Injections on the face. Popular medications for facial exfoliation

The injection of the face – a modern method, which allows to make the skin beautiful and prevent signs of aging from occurring. Creams, masks and other cosmetic products are able to take care of only the superficial layer of the epidermis, so as the barrier layer of the skin does not give the parts of the composition to penetrate the deeper.

But the drug for the injection of a person using a needle or a cannula penetrates as far as possible deeply, influencing and education of collagen and to maintain the required level of the skin to boost and even the shape of the nose, chin and cheeks.

injection persons

Skin care

There are a large number of medications that are intended for injectable skin care. The composition of their aggregation in most cases, one component, носящим the name of hyaluronic acid. Injection face-this substance maximum safe: it produces the human body, combining a huge number of features, which is the one that is притягивание molecule of water. At a young age, when the body продуцирует acid in sufficient quantity, the skin elastic and moisturized from the inside.

After тридцатилетнего age production slows down, so it would be wise to make hyaluronic acid the risk of that person. Sometimes the substance is used in a pure form, sometimes the composition of the added vitamins, which promote rejuvenation, regeneration, pigmentation removal instructions. Such a procedure bears the name of the biorevitalization and injections of vitamins – mesotherapy.

Usually to make such косметологические procedure must be at least two times a year. Particularly important procedures after the summer season, when the skin is damaged by intense ultraviolet light and requires irrigation, and recovery.


When discussing anti-aging injections of persons, in particular, be intended as botox and disport. These two drugs – absolute counterparts of each other, the difference is only in the country of the manufacturer and the price.

anti-aging facial injections

The main substance is botox and диспорта – ботулинический toxin is a substance that blocks the movement of the muscles, ensuring that this peace your 4 to 10 months. The skin over the muscle without traffic smoother.

For a long time botox is used only in the zone of the forehead, the nose, the external corners of the eye. But the new beautician greatly expanded the possibilities of the preparation use: this can be used to make the upper lip a more complete, let the area between it and the nose ботулотоксин, neck – smooth by means of the injection of the skin of the neck muscles, eyelids – raised at the expense of children over the eyebrows.

The filler

In order to also make the lips over the fleshy, the chin – more and cheekbones – higher, apply filler. They represent gels, which are introduced also in deep layers of the skin and are stored there from a year to several years, depending on the composition.

Филлеры is hyaluronic acid differs from the composition of the biorevitalization of its density. If thick gel, the greater is the possibility to create a "sculpture effect". Филлеры tight consistency perfectly suitable for contouring the plastic chin and cheekbones: these gels do not растекаются, do not migrate to other tissues, the longer its effects, and uniformly disappear.

Injections face with a slightly different formulation of the lips increase and change their shape. Usually most manufacturers create a special composition is to change the shape of the foot, which on the one hand, to keep the naturalness and the softness on the lips, on the other hand, does not give the composition to migrate down, or the load on the corners of your mouth.


The medicine injection to a person based on hyaluronic acid – is not the only way that a patient can choose blindly. Such configurations are preferred for those who want to test the appearance, look at the way suits him "the new" gummy lips, or high cheek bones. If the result is not satisfied, then disappears for a couple of months free of foreign intervention, or just a few hours after administration.

"Radiesse" – a popular филлер based hüdroksüapatiit with calcium. Despite the fact that the hyaluronic acid acid find the most secure is due to the fact that the human immune system will not perceive it to molecules such as antigens, which is the drug "Radiesse" is also very rare causes of exclusion.

Its density provides the opportunity to design a detailed sculpture of face: to simulate the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, and even nose. On average, this effect persists for 2-3 times longer than impact on drug consumption based on hyaluronic acid under the action. Therefore, the price of which, usually slightly higher, economically be justified at the expense of the duration of the saving effect.

Lifting and sculpture of persons

Can't say that the injection, that person is strictly classified, and the modeling is carried out separately, by filling in deep wrinkles. If the aid the contour of the plastic is possible to achieve significant skin lifting. Beauticians a long time ago to use the destruction method носогубных folds by reference to the filler area of the school through which the skin drawn and smoothes the wrinkle.

In the past, if филлеры was directly морщину, often also the effect, "difficult", уставшего face. In addition to the drugs over time мигрировал under the influence of gravity, creating "cheeks тянущиеся down", as was introduced in a large amount and do not have time to fully disintegrate until the moment of migration.

lifting and sculpture of persons

If филлер made of hyaluronic acid, it will not only change the shape of the face, but the skin becomes more moisturized for, due to the effect of притягивания molecule of water. If the skin is moist, so deep, which does not escape through the barrier layer, none of the irrigation component, the face looks young and fresh.

How to established medicines

There are three main ways by which to make the injections, beautiful. The main of them is the introduction of the mixture through the needle. This allows accurate distribution of the drug on the site in the same region, where it is necessary. Greater part of medications relieves manufacturers are already bundled with a special needle.

Less injection for the face will be met, if the assistance of the cannula. Outwardly he, like a needle, but not sharp tip, open, and rounded, and a hole through which enters the medicine is the side part of the equipment. Thanks to the blunt end, time does not exist, creates the injury, which means, in the rehabilitation period of time after the visit of the cabinet beautician is reduced by several times.

And finally, биоревитализация and mesotherapy can be carried out, if the aid device in the form of a roll of needles with different length and thickness, which "вгоняет" of the skin caused by drug - Mesoroller. The advantage of this is that it is possible to use both at home, although professional device, which by means of doing the procedure in a salon or clinic is much more effective.

The indications of the procedure

Today, the injection of beauty have become an integral part of the effective and safe care for themselves. Modern cosmetologists do not need to know the boundaries of age, after which you can begin to enter the acid, филлеры and botox. Mainly is to direct the reading through procedure – wrinkles, dry skin, so on.

Биоревитализация can occur at any age, but usually the injection is 18-20 years is not necessary. But if your skin is a trace of sunburn consequences of improper care, aggressive chemical or mechanical peel, биоревитализация or mesotherapy can be carried out and insured persons under 18 years of age.

the indications of the procedure

Botox dysport and remove miimikakortse, which may occur at any age. Medicines are completely safe, but with regular use, the body develops resistance, then it is each time if the medicine dose should be increased until even the maximum doses of the more be effective. Usually this period takes 20 to 30 years, it is the girl that started the use of botox exercise of 20 years, 50 years the risk to remain complete without средст before the arrival of the wilt signs.

In this regard, cosmetologists recommend to wait for the first use, ботулотоксина, at least up to 30-35 years. Although statistically the threshold for starting to use диспорта and botox continues to grow each year.

Филлеры, that the contour of the plastic made indications. But, as usual, all косметологические injection, the person shall apply only after achieving a patient for 18 years.


Before you make the injection of facial wrinkles, you must make sure that the health condition is able to withstand a load of third-party intervention.

First of all, it is necessary to examine the skin of the place of the children of: inflammation, scratches, abrasions, acne are contraindications behavior of the procedure. Also, the medical doctor must find out present the patient is made, whether it is similar to once in the past, did not arise either complications or allergic reactions.

contraindications to the procedure

Also are absolute contraindications, which is strictly prohibiting all injections for the face:

  • cancer tumors;
  • diabetes;
  • psychological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • autoimmune processes;
  • HIV-infection;
  • any deviation in the active stage.

Relative contraindications are during the period of menstruation in women. This does not affect the result is in accordance with the procedure, you may aggravate it, by increasing the time improves the skin and increases the bleeding.

Normally, the beauticians do not require patients to evidence on health status, but it is still best to visit a therapist, before you decide to take benefits süstelahusega of cosmetology, to perform clinical and biochemical blood test, full urine analysis.


The main complication in carrying out any of the косметологической time is a subjective contradiction between the expectations of patient outcome. Less frequently happens really clear problems: the migration of the gel penetration of infection along with the medication, an allergic reaction.

Advantage of filler and hyaluronic acid, which is possible at any time to remove from tissues by using the enzyme. Bring botox is impossible, but the impact of its activity is a short time, so that very quickly the error of the procedure shall cease to be noticeable, and the face turns out so, as before.

Statistical complications arise in the case where use is poor quality of the medicinal product or whether the beautician has not enough qualifications or the necessary education. So if you choose the doctor and the clinic's need to pay attention to the competence of doctors and the quality certificates for all medicinal products, not low prices, promotions and discounts. The beautician, who makes injection, definitely should be medical education.