Facials after 35 years – 12 tips beautician

Women who want the right to organize facials after 35 years, the advice of the beautician likes very welcome. Because of the delicate skin tolerate different changes in each возрастном perspective in a woman's life.

rejuvenation after 35

35 years of maintenance cannot be built up in a similar way to take care of young girls. At the same time, women in this age group still far away until old age. It is worth to make some are not the most complicated of recommendations.

We picked the most important rules that women usually overlooked. Read and memorize them, that the skin has always looked that well-groomed and bright!

After 35 feel about the skin gently

Just after 35 years, the structure of the skin can withstand major changes. Namely:

  • slowed metabolic processes;
  • skin vegetation becomes thin;
  • sharply reduced collagen production;
  • weakened muscle tone persons;
  • more clearly expressed in the nasolabial folds, corners of the lips to the press.

Because of all these features, it is important at the right time to take a number of measures to keep. In this case, the irreversible process will age the skin changes it is possible to noticeably slow down. Take care of the skin can be professionals with the help of the cabin is so, and yourself in the home, the important thing is not to forget that the facial skin is after 35 years requires special and careful attitude.

It is likely that you have the relevant and tips on skin care for the face for 30 years. We have compiled for you the best tips to cosmetologists, which helps to maintain youth!

Add facials after 35 years mask

rejuvenation creams and masks

The right skin care face for the systematic implementation of the masks. It is not enough to make a mask from time to time (for example, time-to-time by visiting the sauna or do a "day spa"). Depending on the skin the mask should be used 1-2 times a week. Nourishing, moisturizing, which toonuses and many others – masks you can create yourself or purchase cosmetics in shops.

Women, milestone, with over 35, are definitely worth the once a week apply a mask for rejuvenation. It is important to make sure that this composition is present in the "young people" – hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and different vitamins group.

Fans of the useful homemade masks can be used, for example, natural ingredients:

  • pulp of a watermelon;
  • carrots, egg yolk and potatoes;
  • satisfactory oil (almond, wheat germ, peach, etc.), lemon juice, egg yolk;
  • fruits, berries.

Pick an effective moisturizer according to skin type

Spooning facial care is very important to consider the features of each type of skin. So, the owners of oily skin does not pay heedlessly enjoy the facilities of the sensitive derma. Стареющая the skin can no longer limited to the standard moisturising cream, which is so popular among women up to 30 years.

So, women who have oily skin, it is desirable to exchange creams approximately every two months. Do not charge a long added one. Holders dry derma is certainly worthwhile to choose moisturizing creams. Also, this type of skin well reacted нанесенную before bedtime ointment пантенолом. Mixed skin with suitable creams ретинолом and antioxidants.

Regardless of whether expensive or budget cream is a specific woman, it is necessary to pay attention to composition tools. Facials of the 35 years must certainly include the use of the tools together.. Also, sine qua non be considered the use of creams with sufficient levels of SPF-filter.

Create a night of proper skin care after 35

eye care

Evening maintenance is a very important part of the daily ritual of facial treatment. Because just at night the whole body, including the skin, the rest and gaining strength before грядущим day. That morning look in the regain and fresh, it is recommended to use a dedicated night cream is a nourishing and восстанавливающего validity. Needless to say, that the tool should be подобрано according to the skin type. It is best if the composition of the cream facials after 35 years, start coenzym, peptides, hydroacids, natural components, collagen and vitamins. Cause the cream after cleaning and the application of toonika. To do this kind of procedure is needed before going to bed at 1-1.5 hours by connecting it to the independent massage.

Replace the scrubs for the face

Cosmetologists recommend to continue program maintenance procedures for the rigid скрабами. Such a procedure is still more conducive to the истончению facial skin. The application of hard abrasive particles in the form of sea salt, ground coffee or apricot kernel irreversibly is lost to the past. Body care and face to give after 35 years requires use of the soft chemical exfoliation. Such tools are very gently remove the top layer of the derma, gradually "exit by the light" new, young cells. The main component of similar shells is the dairy industry, glycolic acid, as well as puuviljahapped.

Избавляйтесь swelling under the eyes

Condition the delicate skin around the eyes is 20 and 36 years old – a completely different phenomena. The main enemies in this delicate area – the wrong way of life, abuse of salt and mechanical effects. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, do not замедлят appear as a result недосыпания and inadequate rest. Wrong diet and the abuse of junk food is also not the best way affected the possible female persons.

A habit of rubbing your eye and the application of inappropriate tools make-up removers, especially contributes to the swollen and bruising delicate zone.

And finally, the female up to 35 years, it pays to carefully monitor the level of salt intake and be sure to drink 1.5 liters of clean water per day.

Important! Consumption is pickled and other food which contain salt, it is worth to limit. Consume them before bedtime is not recommended.

Moisturizing the eye contour area

moisturizing the eye contour area

Another common cause of the appearance of the bruising and bags is insufficient to moisturize the skin around your eyes. Every woman, whether she is 30 years or 37, care cream for the skin around the eyes should be the same friend and assistant. In order to avoid the emergence of a mesh of small wrinkles and other defects of the skin around the eyes is, it is necessary to perform a few quick steps:

  • Each day, remove the makeup with the facial skin. It is unacceptable to sleep in make – up - at night the skin should be a holiday.
  • The best option make-up remover – application of hydrophilic oil or two-phase serum. The tool must be entered in the thick disk and add a century by 5 to 10 seconds, then the proper motion to remove makeup.

Important! Do not use gels, washing is not intended for the eye area. More, do not use the normal туалетное soap!

Use the serum and concentrates to mature skin

Rules skin care after 35 years expected from anti-aging serums. Such tools are more concentrated formulation compared with the cream for the face. Therefore, serums contain a higher amount of nutrients and is useful for skin components. If in the earlier ages of the women can also, without this бьюти-tools, then after 35 years to transfer the serum each evening before the cream – the mandatory need.

Get rid of excess at the beautician

It is believed that the 35-year period – it is still in the flowering of female beauty and youth, but the youth has passed. Therefore, it is makeup for women of this age should be more feminine and modest. On the one hand, it is worth to get rid of everything too bright and кричащего at the beautician, on the other hand – fill it with the most suitable cosmetic means.

So, the facials of the 35 years certainly includes:

  • The application of BB cream. A universal tool, making the options day in and shades of creams, as well as the fundamentals of makeup;
  • Corrector facial skin lifting-effect (instantly firming the skin and masking their own shortcomings);
  • Cream eye wrinkles;

Not pay mention that all cosmetics must be of high quality and is a topical expiration dates.

Fully rest and питайтесь

Many women have stated that after thirty years displayed a great need for a full vacation. So, dance till the morning together with the girlfriends or käsitööõhtud flowers with квартальным report all require great physical and sometimes emotional effort. One minus is still non-compliance the daily schedule is that lack of rest is not the best way affected the possible female persons. So, after sleepless nights facial features change as if sharpened, all ebatäiusi occur obvious, giving the woman a tired look. Improper diet and alcohol abuse are also left with not the best trail for women in the face.

Sport can be an effective tool for wrinkles

sports as a way of wrinkles

Seemingly – what is the relationship sport the appearance of wrinkles? It turns out that the most direct. It has been proven that moderate physical load to prolong the youth of the human body, helping to fight early signs of aging. So, researchers have defined five types of physical loads, which prevents aging:

  • Aerobic load (swimming, running, cycling) is particularly conducive to skin rejuvenation;
  • Treeningtund load (push-ups, pull-ups, squats) contribute to cell renewal, brain;
  • Fast walking rejuvenates the cardiovascular system;
  • Stretching (stretching) strengthens the spine;
  • Running prolongs the youth of the face and the skeletal system.

Important! Engage in some sports is possible only if you have no contraindications. Before the occupation determined the need to collect the resolution to the treating physician.

Facials after 35 years to diversify the beautician

The village beautician has a beneficial effect on skin of all ages. If the qualitative косметическом care signs of skin aging can be postponed for quite a long time.

So, popular and times interior, in women after 35 years is deemed:

  1. rejuvenating massage (increases muscle tone, person);
  2. mesotherapy (introduction useful skin substances by means of shots in smoothing wrinkles and firming the facial muscles and skin);
  3. peeling (it is gentle);
  4. laser resurfacing (conducive to more intense collagen production).