Modern technology rejuvenation: tools for youth

Modern technology rejuvenation - open in front of us secrets of body rejuvenation. But then what really are we?

For centuries people interested in questions rejuvenation and life extension. Scientists all over the world were searching for the elixir of youth the fountain of youth and immortality. Because of all this humanity tried many means and ways, hoping to stop the aging of the body. People tried to understand why the age of the people will weaken and then die.

First person the answers were accepted by religion, which explains неразрешимые that these times are life and death issues. But scientific progress has changed a lot. People desire to live as long as possible, while maintaining the physical and mental activity is associated with many memorable moments. This realization of the set goals, to make the ongoing projects end to end, communication with close people and just the desire to live and enjoy life to feel, to love and to do.

modern technology rejuvenation

In the public consciousness deeply rooted in the installation, that old age and death are inevitable. And most just take it for granted. But the world is changing ever faster, and that which previously seemed фантастикой, is already becoming a reality. Appear effective scientific ways of skin and stand out from large investments in research in this area. Fundamental discoveries in medicine and biology: the opening of the double helix DNA, decoding the human genome and opening the properties of stem cells, all of this has contributed to the development of new technologies and the concept of rejuvenation, longevity and immortality.

What is aging?

Aging is a process, the essence of which boils down to the appearance of fatigue signs such as individual organs and tissue damage, both and body as a whole. Old age - the last stage of individual development of organism in our world. The beginning of his of man is, broadly speaking, believe of age after 75 years - this is the so-called physiological aging. But if in this state may persist to mental and physical strength, a certain ability to work, a communal or social activity and interest in the surrounding world.

Organism rejuvenation and slow down his aging lead to a number of factors:

  1. A healthy lifestyle. This includes: moderate physical exercise, proper diet, healthy sleep, cleaning body, the ability to cope with stress, what you lack, bad habits, massage, sauna and so on.
  2. The psycho-emotional condition. Extend the life of the help: smile, the state of joy and harmony, love of life, meditation and prayer, disclosure of creative potential.
  3. Breathing exercises. These exercises help to develop and improve the cardiovascular system and, in particular, – the capillaries. But precisely because of them depends on the whole complexion, freshness and elasticity. In addition to the breathing practice has a large positive effect on the whole organism. Workouts during the entire вдыхаемом in the air, the number increases carbon dioxide and decreases oxygen — as you breathe a full breast high in the mountains. Since the resistance of breathing on inhaling and exhaling your дыхательная system trains is becoming stronger.

Questions rejuvenation deals with various industry research: medicine, genetics, psychology. Medicine offers the following ways and means of rejuvenation. They come in contact and contactless.

Additional points of interest include exposure tools emit:

  • Biochemical tools. Multivitamin, trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, stimulants энергообмена (succinic), energy sources (adenosine triphosphate acid), anticoagulants (разжижающие blood and blood clot), nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) and several others.
  • Integrated medicines. Adaptogen (increases the body's resilience), immuunmodulaatorid, nootropics (stimulate the brain), минерально-biological medicines is the overall activity, medicines, algae, blood products, tools for tissue treatment, transplant.
  • Hormonal method. There are a number of important hormones, activity of which decreases with age: growth hormone, sex hormones (testosterone or estrogen/progesterone), erythropoietin, insulin, dehüdroepiandrosteroon, melatonin, pregnenolone, thyroid hormones. In theory, when you restore the levels of all or some of these hormones, then your body will react, so it was, when she was younger, so that is a lot of body functions.
  • Cosmetic rejuvenation. It creates visibility for the rejuvenation and usually little to promote human health, but effectively improve the appearance of may be people to cheer up and give positive side effects are usually associated with joy. Cosmetic surgery offers a variety of procedures, such as removal of wrinkles (facelift), removing excess fat (liposuction), and adjustment to, or increase the different body parts (abdomen, breasts, face).

Contactless possibilities that effects:

  • The wave genetics. The use of electromagnetic fields in the genetic rejuvenation, then you are at the level of DNA. Devices allow to transfer genetic information from one object to another, allow without surgical intervention, to stay young, even the elderly, to treat a variety of diseases. However, there is one feature of the is its application. After treatment, patients cease to be like themselves, but as their donors.
  • Хромотерапия. Luminous stimulation of the brain, management of the logical cells of the nerve connections in the brain. In fact, this is the technology of rejuvenation is for the human psyche: the impact of the basic colors of the rainbow in the visual system of the person. The authors of this project believes that through the stimulation of varying primary colors, the brain forcibly "forcing" people to remain young age.
  • Photo-rejuvenation. The method, which is based on the technology of skin rejuvenation with the application of very intense bulbs (IPL). Photo-rejuvenation is now one of the most promising directions of aesthetic medicine, which allows for a real upgrade to the skin and to remove defects is not corrupt on its surface, photo-rejuvenation also stimulates education-collagen-and elastiinikiude of growth.

Questions rejuvenation and life extension is a topical enough nowadays. As practice shows, the renewal and the life mainly depends on the person, his lifestyle and worldview. Thanks to high technology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, people get the opportunity to remain capable of physical and mental health, for as long as possible and extend the life of tens of years. Technology in the future to make it even more effective and reliable.

Traits that distinguish the skin, which is aging, is different. In addition to the wrinkles (which can be formed even in a relatively young age) gives such a skin discoloration of geology, pigmentation (so-called elderly spots), the crushing of small blood vessels, dim color. And it is just this, that there is to see, if I may say so, "on the surface". The main sign of ageing of the person — обвисание the skin of the chin, the nose and along the jaw line. The change takes place face shape: skin century, loses its elasticity, there are extra folds on the chin, the line of the lower jaw no longer looks clear — the face of "swims".

Free radicals don't come in your way of serious obstacles, gradually reduced our skin: reduce digestible nutrients and elements that support the skin tone at a good level. Also they can affect the muscle tone of the direct negative effect. Here is how this happens. That напрягся one or the other muscles (including face muscles), it is necessary that the brain sent him the corresponding signal. The signal goes to the nerve, but the nerve is not exposed in the flesh directly — it's the end of a small bay. The tip of the nerve is a small thickening, which contains a variety of chemicals, including ацетилхолин, which, like time and put of the muscles to respond to brain signals.

Ацетилхолин is one of the most important substances in the body, as responsible for the transmission of signals from one nerve cell to another. The whole process looks so: you feel the need to, or other action — the brain sends a signal to the muscle through the nerve — ends of the nerve to the bulb is released ацетилхолин — muscle mass respond to this issue decreased or increased tone.

This established a mechanism to gradually begin to intervene in free radicals: these are harmful to the nervous system and reduce the production of acetylcholine and thus the muscles with your call to action is not so actively and lose their tone, the skin gradually droops and coated with a frown.

Right here is the trap, which includes the patients of plastic surgeons: the surgical facelift does not restore muscle tone and skin, because the surgeon gives the muscles a new location, and if they are improving, this looks so, as they have become more elastic. In fact, the situation becomes muscle and skin, not their internal state.

The lack of acetylcholine (which is observed in 75% of the world population) affects not only the appearance of the skin, but also violates the regulation of the whole organism. This caused a delayed reaction, difficulty in thinking, sluggishness, fatigue, depression, bad memory; the rapid destruction of acetylcholine in the tissues of the brain happens also when the Alzheimer's disease and старческом слабоумии. Decreased concentration of acetylcholine is also considered as a cause of the violation of the mental functions. Through indoor and outdoor DMAE can dramatically improve the body's level of acetylcholine, which allows the muscles to maintain due to the tone and ultimately give you smooth, elastic skin.

Anti-aging mesococktail external use — this is a unique cosmetic formulations DMAE is a natural antioxidant, hyaluronic acid, kinetin, a natural herbal origin substance, which is able to regulate the activity of cells in the epidermis of the deep layers, wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.


  • restores skin properties
  • slows down the aging process
  • noticeably rejuvenates
  • suitable for all skin types
  • active lifting
  • smoothes out wrinkles
  • regeneration regeneration
  • moisturizing effect


Rejuvenating mesococktail skin on the face, neck and décolletage gives Your face freshness and radiance smoothing of wrinkles and improve the color and skin tone. Then feel how the muscles are on Your face and neck become more elastic. Your face acquires a youthful glow, You нравитесь themselves and others.

Regular use allows not only to pull up and significantly rejuvenate the skin, but also to get rid of a lot of problems — inflammatory processes, acne, acne or premature aging, and aging due to the action unsuitable and environmental factors.

How to use:

Before using shake! In the evening transfer the pre-cleaned face, the area of skin around the eyes, neck and décolleté. Leave for 20-30 minutes, after that, if needed, apply night cream. Use 1-2 times a week. Shed – 1 month. It is recommended 3-4 courses per year.

When you first intend to use, we recommend that you pre-check for skin sensitivity. To this end, the interior of the cubit-fold apply a small amount of instruments. If within 30 minutes does not appear redness of the skin, it is possible to implement a tool without any concern.