The secrets of body rejuvenation from the tibetan healers

the secrets of body rejuvenation

Over time, none of us is getting any younger.

Contamination of the environment and the wrong way of living negatively affect health and life expectancy.

In fact, the organism is programmed to continuous renewal. The cells in our body constantly fall into.

It is known that the leather cover fully updated for 5 days. And the skeleton goes to the update cycle of 90 days.

By applying the secrets of body rejuvenation, you still long to be able to enjoy health and beautiful.

Cleaning the body and consciousness

One of the secrets is the body's cleaning.

Excretion šlakid and toxins – is the deposit for a healthy life. The overall feel and skin health is directly dependent on the state of the bowel.

In order to carry out a complete cleaning, follow this commands:

  • Leave out of your diet, all greasy foods, processing, for which the body have to spend an enormous amount of energy. Hit even just 3 days a week from eggs, meat, and even the rump. Also, limit alcohol, pastry and sharp objects.
  • Less sweet and more clean water. Remember this golden rule, as people 80% consists of water, to us it is very important to drink per day about 2 liters, in order to supplement their own stocks and feel happily. And here is the coffee wash water from the body. It is best to replace the herbal drinks chamomile or lemon balm.
  • Mentally отключайтесь problems and challenges of the current day. Since thoughts are also poisoning our joy of existence. Par free radicals and the products break down in our body to bombard and harmful thoughts. You will learn how to carry out 5 minutes a day медитируя. You will become calmer and happier. And your body засветится from the inside. Meditation time you set up a rejuvenation. The Organism is capable of performing a predetermined brain program.

Extraneous factors

Give up everything that brings damage to the and hard reduces the chances of your liner:

  • insomnia or excessive. Sleep is necessary to 8-9 hours. It is biologically necessary to restore and re-body's;
  • smoking and alcohol. Bad habits decline decisively. Beauty and skin velvety is not compatible with their enemies health.
  • loading and walking. Take your general, every day to do hiking. The body is the larger part of the day locked in either the apartment or the office. And him very not enough fresh air. From the lack of oxygen people become depressed, and безрадостным.
the secrets of rejuvenation of human means

The secrets of body rejuvenation human means

In the Arsenal of nature there are many plants that can help stop the aging process.

Here are some of the most useful and well-tried recipes loodusande, which can be used in domestic conditions.

Both arose from the potions of youth.

  1. You will need finely chopped garlic, squeeze juice of 10 lemons and mix it to drink a litre of honey. The tool must stand a week in a dark place. Accepted tool within 1 month strictly on an empty stomach 4 tbsp.
  2. To take in over 400 grams of such products: horseradish, honey, garlic. There is still a need at the celery – 4 kg, All form the mince and keep for 12 hours in warm. Three more days, to keep the mixture cool and squeeze out of it juice. Derived from the juice) to drink before meals 3 tablespoons ложечки.
  3. The infusion pihlaka and rosehip also for everyday use in the mornings and evenings. Harvested dry fruit of rose hip and rowan crushed equally and proportionately. The infusion must be made, and then diluted with boiled water. Going from 1 teaspoon to 250 ml of boiling water.
  4. Lemon juice. If you drink it diluted with water already in the two weeks — this is a great tool for cleansing and toning. Divorced lemon juice in the ratio 2:3.

But the recipes tibetan wise?

There is a beautiful tibetan recipe, which strengthens blood vessels and makes them more elastic.

At the same time normalizes the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates, that the body worked like a clock and does not наполнялся products driveway of complex proteins.

the secret of rejuvenation tibetan philosopher
  • Look for out or buy from the pharmacy such herbs: chamomile, Helichrysum arenarium, st. john's wort and kasepungad.
  • Chop all the herbs are needed, how can the smaller. Can be a coffee grinder.
  • Then 1 tablespoon of mixture of herbs, pour boiling water – 0, 5 l
  • After this, when the broth infusion half an hour, drain it through tight clothes.

Drink the decoction is recommended with honey at night, because after that, it is not necessary to take food. Or you can drink warm infusion 15 minutes before meals is also a definitely honey. One teaspoon of honey in a glass.

The course will be held not more frequently than once every 5 years.

As you can see, young people-building procedure can be carried out in domestic conditions and, behold, if it be only from the salon.

Our body is able to live longer than 100 years.

Thanks to the correct location of the spirit and a healthy lifestyle the young out before the most advanced years is entirely possible.