Rejuvenation men: options are for every taste

rejuvenation men

Rejuvenation of men, even nowadays, not all will be perceived positively. Why, then, it is thought that his caring is – purely female privilege. However, the stronger gender this question is also quite important.

The characteristics of men's skin

Before, how to tell if a man younger in your years, it is important to know the features of skin cover:

  • density of 20-30% of density greater than women's epidermis. This means that women's skin care products are not suitable;
  • more collagen and melanin – why they felt the young people over a long period of time, and the question of rejuvenation can be done a little later. However, the preventive measures taken need to, because the wrinkles are more difficult to get rid of;
  • education sebum to express the best – it means that men do not need to actively moisturize your skin moisture. But cleansing need more intensive, than women. In doing so, cleaning careful, since the skin while shaving often can damage.

Косметологические time

It seems anti-aging procedures salons are mainly offered to women. However, the men find there is a lot of interesting and effective suggestions:

Akademien in

Loss of the eye small wrinkles, makes the tone of the person more than smooth. Thanks to water and air to gently remove the old skin cells. Seasonal contraindications do not exist, has already conducted the four session, the client begins to look less than the actual age.


Nourishes the skin covers the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, thanks to the tax gelyu. Happens effects the skin of vegetation, blood vessels, musculature in skin. As a result, the acquisition by a person with a smooth, uniform tone, fills with energy.

blepharoplasty for men

Ultrasonic lifting

An excellent solution for those who are thinking over how to rejuvenate the face for a long time. The impact of ultrasonic waves, penetrative into the deeper layers of the skin, maintained for several years. It also occurs in collagen formation.

Laser биоревитализация

If you thought going impact of the laser. The effect of the energy of the laser under the skin to inject hyaluronic acid, which tightens the facial contour, making it clearer, smoothes out wrinkles. This kind of facial rejuvenation consists of five-ten times, but does not require возобновлений three years.

The lifting

Because of the high temperature, which is conducive to the formation of the substructure out of the collagen fibers. As a result, the skin is stretched, looks considerably younger. The result can be noticed already after three weeks.

Other procedures

The skin peeling of the face, that men are able due to plastic action.

On the front is liposuction

Displays the subcutaneous fat. But he is greatly деформирует, such as the cheeks. The result is the oval of the face becomes.


Work has for centuries, which is to eliminate expectations in your skin. With the removal of the partly, because of men's opinion, violates the excessive surface of the skin around the eyes. You can also make блефаропластику lower eyelid it helps to get rid of bags under the eyes.

The thread for facelift

How can you understand the name suggests, is the location of the subcutaneous target. Thanks to them, face smoother, makes it even more resilient. No major cuts.


Improve skin tone, fights pigmentation, the second of the chin – all of this is useful peels:

kartulikoori men
  • Chemical – their results have often been compared to the results of plastic operations. But, unfortunately, they are painful. Men, if they decide, however,, commonly do this procedure that does not require a long recovery.
  • The hardware – and here they are painless. In doing so, wrinkles become less pronounced, the cells contain the necessary them to useful substances. It is advisable to go through several sessions – in this case, is the result of and is obvious, and face.
  • Bio-cream – the mixture of the physical and chemical effects. In the end, and the leather coverings is sanded and biological processes will have an impact. There are many varieties of peel – collagen, coral, plants.
  • Teemantlihvimine – also applies to mechanical cleaning, good comprehensive impact on the epidermist. The implementation procedure is used for the nozzle with a special diamond coated. It eliminates dead cells, improves the permeability of the tissues with useful substances.


By the way, is completely optional to turn to a plastic surgeon. You can choose a competent maintenance depending on skin type, age.

Requested is косметическом market is following the men's cream.

Olay. Considered to be one of the best. In the composition are amino acids, vitamins. They restore skin elasticity, giving it elasticity. But this directly affects the lack of wrinkles.

creams skin men

Payot Homme. Well, the task of which is to strengthen the epidermis. Sweeps also its pleasant aroma, which is a kind of business card. Convenient coffee spout prevents eye the volume of garbage.

Resolution D-Contrax Account. Relieves the face in addition. The facial muscles under the influence is under control and this means that new wrinkles will not occur.

Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer. Gained acceptance and cosmetologists and dermatologists. Able to penetrate deep into the skin, which is particularly important in the case of man. Restores elasticity, prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Biotherm Age Fitness. Olive tree, roosivees this cream to protect the skin. Night cream is most effective – at this time the skin is more receptive to cosmetics. Is гелевую structure, which is absorbed instantly, does not leave after itself oily shine.


Mask, which is made of homemade, are excellent helpers in the matter of rejuvenation:

  • The juice of parsley. Need two the beam of this plant. You can add milk if oily skin and the sour cream – when the weather is dry. Tool to excellently handle the deep folds, but because it is a godsend to those men who long ago met in 40 years.
  • That oatmeal. Сузит pores and removes excess fatness, which reduce the skin condition. Need 2 tablespoons of crumbs: pour boiling water over, leave for 20 minutes. The tool is ready to apply the hours on your skin.
  • Yeast and sour cream. Suitable for men who exceeded the 50-year-old abroad. If your skin is dry, can be added to the whipped cream. It should also be added to sour cream, after which be a mixture of the heel for 20 minutes.
  • Cucumber. Mask perfectly cope with a frown. Small grate the cucumber and then pour it in a tablespoon of oil out of the and almonds. After add egg yolk, mix and transfer to the skin for 40 minutes.
  • Clay. Such a tool is noticeably firming näoovaali. Need to take 3 teaspoon. white clay, a teaspoon of honey to a liquid consistency, 3 tbsp of milk. All of this needs to be mixed and to wear a thick layer for 15 minutes.
mask rejuvenation for men

The main recommendations of the

Little use of resources and procedures – it is also important to understand some rules every day.

Every day need to consume at least 2 liters of clean water without gas. Nice to add mint, lemon juice. As a result, you can say goodbye to toxins and welcome the necessary youth vitamins.

Hygiene – a necessary deposit of rejuvenation. Not only women have the recommended every day to wash with special means. Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend to pay attention to the products пантенолом and aloe. This approach is rid of the peeling, a rash, uneven color of the skin on the face.

Mode – here is another component that prolong youth. When to spend more time in the air, eat the schedule and plenty of sleep, the skin becomes healthier.

If a man wants to throw годик-two, to him it is completely over the mind. Be but find his methodology. And to make it not so complex, given the many opportunities that are presented in this article.