1. The essence of the sessions of skin peeling laser
  2. 4 types of laser
  3. Pros and cons
  4. Indications and contraindications
  5. Conducting interviews (step by step)
  6. Facial care after laser
  7. Efficiency
  8. Question answer
  9. The probability that the undesirable consequences
  10. Price range
  11. Reviews
  12. Expert opinion
 lasernoorendus before and after

Lasernoorendus: what is it? What lies behind such a methodology, which will help women implement a natural desire to be as long as possible young and kept in the facial skin?

This is the hardware method, which is based on startup natural mechanism for updates and cell growth. The method is a relatively recently, has become prevalent in the cosmetics. However, the results obtained are rejoice who have this technology and attract new клиенток beauty salons.


Laser resurfacing is considered to be one of the most effective ways by which the skin becomes noticeably younger. The basis of the methodology of the particular skin contact with the beam of the laser.

He passes through the skin of the snow cover depth up to 1 mm, which destroys the old cells. In the end, instead of the distressed tissues to form new.

Laser returns through the young such:

  • laser resurfacing;
  • laser biorevitalization;
  • the fractional effect.

Resurfacing laser is considered less harmful, compared to other methodologies, according to the rejuvenation.


He is acceptable, even through the home environment. True, this requires the purchase of the device, which carry out conversations. The apparatus will cost a pretty penny.

The procedure biorevitalization requires processing through the skin сапфирового or erbium laser apparatus. During the interview the top layer of the epidermis burned through the short laser bursts. This method is different from the stiffness of the operations of the leather cover.

If the fractional rejuvenation (different technology called as Fraxel, fractional laser peeling, DOT -, nano-perforation) in the face of the working laser beam, поделенный is beams.

They are placed in the epidermis such as the original mesh. Between сетчатыми elements are whole cells, which affect the acceleration to produce collagen and elastin. So after the procedure recovery skin going quickly.

What methodology to choose the ago the former beauty of your skin, helps in consultation with an expert.


 types of lasers

Emit this type of lasers:

  1. Carbon dioxide. The CO2 laser is a powerful high-speed high intensity. In addition, he is still and it is considered to be the most affordable. He has the ability to provoke the regeneration to produce collagen, elastin. Laser the fight against wrinkles, scars, pigmentation.
  2. Erbium. This laser penetrates not so deeply, as in the previous variant, but it is more accurate. This laser-like often is the lean case with смуглой skin. He fought also in the initial stages of aging.
  3. Fraxel. This laser is considered a significant part of the fractional photothermolysis. The doctor may choose the depth of the effect.
  4. Диодный laser. This is a modern version of non-ablative laser procedure in the course of which is heated in the skin depth strata, so it held an active rejuvenation.


Eye dignity in the form of:

  • efficiency, because the methodology is based on deep contact with the skin;
  • universality, both as a procedure suitable for all types of skin to cover;
  • security, as it is reduced to a minimum the risk of skin hypo - and hyperpigmentation.
 an example of the impact of

Additional points of interest in the pros after laser peeling is also indicated:

  • at least the injury your skin;
  • fast enough to restore the skin cover;
  • allowed processing of large part for one unit of the manipulation;
  • valutus option.

The author cons of laser resurfacing through the individual intolerance of the procedure, since the force of impact applied. Moreover, such opportunity cost includes the expensive methods. Therefore, not all may use it.

Before the treatment for manipulations with laser is worth to consider the pros and ;adopted.


It should be considered that the method of using laser is worth to use, if other, softer technology is not so effective. Lasernoorendus this radical method to upgrade обличья, including age.

Because laser session in a beauty salon can be contacted if there is a particular problem.


  • wrinkles in the zone, the nose, the lips, the eye;
  • changes in general persons;
  • pigmentation;
  • acne rash, acne;
  • demodicosis.
 log in to rejuvenation with lasers

Professional beautician definitely порекомендует rejuvenation course laser for those whose dermatology the problem is resolved only in this way.

He talks about the pros and cons of the procedure before and after its occurrence. The existence of the case, an alternative specialist will advise the other, gentler methodology.

Some time should be delayed a visit to the beauty salon pregnant women, who are the face of inflammatory lesions and sick atopic dermatitis relapse stage of the disease.

It is also prohibited to use the exposure of the laser beam immediately after the application of the chemical peel. Seek rejuvenation with lasers in this case you can after 2 weeks.

It is worth at all to abandon the laser manipulation of the sick psoriasis, epilepsy and those who have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor.


Prepare лазерному rejuvenation is easy for the customer to afford. Who before the sessions Омске, in Moscow or in other cities should not do lilleõlidega person, get a tan in a solarium.

Hot periods before exit out to be the use of cream, защищающим from uv rays.

Immediately before the procedure (usually 2-4 days) must be abandoned decorative cosmetics, to the specified manipulation of the day blond face beamed into his natural purity.

Itself session rejuvenation with lasers takes place in this order:

  1. Specialist clean the leather to cover the face of the скрабами and), to exfoliate. On неглубокая anesthesia by topical application of the analgesic composition. So the clients during the session is to feel only a slight tingling.
  2. On a professional starts work on the laser, which consistently affects the face zone. The session can be to get handling like the whole face, so also in certain areas of the body. But the best option would be carried out for 1 manipulation of the rejuvenation of the face, neck, and, possibly, cleavage.
  3. After this, the master deals are the areas treated with softening solution and explanation to the customer how to care for the skin. It is advisable to adhere the advice of a beautician, then the skin recovers rapidly and the maximum result is seen, literally, in your face.

1 manipulation liberates about 1 hour. But all depends on the size of the skin of the plots, which is produced by the processing laser.

The larger the area treated areas of skin to cover, the more time they require that procedure.


 skin care

After each session skin should be able to take care of. At this time, his cells are activated by renewable processes. And that they visited the setting, you must follow simple rules.

Already 2 weeks not to forget on the application of moisturizing creams and hyaluronic acid, masks based on the sodium.

Impose makeup face is allowed more than a day, but it should be different from the easy and low-fat composition. And this, scrubs, and peel forget, until the skin back to its natural color.

Since the emergence of hyperpigmentation creams protect against the sun, they are mandatory, especially since after the treatment the skin is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Need creams protected against the sun SPF 30 and more.

Helps speed up the recovery process after laser intervention eat vitamins of reinforcement activities, умывание cooked and processed in ozone water, walks in the fresh air.

The right skin care at the end of the laser resurfacing helps to keep the positive results obtained in the present times.



Positive results using laser resurfacing can be achieved in many. The conversations will help:

  • visually change the the younger several years;
  • to get a smoother site facial skin outside depending on the skin situation;
  • reduced striae;
  • the perfect structure and color;
  • collapse the pores of the skin;
  • cleanse the skin of dirt;
  • delete гиперпигментацию derma;
  • smoothen the scar, which is acquired after injuries and surgical operations;
  • lost an impact on acne, vascular grid;
  • straighten näoovaali;
  • to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

All the methods, laser exfoliation can allow the skin on your face to find the shine and luster. Leather snow cover after the session of laser returns of the former elasticity and a beautiful complexion. Имевшиеся error the derma or disappear altogether, whether the converted is hardly noticeable.

Positive results have clearly become visible after a few days 1. session. But the really impressive effect can be achieved after the курсового the effects of the treatment laser the skin. How much and in which manipulation is needed for a particular customer, notes the beautician.

Usually, the next session will take place later 1-2 months. The total number of procedures is 3-4.

Happens also sufficient for carrying out 1-2-manipulation year. These help to maintain skin elasticity and reduce facial addition.

If the same concerned about your age, abnormalities of the face, then prophylaxis is allowed a one-time resurfacing laser with щадящими provisions.


  • What the best lean: chemical peeling or лазерному rejuvenation?
  • What is the difference between ablative and non-ablative method?
  • That a laser appliance threw the most popular?


The most frequent problem, which appears after the laser procedure, irritation and fluid accumulation. On the second day of submit outstanding опуханием face.

But it should not interfere with patient: natural unintended consequences undergo subsequent 3-7 days. After that may be offensive signs of flaking.

To speed up the recovery process (without ruling out the use of moisturizing creams and hyaluronic acid) to allow the medications to restore a реагентом dexpanthenol and also the water out of the термального source.

Including complications can occur:

  • the growth of the herpes is a disease, 80% of the episodes of the return of the lost positions after инсоляции laser facial skin;
  • dizziness and headache so can the organism respond to the anesthesia and to store such reflexes in the sequel for several days.

But the consultation of experts helps to avoid such complications.

PRICE range

For the price of 1 session is located directly depending on the leather cover, which is designed for processing. The average price of a single repeat is 20 thousand rubles., it varies in the range of 10 thousand rubles. 30 thousand rubles.

Lower the price of the position refers to the peeling part of the face. Money is worth more the dignity of the specified range is related to the concurrent operation of the laser face, neck and décolletage.

Lasernoorendus pleasantness is not cheap!



When the discussion of the results of patients in a beauty salon of the guide are reviews to get the laser resurfacing.


I also rejoice in my face after fractional rejuvenation, although the 3 the procedure is over, only 2.Already got rid of the wrinkles, the skin of the face has become elastic, it is good and fresh complexion. I look forward to confirmation of the result after the 3-th manipulation.

Despite the fact that the price is laser, high, I do not have a damage cost to finance this procedure


As I turned to the experts, because treatment laser five on the DOT, I took a course of 3 sessions. The total is staggering! The tone of the person improved, it became even possible. Wrinkles as the would be and would not have, and the skin выровнялась after acne. Recommend!


And I am very pleased with the fractional rejuvenation. True, a little bit of suffering to be had. Procedure the process was painful, but bearable. The person hurt for about 3 hours and in the evening appeared in the swelling.

Still later 3 days occurred in the crust, which is lost in 5-6 days. But a week later, it came time to admire the result. The skin is delicate, such as baby and wrinkles have gone away