Rejuvenation стволовыми cells

What is cell rejuvenation? Currently it is fashionable to be beautiful, slim, radiant health. Literally a couple of years ago, many did afford botox injections, today is a new trend in fashion - the stem cells.

A detailed description of the

Most of the initial cells of the human body – it is the stem cells. They are formed immediately after fertilization is a fertilized egg. The ability to become any cell – this is the main them to distinguish the quality. Stem cells the embryo until it grows, forming to his brain, liver, stomach, heart. Even after the birth of a child in the body is still very much, but every year they become less and less, up to 20 years, people practically there are no stem cells. It is a scientifically proven fact. But adults these cells also need to – they is always to replace the damaged disease in the event that any of the body. Throughout the life of the organs of diseases has become much more, and here is the stem cells will decrease, so that the person looks older.

A bit of history

A breakthrough in cellular biology was held in 1998. year, when U.S. scientists were able to isolate and clone line of embryonic stem cells. After клеточная biology began to develop in two ways:

  1. 1. Studies with the aim to treat serious diseases.
  2. 2. In clinical practice, once the "ревитализации", i.e. the body rejuvenation injections with стволовыми cells have an integrated approach with other cosmetic means.

How is rejuvenating стволовыми cells?

Stem cell cosmetics private offices

Russia does not have restrictions on the application of embryonic stem cells, so клеточная therapy is everywhere. Each vesivooditega mentioned in his прайсе stem cells. But in practice this injection вытяжек tissues from the embryos and they can cause allergic reactions and even exclusion. And if the same procedure is not in the laboratory, then there is a risk that the cellular material may be infected.


The body after the application of the procedure the introduction of stem cells

Russia a new technology of injection of the stem cells actively experience the people, the West is the same as almost all of the tests in animals. Stem cells are used more and more, but what will be the impact on the future, is not yet known. Someone scientists have not been able to give a forecast for 10-20 years forward, because the end use is not investigated. If the treatment стволовыми cells believe in alternative medicine. Next, we look at.

Where can I take the stem cell rejuvenation

Now is a Russian cosmetic centers use several types of stem cells:

  1. 1. Эмбриональные stem cells. They can be liver, pancreas, bone marrow, human embryos, doing an abortion, then there is a cultured material, whose composition is similar to the serum. All received биоматериал after check of viruses, are placed in the deposited liquid nitrogen.
  2. 2. Cells in the umbilical cord of newborns, bone marrow people. Treatment cells the navel in particular effectively between one of the family members. Russia is the bank of stem cells, which can keep пуповинную blood. Пункцию bone marrow taken out of the iliac bone and the pelvis of an adult person, after which laboratory bred a large colony.
  3. 3. Stem cells, which are separated by adipose tissue.

Отсроченная reaction

Rejuvenation стволовыми cells are very popular.

Depending on the selected method, the effects of the injection with cells, the material will appear only 1-3 months. And why doctors something they do not talk about the visual effects of rejuvenation, they make emphasis on the best of patients. People just pay the money, him doing the injections and he looks forward to changes in three-month period. In practice, the sick do not see any special changes in the body, the face, but feels that the body behaves differently: darker hair, appeared in the visual acuity, высыпается 5-6 hours.

cell rejuvenation

Some patients have noticed that already a month can read without glasses, is lost in the general fatigue of the organism began to disappear wrinkles. But those who spoke of these changes, already a month, usually done by thorough procedures of rejuvenation, where the famous and mesotherapy with injections effectively to the skin. In all cases, patients have had confidence in the clinic and the doctor, the consequences in the future not thought about. How much will cost treatment стволовыми cells?

The price of youth

All the scientists could agree that the effect of the cell injection lasts year after the expiry of this period the procedure is best repeated. As the saying goes, if one of the time 1.5 years full time to turn to professionals, because the cell injection, then the person with the minimum unable to live up to 150 years. For the sake of fairness it should be said that the rejuvenation стволовыми cells - this is a very expensive procedure, and do it 1 time for 1.5 years, very затратно. He pays a minimum of 17 thousand euros, and this is the case, if the patient is young, healthy and want to be just a bit to slow down the aging process. The older people and the more he has the disease, the more expensive is клеточная treatment, due to the fact that it is necessary a greater quantity of stem cells.

How it depends on the age

If the young organism to maintain tone need about 20-35 million cells, then the lady in pre-retirement age a bundle of disease may be inadequate and 200 million euros. According to specialists, this high price is justified because the cell cultivation – a process that requires knowledge and high-tech and therefore very expensive. If you are offered this kind of procedure at a lower price, it is likely that these medications do not have anything to do with стволовыми cells.

It is true, national research institutions, there injections cheaper, but the price is still the beginning of 5 thousand US dollars. They enjoy стволовыми cells in the bone marrow. Also in scientific institutes and special factors cell growth – the peptides. T. stem cells administered do not find the damaged body, show them the proteins, which include the work of the body cells, a change in your work and seek resources for themselves.

Youthful skin


These patients, who have undergone courses rejuvenation стволовыми cell research institutes, the truths that already three weeks пропадала fatigue, increase in body tone, at all visual acuity, a bit уменьшались wrinkles, men have observed increased libido and improved potency. As you can see, the results of the treatment ревитализации body and skin care, clinics, and research institutes fit, although the methodology they are completely different.

SRI uses a special protein factor in cell growth, cosmetics private offices – additional mesoteraapiat. All of these additional injections, and procedures, according to doctors aimed to increase the impact of lack of treatment response стволовыми cells, t. mesotherapy and the extra protein has long been known as a great and effective way to exercise.

Specialists in cell therapy hold back on whether were negative results or no had not been the result. And in such cases, the patients did not notice any change even after 3 to 6 months, but no clinic or SO does not in any way reimburse the cost of, t. they do not give guarantees, that the body find the strength to recover.

The cell technology. Their development in modern medicine

Despite the fact that there are positive results, doctors and the scientific community is extremely skeptical of such a treatment. Many people believe that, yes, the opening of the stem cells and the possibility of their cultivation - this is the greatest discovery in genetics with time to spend in the structure of DNA, but it does not need to use all of the following, but that treatment is very serious disease. Stem cells include encrypted information about all of the body, this means that they are able to grow not only in the colony cells, but even some kind of body.

So that the use of this technology, that the profits of unacceptable t. it is not the end of the study, through clinical trials and experiments. Currently, apart from cosmetic procedures, medical clinics offer a and treatment of serious diseases injection with стволовыми cells. Is прайсах written that suhkrudiabeet, internal organs disease, it is possible to treat the injection. But that is attached to the data on the выздоровевших not. On the contrary, there are opinions of experts, that the rejuvenation стволовыми cells, which causes cancer.

A positive impact on the

In the treatment of ишемических diseases, hormonal and immune system disease, some disorders of the development of the children perfectly help stem cells. The end of 2015 the american scientists have saved lives are young men who have received myocardial infarction. Take the same stem cell and put the body. The positive results of cell therapy, as a treatment of Parkinson's disease, arthritis, артроза, rheumatism. Of course, taking into account, for example, the scientific achievements, the injection of stem cells just rejuvenation see dimly.

More frustrating is that the budget was not foreseen in the article financing the development of the cellular biology and to develop a methodology for the treatment of serious diseases of the leading SO-and laboratories-of the Russian federation. Private the same clinic with the development are not engaged, they usually work together to get profit. So is Russia cellular technology related to the only time of rejuvenation, unlike the West, which is actively funded research-cell technology in the treatment of serious illnesses.

injection rejuvenation

A serious choice clinic

Russia is currently quite many clinics offer anti-aging procedures стволовыми cells. However, it should be understood, whether it really is the most cells. Often using just a cellular material. So before you decide to order, it is necessary to collect more information about the clinic, its specialty, whether it is a laboratory, if not this, then what they are doing, how effectively they work, try to find the patient in the clinic, which has already received these procedures.

On already own clinic for many, that is a given "Cell pass", which proves that stem cells are not viruses. Before the introduction of the cells, then you certainly should offer a pass. Even if the procedure was successful, the effect that it is possible to see only through the 1-3 months and not the face or the body and the body's overall condition. You feel the strength, give strength. But it may also not happen, t. usually clinics does not assume any responsibility for the consequences, rejuvenation стволовыми cells. Warranty none of the clinic or BOTH does not give.