieved results to improve the structure and appearance of the skin. After use, the skin becomes soft and velvety, like silk.

Bright areas the derma literally reflect the light and the dark - pull. The result of this is melasma, tedretähne and other consequences of excessive sun exposure of the face due to this will disappear.

The luminous bouquet of the fuel the cells, stimulating the production in the deeper skin layers the molecules of collagen and elastin synthesis, which helps to restore and revitalize skin from the inside and understanding the impact of rejuvenation.

The procedure applies to facial exfoliation, décolleté, area-bikini -, pelvis -, abdominal -, arms and neck.

Photorejuvenation requires some preparation of the patient:

  • do not sunbathe in the sun or solarium in the 4 weeks before the procedure;
  • 3-4 days do not take antibiotics or retinoids (vitamin A);
  • to reduce the risk of the emergence of гематом do not drink ibuprofen or aspirin.
 photo-rejuvenation preparation

Procedure stages:

  1. The patient assumes a position of lying, makes off.
  2. The beautician puts the customer in the mask or glasses to protect eyes from the bright light flares and to prevent burns of the cornea.
  3. A special gel-the conductor will be transferred to the skin surface and protects it from excessive overheating.
  4. 10-15 minutes of the specialist towards the end is a machine that produces a flash, the surface of the face.
  5. After the procedure the skin put cold, then you will be transferred to the cream, who is protective and восстанавливающим effect.

The use of the procedure rejuvenation recommend after 35 years and getting rid of hyperpigmentation — almost all ages.


The advantages of the procedure should be classified as:

  • разглаживание small addition;
  • to increase the strength and tenderness of your skin;
  • the disappearance of pigmentation and freckles;
  • the best appearance and color of the face, facial contours,
  • provide elasticity;
  • to encourage the natural moisture levels;
  • narrowing of long.

Negative sides photorejuvenation persons:

  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • redness and inflammation;
  • skin exfoliation;
  • burning;
  • general discomfort in the treated areas.

Side effects publish mainly for people who have sensitive skin type and completely disappear themselves in 1-2 weeks. In order to reduce the risk of complications is, the procedure is best carried out during the cold season when skin is prone to less sunlight.


 photo-rejuvenation before and after


Advertising several cosmetology clinic promises just magical rejuvenating results, the full kortsudest get rid of important skin tighten, kollageenikiude, the colour and texture of the skin. But whether it actually is?

First, it should be clarified that a single session with noticeable results achieved is impossible. That the effect of the procedure appeared to be to traverse the entire course, which includes a 3-6 conversations through the period of the week.

Second, the breakdown of collagen takes place very slowly, so that the regeneration processes in the derma are triggered only after the expiration of months after the first session, provided that the complete course of.

Third, the procedure of photorejuvenation is unable to get rid of deep wrinkles with the face of significantly tightened растянутую the skin and to remove scars or scars, how this is possible, if the laser шлифовке. The method is really effective, but not to fight serious age-specific changes in the skin. Use this to actually get rid of freckles, not too dark, age spots, post-acne, vascular stars, a little bit to update the appearance of the face and improve the color.

 contraindications photo-rejuvenation

Fourth, the result is directly due to the applicable procedure at the time appliance. High class apparatus, verified and proven in the field of photorejuvenation TM foreign manufacturers, which allows to achieve the results faster and keep it longer.

The impact can be assessed within two weeks after the procedure and maintain, must repeat the course at least 1-2 times a year.


The effect of the light outbreaks is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • the dark nature of the tone the skin;
  • dermatitis;
  • activate is herpes infection;
  • fresh suntan or the use of the terms;
  • blood diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncology;
  • having moles or невусов places to operate.


Soreness in the course of photorejuvenation is related only to the individual sensitive skin and the pain threshold of the person. Can't say that the patient is currently in intensive pain. Can feel the burning, tingling, especially in the region of the lips and nose. In general, the feeling is not very pleasant.

Although the eyes are put on safety glasses, a flash light can be bitter taste of the highlight through the опущенные eyelids and a little bit of dazzle during the procedure.


Immediately after the first session the skin becomes bright pink shades, there may be swelling and bruising. Pigment spots become even darker, perhaps education корочек places a large accumulation of subcutaneous blood vessels.

Yet another advantage of photorejuvenation is that the integrity of the skin is not broken, so that negative effects disappear quickly (1-2 weeks).

During the period the rehabilitation must follow the rules of skincare:

  • limit smoking, alcohol consumption;
  • take a sufficient amount of liquid and antioxidants;
  • not to use the sauna, the sauna within two weeks;
  • try to be in direct sunlight, be sure to use sunscreen;
  • process of the skin, anti-inflammatory and healing cream (for example, Bepanten).

If the coatings are not inflamed, and the redness subsided, it is allowed to use decorative cosmetics for the first few days after the session photorejuvenation.


 the price of the procedures


The cost of the service is directly related to the class used in the photorejuvenation apparatus, the area of the treated surface, as well as the prestige and popularity of the specific clinic.

The average price of faces in the range of 2.5 to 7 thousand rubles.


Recently, the women have the chance to implement photorejuvenation itself, even in the comfort of your own home special portable device for home use:

  • Silk I Reju фракционный the device of French production, are embedded in the cartridges with the cream is intended for facial exfoliation;
  • Quantum - this is a comprehensive system for salon and home applications, which will allow rejuvenate skin of all parts of the body and even produce epilatsioon your;
  • Yakhroma-med; domestic device is different from the inexpensive, but its effectiveness is not at the height.

Be sure to monitor the safety, acquire the necessary conducting gels, goggles, a moisturizer after the use of household appliances, to take responsibility for all mandatory participate in the procedure.


 photo-rejuvenation reviews


I would very much like to try this method, I have a girlfriend of his description. But, unfortunately, I have multiple moles on the face, that are considered to be contraindications to photorejuvenation.


Eliminating in this way the vascular eye, face and stars. After the procedure, the skin flushed, is to feel the unpleasant burning sensation, but soon it is all over. Happy with the result, the ships have become less and less noticeable already after the first session. A month later I try yet. And here is a to get rid of wrinkles, do not recommend, I have wrinkles anywhere do not share.


I'm not thrilled with photorejuvenation. Effect-zero, the procedure is expensive, in the face of more than a week, the effect of inflammation. Unequivocally do not recommend!


I did photorejuvenation has been proven through personal experience in the clinic apparatus, the Quantum and the smitten effect. Tedretähne have gone completely and pigmentation has become significantly easier. The procedure is not so painful, just burned a bit. Swelling and bruising I didn't have any, so I am very glad to use this service.


I had horrible swelling, bruising over the person, all is very long восстанавливалось and wrinkles have not disappeared anywhere. Rejuvenation I this procedure does not recommend.