The tibetan way to rejuvenate the entire body

This recipe is found in the seventies of the previous century, one of the tibetan monasteries and dates it around the IV century before the n. e.

This allows you to make in the body this is a great opportunity to:

  • Cleanse the body of fat and calcium deposits.
  • Cleans blood vessels, s.h. also the eye (!)
  • Banishment from the parasites.
  • Greatly improves metabolism.

The activity of this tibetan possibility of rejuvenation you will notice already on the tenth day of the application.

  • First of all, it is also tidal, which not only increases performance, but gives a constantly good mood;
  • Second, You remain in less susceptibility to irritating factors;
  • Third, You you will feel better.

The tibetan way to rejuvenate so badly affected, to repeat it can be only through the 5-year period.

the tibetan way of rejuvenation

Infusion preparation

350 g of garlic finely chop, crush, and having 200 g mass (key to the bottom, where more juice), put in a glass or clay container, pour 200 grams of vodka. Then close the container tightly and put in a dark place. Time to pull out the 20 days. After this, the composition is filtered through a thick cloth (residue too squeeze).

Application infusion

The infusion must be taken in to 50 ml of water (better with milk), infused to make drops of strictly following pattern:

Day Breakfast Lunch Is dinner
1 1 2 3
2 4 5 6
3 7 8 9
4 10 11 12
5 13 14 15
6 15 14 13
7 12 11 10
8 9 8 7
9 6 5 4
10 3 2 1
The rest of the days, before the infusion of the end of the 25 25 25
  1. Make 2 instance of the scheme adopted. One copy of the post house, passenger to receive money, the other put the purse (it is, after all, always if you?)
  2. Prepare 2 pipette – one for domestic use, to another – outside of the home.
  3. Prepare a small bottle with герметической the lid, pour into it a part of infusion of garlic. Bring the bottle and the dropper tool each time, how long to leave home (for example, You are working, and eating, the adoption must not skip!).
  4. Don't be afraid of the smell - it's not, especially if you take milk. But if You have a fear of p - can be a snack oksaraag parsley, it interrupts the smell of garlic.

What to do if left some kind of reception? First of all, is not disturbed, and secondly, continue the pattern as if You all took the time!

Use the Tibetan way of rejuvenation , be young, healthy and beautiful!