Fractional rejuvenation: the nature of the procedure, recommendations and contraindications

 фракционное rejuvenation

Over time, each woman begins to think, in order to maintain their youth and beauty for long. Gradually occur in the small and large mimic wrinkles ruin the mood every time you look at the decline of the mirror. Before there was those who wanted to restore the external attractiveness and to stop aging, had no other choice, if the surgeon's knife.

Modern beautician to offer are many of the safest and most effective ways to maintain youth, one of which is the procedure for fractional laser skin rejuvenation.

Table of contents:

  1. fractional rejuvenation: this is the case?
  2. Types of fractional rejuvenation
  3. The impact of the procedure fractional rejuvenation
  4. Indications and contraindications
  5. The nuances of time
  6. Make preparations for the fractional thermal lifting
  7. Rehabilitation after the procedure after the procedure, fractional rejuvenation

ractional rejuvenation: THIS is the case?

fractional laser skin rejuvenation person the principle as follows, all the more as the laser шлифовку, but the first method is more effective and different is long enough for recording the result obtained. It is important, Because the process applies high-precision laser, to carry out the procedure, which should be only a specialist.

The essence of the process is the impact of using a special apparatus, prefer the nozzle with фотоэлементами. Such a construction ensures a deep and effective spread of the laser beam under the epidermal top layers. It is deeper in the tissue is not exposed and the heat, therefore can't be traumatized.

 the essence of the process

The temperature of the laser used for fractional rejuvenation, which is significantly higher than what is used for simple grinding or to remove the scar and postac. So fly this apparatus to a person very quickly, in order to avoid burns. Aggressive thermal insulation of the action will greatly speeds up the metabolic processes, stimulates skin regeneration, the fibroblasts of collagen and elastin substances, which is the building of new epidermal cells and is responsible for the elasticity, smoothness and healthy skin color to cover. Intensive blood circulation-and lymph circulation becomes more intense under the skin, which is achieved through the effect of the laser, is conducive to the formation of a powerful подтягивающего effect, causing the skin smoother and the cell becomes significantly greater force.

Lift up your face without surgical intervention, using only one laser, which helps to eliminate small imperfections on the skin, clean it rosacea and smooth the surface, if it there are scars and wounds that are guaranteed additional шлифующий and cleansing effect.

Too deep wrinkles, scars and mature thick scars can not be eliminated only through a fractional laser, this requires the additional impact of other ways to solve problems.


There are several machines on the procedure for carrying out fractional laser effects on epidermal top layers. They are elected directly to a specialist depending on a number of factors:

 species фракционного rejuvenation
  • to the extent выраженности problems;
  • the type of skin of the patient; age;
  • individual portability and the availability of chronic representatives.

Also, the beautician will choose in any given clinical case, one of the two methods of the partial as follows:

  • ablative photothermolysis. It's used to remove the surface of the microscopic plots of skin to cover. In this case the penetration depth of the laser is 1.5 mm. Your action task is to stimulate the metabolic processes and speeding up the skin tightening the cover.
  • non-ablative photothermolysis. The laser beam is in this method penetrates much deeper, in some cases, the distance up to 5 mm. It is used for intensive recovery over the deep layers of the skin to cover.

Choosing an integrated treatment of the doctor-cosmetologist is alternately through the conversation, use this one, the second method. This encourages more rapid price fixing the result and maintain it for a long time. A large number of reviews, which is derived from customers in the cosmetology clinic, speak to the great impact of the procedure and fast to achieve the maximum visible effect.

Already through one session after the restoration, one can notice the alignment of the skin tone, greatly improving its elasticity, to restore the definition lines of the cheeks and chin. May completely disappear from the small mimic wrinkles, crows feet in the corners of the eye, become less noticeable nasolabial folds. To this end, that the effect is rooted in, must go through the procedure of the shed. The flowers on the table to the beautician, to fractional rejuvenation of the person should be 1 once a month.

The whole course is about 7 procedures, длящихся 25-30 minutes, depending on the method selected zone of the processing and the specific clinical case.


`  effect time фракционного rejuvenation

In order to make sure the performance of a method, it is sufficient to read the comments about her on sites in the cosmetology clinic. Partial RF-lifting, the recent certified specialist using high-quality apparatus and materials used, will help to achieve the following results:

  • getting rid of the scarring, the remarkable vascular images in the facial skin;
  • significant constriction long;
  • reduced the intensity of the pigmentation of the top layer of the skin cover;
  • lift the enlarged stretches of the face, recovery тургора the skin;
  • wrinkles sileneb; remove red stretch marks;
  • important to improve skin color,
  • the restoration of a healthy, flourishing appearance.

The effect is more expressed and long, if after the procedure and before it to carefully follow your doctor's instructions. Best of all is the partial rejuvenation of the stock, the time, winter or autumn, when the sun's rays are not as active and do not get damaged and so entered стрессовое the status of the upper layers of the skin to cover.


fractional rejuvenation is the standard collection of indications, in which case this is definitely a recommended specialist-beautician:

  • small veins;
  • red стрии;
  • the loss of skin; loosening and sagging of some plots for individuals; small and medium depth wrinkles;
  • scars and postac;
  • expressed by the porosity of the skin;
  • неравномерные relief and complexion;
  • a variety of melasma.

But the procedure is the aggressive effects of a powerful laser beam, therefore, has a number of contraindications:

  • uudismoodustised any генеза;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • fresh suntan;
  • strong acne rash;
  • diabetes; skin lesions and acute inflammatory infection; autoimmune pathology in each stage;
  • the skin disease;
  • pathology, спровоцированные active viruses;
  • epilepsy.

Each case deals with doctor individually. If there is a high risk of negative side effects doctor recommends to the client a more rational method of rejuvenation, instead of fractional RF-lifting rejuvenation.


 the nuances of time фракционного rejuvenation

Despite the high efficiency, the partial rejuvenation, the doctors, the specialists, be sure to warn your patients of the following nuances of fractional RF lifting:

  • not all of the wrinkles and scars disappear after out even with all the положенных session in accordance with the procedure. Skin does not to age is to become so productive and resilient, in order to smooth out deep folds and sagging;
  • troubleshooting some problems in the upper layers of the skin to cover it may be necessary to repeat the entire session through the 6 months after the last;
  • the rehabilitation period after a session is long enough for about 2 weeks. All this time is the upper layer of the skin to cover is not protected and very vulnerable, so it is desirable to shield her from the various adverse effects of the internal and external environment.

Need to sit on a special diet, which allows to restore the skin functions and to ensure its vitamins and minerals. In addition, throughout the period of rehabilitation is necessary to give up, decorative cosmetics and customary means to take care of and processed in the skin only means of healing and lotions, выписанными doctor.

  • the procedure is very painful, processing tools, in order to alleviate the pain, usually a little help. The height of the sensitivity threshold in the processing of hot laser does not have any importance to the feeling is very unpleasant;
  • if the skin has inflammation, injury, abrasions, open wounds, bright проступающие acne procedures of fractional RF-lifting is impossible.


Special preparation for the procedure fractional rejuvenation the person has a sustainable attitude to the skin for a couple of weeks before the procedure. Best is not to use makeup, the spirits contained in the care products, as well as lotions and tonic with мыльными components for cleaning.

Not be used of inward and outward processing tools, which include antibiotics. If during this period reached to occur the disease, the treatment, which without these medications is not possible, then the procedure of rejuvenation, RF-lifting move. Before the procedure, the beautician cleans in depth the skin by special means, which generates lotions that help get rid of pain. After the full access vanishes funds going directly to the procedure.


 rehabilitation after the procedure

Doctors have warned that after the procedure the face is very sick, appeared in significant discomfort, despite using a variety of tools to pimesooleoperatsiooni. After 3 hours, you may experience redness and swelling it is normal physiological reaction to the aggressive thermal effects.

Especially noticeable swelling of the eyes and nose. In order to reduce the swelling and accelerate the processes of repair, are recommended to eat less salt and the first day limit yourself to fluid intake. The other day the skin is richly highlighted ichor, that would lead to the thick crust is the top layer is the epidermis.

Feel your own is strictly prohibited. Over time this will disappear and tend to yourself. You can consult with an expert on the subject to continue the use of moisturizing masks hyaluronic acid, which help skin recover much faster. Do not forget the advice of the doctor, especially those concerning the choice of the day and the use of restorative creams and lotions. Wash within 2 weeks after the procedure should be only boiled water and after that regular озонотерапию. Until the top layers of skin did not come in health status and did not acquire the normal color, to carry out a variety of kartulikoori and cleaning is strictly prohibited.

That the regeneration process is not unjustifiably prolonged, then you should drink more vitamins, pamper your skin from direct sunlight and every day wear his заживляющие creams and ointments. This will help to not only quickly get rid of the discomfort and shorten the rehabilitation, but will not help the price fixing effect of a long period of time. If a close look at maintenance of the best, fresh and perfect looking skin after the procedure.