If the effective injection of hyaluronic acid the face

Woman of any age wants to be beautiful. All dream of trim in a slim figure, chic hair, youthful skin of the face and neck. And if the youth, in order to achieve this effect is enough to wash and причесать itself, then in adulthood need to be connected to more serious methods of taking care of yourself.

One of the achievements of modern medical cosmetology field is a procedure biorevitalization.

What is biorevitalization, its benefits and the damage

The term is admittedly complex, but indicates he is only a rejuvenation, where aid is a natural combination. If the aid of the "children of the beautiful", as of yet, otherwise called procedure rejuvenation by introducing hyaluronic acid people, skin becomes fresh, the cell its better, increases the skin elasticity, this is once again begins to shine.


Already existing wrinkles, injections of hyaluronic acid, is definitely not a rescue, and here is its impact on the face can prevent the development of new long.

It is interesting to know, thanks to this, what happens to this kind of runaway effects, how it works hyaluronic acid skin, and if it is useful?

This acid is present in almost all cells in our body — further authenticity to the treatment and in the dermis, eyes, сухожилиях, связках, волосяном cover. Half of this forms a skin to cover.

While located in the dermis (deeper skin layers) and the epidermis (the top layer), hyaluronic acid will help to collect moisture and support it.

Over the years, the natural acid production is reduced, creating the wrinkles, the facial contours of the hang. It is therefore very important, in order to maintain the youth and beauty of the face and neck in any way to supplement the stocks of hyaluronic acid in the body.

The most effective has shown itself to injection of acids. The outside cosmetics are not so successful, because of the larger size of the molecule polysaccharide can not go through the small structure of the skin the skin.

Indications and contraindications

The injection is portrayed as a woman of over 35 years, and also to all those who have encountered problems, such as:

  • Dehydration, increased dryness of the face and neck;
  • Small wrinkles, early aging, which is caused by the повреждающим effect of solar radiation, smoking, stress;
  • Enlarged pores, dim sickly complexion, melasma;
  • Skin lesions, which are caused by different chemical procedures, such as exfoliation. After skin injury, if exposure to the chemical substances he or she very needs a special irrigation. Medicine add allows to speed up the healing process of injuries.

The procedure biorevitalization hyaluronic acid gives excellent results in skin complexion, as it becomes firmer, the loss of excessive pigmentation, restores normal work and sebaceous glands.

биоревитализация гиалуроновй acid

Many women go to in the time course of the replacement of face mesotherapy treatment by means of injections of hyaluronic acid, to ensure this procedure half of the year.

However, it should be known that this methodology, rejuvenation is not as harmfulas would like and shows everything not.

There are contraindications to the procedure:

  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Individual intolerance itself the substance and the allergic reactions to chicken protein;
  • Age up to 25 years. In this age of the dosage in sufficient quantities to be produced itself in the body;
  • Cause inflammation of the skin;
  • Recently carried out the procedure повреждающим activity — peeling, laser resurfacing, surgery подтяжке century (injections to make is not earlier than two weeks after impact);
  • Oncological diseases, haematopoietic diseases of the heart and the lungs;
  • Psychological diseases;
  • Medicines acting hematopoietic;
  • Diabetes;
  • The tendency to scarring.

The methodology for conducting

Before you decide to инъекционное rejuvenation, should be to visit a doctor, beautician and discuss with her the possible indications and contraindications of the procedure.

Here the same negotiated terms of the processing zone, the desired outcome and possible complications after the procedure carried out.

A few days before the session worth of alcohol to give up and the chances of smoking.

The daily times should not take analgesics, anti-inflammatory tools and anticoagulants.

The doctor may determine the additional reception of vitamin K, снижающего the risk of bruising.

the methodology for conducting

The procedure is as follows:

  • From your skin makeup.
  • Anesthesia, if desired, also to the patient. In fact, injections usually over the patients well, because the needles are very thin, but representatives, high sensitivity, before the procedure should be included in the analgesic cream.
  • Injection.

    The place of the alleged shots to be processed antiseptikuga. Beautician client in the presence of вскрывает pack with a sterile single syringe, filled with the selected drug and begins a session of rejuvenation.

    Superfine needles, the medicine is injected subcutaneous in the problem areas. First of all колют around the small wrinkles, around the eyes and lips, then a checkerboard pattern of the drug injected into the proposed points.

  • A small massage. Made more even distribution of gel under the skin.
  • Processing places the children of the antiseptikuga.
  • Overlay special money against inflammation and swelling.

The whole procedure takes little time — about an hour. Maximum effect to achieve the lifting of the need to go through the whole procedure of the course as, which usually lasts three to six sessions.

Rehabilitation and skin care products after

A few days after the procedure the skin would look like is not the best way — there is a small swelling, erythema, and hematoma. Feel your first day is not worth it, all these feelings are transient in itself, leaving no trace.

The first couple of days do not use cosmetics. All this time need to take these anti-inflammatory medications, with a recommended beautician.

The next two-three weeks period is strictly prohibited:

  • use of sauna, sauna, couple;
  • sports, including the contraindicated in any large physical load;
  • to be outside in the sun without sunscreen, if this is not possible, then the use of a cream with the maximum protection;
  • holding any procedures related to the treated area, prohibited all forms of cleaning, kartulikoori, masks, chorus players.

By following these simple suggestions for over a week the patients are observed разглаживание major wrinkles, improve facial color, age changes in the skin have become less visible, näoovaali подтянут.

before and after

The results after the shot of hyaluronic acid to that person, then how can преобразиться the skin by means of injection, is presented below photo before and after.

The first effect effects usually do not last long — 7-10 days. During this period, has entered a substance is completely absorbed in the skin cells and then the acid begins to синтезироваться the body itself. Breaks in between the session should be done in 3-4 weeks.

Possible complications and the average price of injection

Injections, beautiful, as well as any other time the effects of the delicate skin on the face and neck, can also be a negative impact. You may consider them more to be prepared for unexpected complications:

  • An allergic reaction to the drug.

    Some doctors are guilty, that does not расспрашивают the patient's health status, you are diseases, which are contraindications to the procedure.

    This behavior of the beautician should warn. Don't pay to do the risky places!

  • Strong swelling in places of introduction of the drug. This is due to the wrong use of medication, неумелыми activities beautician or building the most skin — thin and sensitive more prone to the appearance of bruising and swelling.
  • Infectious disease complications. If the lack of sterility in the cabin, the place of the proceedings, at times of drug administration may occur гнойники. So once again urge the careful attitude to the venue of the procedure.
  • Wrong introduction a gel may be the cause of later skin imperfections are seen in the small бугры.

    This situation is unpleasant, but you can improve it.

    injections of hyaluronic acid

    Must go to the doctor to re-inject under the skin of a special substance, which растворит enter the gel. This situation speaks to the doctor, who conducted the proceedings, and their "professionalism".

To avoid such manifestations of the course of a rejuvenation, it must be very carefully choose the clinic, guided by the customer reviews.

Must be selected in advance, conversation, cosmetologist, which shall be to carry out the procedure, in order to assess the sterility and cleanliness are in the closet, ask to see certificates of medicinal products to carry out the injection. The procedure is not cheap, and is extremely unpleasant, that instead of the expected rejuvenating effects of get complications of health.

The average cost of one session of injections of hyaluronic acid face varies in the range of 15 000 to 17 000 rubles. Not very cheap, but the result is right conduct is terrible.