The most effective ways to facial exfoliation at home

Are more effective methods that allow facial rejuvenation in your home. Application the technician does not damage seriously hitting budget and in doing so gives real results.

General recommendations

In order to support the person well-groomed, stop the aging process and prevent premature wilting, it pays to know the secrets and follow several simple tips:

  • Smoking, alcohol and сужают blood vessels, resulting in skin gets less oxygen and nutrients, which held moisture loss. This leads to a lower tone дряблости, wrinkles, deterioration of the hue of the face. To postpone the old age, you need to give up their habits.
  • Stress and sleep deprivation negatively affect the skin around your eyes. There are dark circles in the area of the lower eyelid, seems to be suspicious, and some bruising. Important to give the body a high quality restful sleep and relaxation, avoid stress. Sleep must on his back, using the comfortable pillow.
  • The rays of the sun dried the skin, which causes her to fast, the early wilting. Before exiting onto the street it is important to use the funds SPF-filters in the composition.
  • facialis rejuvenation domi
  • A person needs daily maintenance: cleaning, moisture, food. You can also use professional or traditional recipes.
  • Saturation of skin with oxygen must be regularly sport and to do hiking. This leads to better blood circulation and clitoral регенерационных processes in the body.
  • The Epidermis and the dermis need water. To avoid dryness, reduces тургора and other unpleasant consequences need every day to drink a few liters of pure filtered water.

In order to maintain youth and attractiveness it is necessary to create a proper diet. The Organism must be able to vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated Omega fatty acids, proteins, and other substances, which will have a positive impact on the epidermist.

To achieve a manicured look with the help of different procedures, the implementation of which was held at the home of a certain frequency. It all depends on the extent to which запущенности problems and the selected methodology.

The advantages of home treatment

The use of mixtures of self cooking has many advantages:

  • Easy. The refrigerator and bathroom полочке the hostess to be found the ingredients that can be used to nourish the skin and moisturizing substances necessary.
  • Security. Homemade cosmetics do not contain preservatives, colouring agents and other hazardous substances negatively сказывающихся is possible for the skin of the lids, and health in general. It is made of natural components based.
  • Comfort. To perform the manipulation does not need to go trim, wasting time and mixed with other things. Procedure is possible to do the cooking during the work on the Internet and so on
  • Savings. Cosmetics have their own cooking – it is cheap and available. The ingredients are bought in a traditional grocery store and is low cost.
Commoda domum curation

Often refrigerate the remains of the food, which is not enough to prepare high quality foods and throw them away – sorry. In the manufacture of cosmetics tools are the necessary ingredients in minimal amounts. The stored residues are perfectly adequate.

How facial care

There are several affordable options for facial exfoliation of human resources. So, it is possible to make masks, chorus players, tonics, herbal ice cubes with herbs in the composition and so on

In the initial stage, care should be taken to carefully clean the surface of dirt, skin grease, make-up.

To this end, use is olive oil, viinamarjaseemne oil or any other vegetable. More specifically, in order to remove the ороговения layer applies scrub on the basis of honey, strawberries, sour cream.

Leftover maintenance tools paberräti with mineral water. Wash in a normal liquid out of the children – is not recommended.


Expand long to remove sebaceous congestion of generating tone, elasticity, lifting — implemented a variety of compress. Ready composition is applied to the skin warm. Therefore, the achieved maximum efficiency.

There are a variety of methods to create pushes, promotes rejuvenation. This can be used for such components:

  • Green tea. The manufacture is going to need sheets for the product. The tea should be poured over with boiling water and cool until the temperature is 40 degrees. The composition of the bags to compress, that does not fit. A teaspoon of tea boil a glass of liquid.
  • Chamomile. Grass pour boiling water over. Pour into a thermos. Let stand over 20 minutes. Drain. The use of warm. Tool, toning and soothing the skin. As a result of using creates the feeling of cold and purity. The manufacture is necessary to 1 teaspoon. herbs and 250 ml of boiling water.
  • Aloe. The juice of plants to pour mineral non-carbonated water in the ratio tl./ a glass of clean water.
  • The rose hip. The dried berries to a boil in boiling water and placed for 30 minutes. The manufacture of the mixture is need 2 tablespoons of berries 200 ml water.
  • Cucumber. Vegetable is a universal rejuvenating product. It is used to create do I have to mask and compacts. To compress need the juice of one ripe fruit, mixed with a glass of purified water without gas.

Before you apply to bath, cloth specifically soaked with oil and only after that the obtained mixture.

To enhance the effect, after the use of warm compress recommended to wash with lukewarm water or processed skin кубиком ice. It helps to close the pores and provide tone.


That facial exfoliation and accelerate the blood circulation, is used for special massage techniques. They contribute to lift the muscle and bone, reduces wrinkles, elimination of the second chin.

Massages take place every day comfortable people for a period of time. However, it is advisable to do this in the morning. The movement carries out massaging gently, from the forehead and is gradually moving towards the roots of the подбородку. It is important to avoid skin stretching.

Eliminate the age-related changes it is possible to use the simplest and most common type of complex manipulation:

  • The fingers should be arranged is переносице. Padded going надавливание to the surface, bringing the sort of a line towards the center of the forehead, the temples, and then back, but already without надавливания. Repeat the procedure 5 to 7 times.
  • The soft tapping movements through the massage around the eyes. Execution begins at the top of the century, after moving to the bottom.
  • Indicative signs of leaving, with your fingers make circular movements in the area носогубных folds. The effect takes place before the submission is a feeling of heat or burning.
  • Надавливать motion for a stroll in the contour of the lower jaw 7 to 10 times.

The last phase will be easy пощипывать. It is important to do this strictly for the corresponding line.


Mask on face – the most common means of skin. In their construction, it is possible to use almost all products that are in the refrigerator.

So, most often it is for this purpose implemented in honey, sour cream, eggs, yeast, flour and more.

Before, if the jump causes the mask, the skin must be carefully cleaned. Desirable to implement the brush and remove ороговевшие areas.

If the skin is need races soar. To this end, is made to compress based on herbs.

The Mask will be transferred onto the race of the soar skin. This increases its efficiency and is conducive to the utility of substances penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis. This operation is recommended to do in the evening. After the conference, a thick layer will be transferred onto a night cream.

When used in masks, which is based on a part that cause an allergic reaction, the composition should be pre-test a small area, preferably on the wrist. If the lack of reaction mixture to each other in the face.

Effective configurations

There are a lot of recipes and technician of facial rejuvenation at home using a variety of masks. So, it is recommended to use the following configurations:

  • Harmonise the skin tone and lighten pigmentation helps juice, lemon or fresh cucumber. The tree can be shredded and put the person or cut into thin slices. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Water to wash off. If you use the lemon, your skin is guaranteed of vitamin C, which have antioxidant and regenerative effects.
  • In order to remove the excessive dryness is used to mask the normal boiled potatoes. The fruit to a boil and разминается to the state of slurry. The weight on top of the warm for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.
  • In order to increase the strength and to normalize the work of sebaceous glands apply the mixture baked out of the wash without yogurt, chicken, eggs and honey. A teaspoon of honey is necessary 3 tablespoons of yogurt and the protein of one egg. Components stir until smooth and transferred to the face for 15 minutes. Further, the mixture washed with warm water.
  • 2 столовым tablespoons warm milk add 5 grams of dry yeast. Miss pulled to within 10 minutes. Mix and apply makeup to the face. Leave for 30 minutes. Yeast increase blood circulation and promote cell division, restoring its structure.

Masks are not provided. It is advisable to use only fresh mixture and not to keep the composition in the refrigerator over a few days.

To get the result, the rejuvenating mask is recommended to repeat once or twice a week. After the procedure of the decorative cosmetics is not used for several hours.

The Mask can be rotated with each other.

The pros use

Regular use of masks-for home is a considerable number of positive aspects:

  • The normalization of the sebum production. Resolved meigipõhi.
  • Wrinkles sileneb. Sileneb small, large – to become less visible.
  • To improve the oval. Näoovaali noticeably pull-up leather can be elastic, increases its elasticity.
  • Irrigation. Cells can active substances and moisture, which leads to smoothing of the surface improves the cell.
  • Getting rid of dryness and flaking. Resolved the feeling of chest pain and discomfort.
  • To avoid early aging. Rich in vitamins and moisture to the skin slowly fades.
  • Regeneration. As a result, eliminate the ороговение the skin and stimulates the metabolism reactions cells arise quite quickly.
  • Suspendisse
  • Alignment in tone. Masks can help remove the hyperpigmentation and improve face color.

The regular use of resources to house the application of professional cosmetics can be minimized.

Restrictions on the application of

It is important to know not only the secrets of cooking homemade masks, but follow the recommendations of a professional dermatologists:

  • To achieve maximum fast result mask should be shed as a 2-3 times a week. After the two month period, must make a pause of 4-6 months. Further, the course may be repeated.
  • Mask wash mineral is salt water. Use water from the tap is not recommended. It contains chlorine and other harmful ingredients, which reduce the state of the epidermis.
  • Means based on the allergens used as cautiously as possible. The composition must not keep more than 20 minutes.

If you have herpes, eczema, rash and other damage to the surface, the use of such formulations must be temporarily abandoned.

Also contraindications to the use are allergic reactions, serious kidney and liver, blood clotting disorders.